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  1. I am sure Dutch will come out sooner or later and if not from varese then from some other label. There was no song soundtrack, the rights are with mgm and the name Silvestri with it's economic potential should be reason enough for any label to bring this out. Really... if it's not varese then maybe lala-land or perseverance but Dutch will be released someday. That one is certain.
  2. I dare to predict that this release he is talking about which is on many peoples want list is something from Elmer Bernstein. So many fan favourites of his music have been released so far, always with the help of the composer's estate, that it is very likely to be something along the lines of Heavy Metal. But that's just one out of 4. There are way too many sadly deceased composers to narrow things down just now.
  3. I like Conti's stuff so the Karate Kit set was a must have and one of the most amazing things i have ever seen in terms of releases. This time i have spend a bit more than usual but with such an amazing batch it is okay when things get a little more expensive.
  4. Well, Silvestri isn't really trapped in comedies because NatM was the first comedy he scored since 2002 (not counting The Wild which is animation and therefore a whole different affair) and all of his assignments are still big budget movies. But I agree, it is obvious that he either does not receive enough offers he deserves or that he simply isn't interested in doing what is being offered to him. He also left several projects recently (click comes to mind). At least he still has Zemeckis and Sommers who both continue to be successful and allow him to be creative. I also noticed the general current lack of outstanding material in filmmusic. It's probably because the requirements to a score and composer have changed. Today, everything in post-pro is done at the last minute and nothing is really locked anymore so they need simple scores made of simple constructions that can be adjusted in the last possible minute. Folks like badelt and co. are the perfect choice to achieve that. Just recently, Beltrami was said to have composed a score for weinstein's TmnT that was described as an exciting mixture of hellboy and indiana jones. Of course it was rejected and guess who came in to rescore? Klaus Badelt! Quality filmmusic is rarely given a chance these days. Occasionally there is something that qualifies as good but compared to standarts 10 or 20 years ago this stuff just passes as average.
  5. I would also love to see Highlander or Lethal Weapon 4 released. Although LW 4 is basically a re-hash of material from the first three scores, the performance and energy is really the best of them all and the asian flavoured action stuff in there is really cool (especially the chinatown chase).
  6. Back To Gaya to name just one! Magnificent score, recorded in london, no reuse fees!
  7. I received word that Alan Silvestri and his friend David Newman will be the special guests at this year's Film Music Festival in Madrid, Spain. Like Trevor Jones and Harry Gregson-Williams last year, the two gentlemen will conduct concerts of their music. Silvestri will reportedly be joined by his entire family. So far this is only rumours but an official announcement is said to come early next week already! Stay tuned!
  8. Any scores by these gentlemen are most welcomed. I am hoping for more poledouris and bernstein though because there is not nearly as much available from them as there is from goldsmith.
  9. I guess that whole region code issue will become obsolete when varese will announce the club CDs next week
  10. Some Came running is excellent vintage bernstein and highly recommended! It's one of those long lost classics that now received a full release. I bought this CD right away. Not sure about the Schifrin disc though.
  11. I think on ebay there was one seller once who offered predator for us-$ 2000. But not sure if anyone really bought that thing for this insanity of a price.
  12. Problem is that there is still a very successful MCA CD of bttf out there and that re-use fees on this one will be significantly higher than for an cd reissue of an lp program or a series of tv scores with a max orchestra size of 60. Maybe intrada is closer than any other label right now, but I guess if varese would develop a similar connection to universal they would be the ones to release bttf simply because they have much more economic power than intrada and have released the unreleaseable before.
  13. The greatest thing about the BTTF movies is that they are not drown in underscore. Whenever there is music, it is damn effective but still able to carry itself. It should also be mentioned that none of the bootlegs of BTTF's score is a serviceable presentation of the score, so even if some individuals think the hype is not justified a good release would still be warranted. I hate it when people are lacking of solidarity and think that all scores they don't jump on are not worthy to be released properly. And if you ask me, there are a lot of good points speaking for a decent release of the BTTF score.
  14. Any release by Silvestri will be welcomed. I guess it could be cat's eye as the usual 1000 unit reissue (though I would want a score like Dutch much more) and my hopes are up for Williams' Monsignor joining the club this time. I believe it was nick redman or ford thaxton who said that varese would release this one sometime in the future.
  15. You sure take these things very seriously Let's just pretend this is Santaolalla. At least it will help to make a lot of people feel much more comfortable. If you look closely you can actually see an oscar shaped bulge in his bag!
  16. Make a living? Looks like he is selling some creatures singing simplistic melodies without any chord progressions at all while he constantly repeats his own last name. That's at least what i figured out so far. My spanish is bad though.
  17. This paparazzi clip seems to show Santa ohlalala performing... another profession: Just something to giggle about for those who just can't live with the fact that the guy has now more oscars than some of hollywood's greatest composers ever. But maybe you will see him on the beach during your next vacation trying to sell weird birds singing his oscar winning themes? You never know!
  18. I heard these little dots come from using the wrong ink. Certain colours tend to become acidic over time and so they burn themselves slowly through the thin reflecting foil between the top with the ink and the botton that carries the data. Even large music collections in archives are affected by this. So far I haven't noticed any of these dots on my own CDs. The oldest CD I own is the alien OST and there is nothing on the disc and it still plays fine.
  19. Exactly what I thought! At least it's not Tom Cruise.
  20. Rumour has it that Transformers star Shia La Beouf was cast as Indy jr. Read more at aintitcool.com: http://www.aintitcool.com/node/31628
  21. Who needs an alternate version of Alien? Or Alien 3? Or, while we are at it, Alien 4?
  22. I hope someday universal will do for the JP movies what fox did for the alien movies: releasing a large box with 2 DVDs devoted to each film, one DVD containing the film in two different versions and one DVD containing only behind the scenes material including extensive scoring featurettes.
  23. That's at least what they say. Like Doug Fake, he always promises he never wants to over-hype things about releases, yet he is the first to give out clues which automatically lead to over-hype and speculations among fans. So in a way he keeps his promise because he is not the one who over-hypes but he is the one who indirectly starts it And let's be honest, a lot of the titles in intradas special collection would not have sold so fast without that hype factor.
  24. Not only that. A lot of cues, such as the assault and the arrival of gruber have been edited and are missing portions that are featured on the complete 2-CD bootleg. Try to track down that bootleg and you will clearly find out the differences. The sound of that bootleg is also much more prominent despite some very loud tape hiss but I prefer that version over the varese one. Not sure if this is any help, but i have reviewed the varese CD and also mention the missing segments here: http://www.filmscorecenter.de/diehard.htm
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