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  1. First time I was pretty offended, it was a music major in college, accused him of stealing classical artists' work. I've since seen where they got that impression from but Williams isn't alone in that (I'm thinking mainly of Zimmer) and it doesn't bother me any more and I would probably fight for my point of view (which is unusual as I am a very non-confrontational type of person) but lately the only people I know how have issues with any of John William's work only have issues with specific piece like my roommate that can't stand the Raider's March because of bad experiences playing it back
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    Written by John Williams: either. He has excellent good guy and bad guy themes. Definately the action music, he writes the best. Other artists not so much. Horner, Silvestri, Zimmer, all of them I prefer good guy themes, because the bad guy themes end up being too brash to really enjoy. I think the only exception is Goldsmith's Klingon theme is probably my favorite star trek theme of all.
  3. oooh, thank you for posting! I thought Anakin's theme got ditched after Phantom which makes me sad because it's my favorite theme to play on the piano from Ep. 1. I just love how it transitions to the Imperial March, but the parts I did from remember from Clones and Revenge that had the Imperial March were very fitting so the theme wasn't too missed, ya know?
  4. Hi all, I just wanted to jump in real quick and say I loved the concert! It was my first concert since I was a kid but I've been wanting to go to a John Williams concert for ages so this was wonderful. I did not get reception tickets becuase the website made it sound like I'd have 5 seconds with him if I was lucky and with how shy I am I didn't think I could talk to him anyway ^^; but I do feel bad about what happens in Boston, yuck I had such a wonderful time, the orchestra was brilliant, Mr. Williams was amazing and I just loved being in such a big room filled with so many people who al
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