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  1. I'll take the 4th one on the right. I'll put you down for one.
  2. Then, in other words, you don't think orchestration means shit. Spoken like a true violin player....
  3. My bone players in my concert band fought with that lick too. Once the got it, man, it rocked. Personally, I'm still fighting with his trumpet concerto.
  4. And you have a clear lack of musical intellegence. So I guess that makes us even. I can't begin to find the posts where you've said just that - orchestration doesn't matter.
  5. So what? You've said it yourself. Orchestration doesn't matter. I say the play the entire score to the next Potter movie on combs wrapped with paper.
  6. You were seeing the "real" Boston Pops. They are the Boston Pops when indoors. When performing in the Esplande, they call themselves the Boston Pops Esplande Orchestra. That dates all the way back to Arthur Fiedler. And, sure, Lockhart is down to earth, if you consider having the baton jabbed in your face down to earth. His stick technique is awful, and frankly I think the quality of the orchestra has gone down since he took over.
  7. Why? Because he actually collaborated with him? Because he actually got the music he wanted for the film out of him, instead of getting typical Williams? Because he didn't say, "YES friend, you're absolutely right about it all,"? Actually, Williams left the Potter series to score Memoirs of a Geisha. He had been looking forward to scoring that ever since the book came out and was actually sketching out themes for a potential musical adaptation of the book - regardless of whether or not it was going to become a movie. That's how Yo-Yo Ma became involved since JW was planning on it becoming
  8. I don't push for anything. The name amuses me that's all. I like to call him John Towner because it's cute. it makes me laugh. And I am sure John Williams would laugh about it also. uuuuuummmmmmmmm Anyone else finding this alittle unhealthy? *insert Pyscho strings here*
  9. There is also these composers to consider for the fashion game... John Ottman, Gustavo Santaollaooooo, and Danny Elfman for those that asked for him. I found the last picture while looking for Gustavo's. She's not a composer, I guess a talk show host in Argentina. Why can't we get chicks like her to host talk shows in the States.
  10. Jerry's going to come back and haunt you for finding that picture! Actually, I read in the bio that JG daughter is writing that Jerry was consider quite the fashion maven in his day. You had to love the pony tail...I think I'll do that to towards my golden years.
  11. Do you think she screams Towner in extasy?
  12. Act I "John Williams - The Early Years" 1) The Basket Chase - ROTLA 2) Cadillac of the Skies - Empire of the Sun 3) The Flying Sequence - Superman 4) Battle of Endor III - ROTJ 4) Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra - Last Crusade intermission Act II "John Williams - The Modern Years" 1) The Flag Parade - SW:TPM 2) The Chess Game - HP:TSS 3) Anakin vs. Obi-Wan - ROTS 4) Burning the Church - The Patriot 5) T-Rex Rescue and Finale - Jurassic Park That's rather short, isn't it? For a stormtrooper.
  13. Why do we keep calling him John Towner Williams?
  14. then I suggest you hit that like the fist of an angry god my friend....repeatedly. If she doesn't, i'd make sure she's a she before you get yourself in too deep, if you get my meaning. As for your real question...what was it again? I got distracted by some er...pictures. To those pictures I can only say wow. Just...wow. There's nothing more to add than a simply wow. I am in awe.
  15. DUH!!! By the way, does the Brazilian chick have a brazilian? That would be way hot!
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