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  1. I am only guessing but it really looked like he had no idea they had the reception planned and he possibly needed to go. This was around 10:30pm at night, and after 3 encores maybe he wasn't going to bend and do something he never agreed to. But it is true, he did fulfill the "appearance by" obligation.
  2. I am curious if there is anyone else on this board that attended the John Williams in Concert at the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra last Saturday and also the Post Concert Reception? I was at both and to no surprise the show was excellent! Very similar to his recent shows where he played music from Harry Potter, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, A Tribute to Film Composers which was the same score he did to the Oscars montage only this was to actually film clips of each theme he was playing instead of the lights. He also played ET, Schindler's List, the opening to The Last Crusade (with the f
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