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  1. Johan de Meij: "With star composer John Williams, at the NY Philharmonic, 2011 New York City" Top right: https://johandemeij.com/events Left side/bottom: https://johandemeij.com/gallery
  2. Nice post! https://jarijuhanikallio.wordpress.com/2021/10/15/beyond-superlatives-john-williams-conducts-the-berlin-philharmonic/
  3. Fanfare for Michael Dukakis (1988) Today, two John Williams fanfare/occasional pieces, both relatively obscure and minor works in his concert oeuvre. First, the Fanfare for Michael Dukakis, written it appears in a span of three weeks for the 1988 Democratic National Convention, with Williams being connected to Presidential hopeful Dukakis through the candidate's father-in-law Harry Ellis Dickson, a Boston Pops associate conductor. It seems the live premiere is the only recording we have of the piece. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I always liked this cover...
  4. This is the one piece I have been trying to find for years. I had the good fortune to hear it during the original concert season in 1986 and then again when played (I think with the Horn Concerto?) several years ago but have never been able to come across a recording...
  5. Another review: https://jarijuhanikallio.wordpress.com/2021/07/27/luminous-tanglewood-world-premiere-for-john-williamss-new-violin-concerto-with-anne-sophie-mutter-and-the-bso/
  6. I’m in the process of listening to my collection by year. I ‘suffered’ through Thomas & The King last week and yesterday was Can You Read My Mind. I like the music under the lyrics but once you add the singing... I put America, the Dream Goes On in that category too. I like the music but could do without the vocals (I do still like Shirley MacLaine in John Goldfarb!)
  7. I like the two of JW with Luciano Pavarotti & Jessye Norman https://www.classicfm.com/discover-music/historic-photos-classical-composers-doing-normal-things/
  8. For me it’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (one of my favorite OST tracks too). Back when I made mix tapes, that + the last track were a pretty good representation of the whole score…
  9. Jim Nova (https://jimnova.com/about/) is a huge John Williams fan and is a trombonist in the Pittsburgh Symphony. I was looking at his YouTube page (https://www.youtube.com/user/jn1578) and came across this: Fun video and a great performance! ---------------------------------------------------------- From the YouTube page Turns out that many S.E. Shires trombone artists are huge football fans! So I decided to take my trombone arrangement of the NBC Football Theme, Wide Receiver, by John Williams (of course!) and expand it into a 10 part version! We all may root for different NFL teams, but we're all on the Shires Team! Musicians Joe Alessi Megan Boutin Jeremy Branson Justin Cook Brian Hecht Ross Holcombe Martin McCain Jim Nova Alexis Smith Nate Zgonc https://www.seshires.com/ourtrombones ----------------------------------------------------------
  10. Including The River (Intrada), Far & Away (La-La Land), and John Williams in Vienna Looking forward to 2021! https://variety.com/2020/music/news/best-classic-film-music-albums-2020-1234877250/
  11. Sad to see the podcast end. I have enjoyed the insights and think this series will be looked back as a valuable resource for info on John Williams. I've learned so much from each episode (and liked the comments from your guests as well) Thanks again for the great work!
  12. I’m lucky in that I started collecting just before the CD era, and was able to pick up CDs as they were issued. I remember visiting Tower Records every couple of weeks in 1990/1 and being pleasantly surprised when I would find a new Varese reissue (Jaws 2, Eiger Sanction, The Fury, Earthquake, Dracula). I lived in Japan in the early 90s and bought the Japanese issues of Space Camp (CD Club), Goodbye Mr. Chips (EMI), as well as Superman (w/the tracks missing from the US issue). I even called Bay City records in 1990 (no idea who I spoke with) who confirmed their release of 1941 would have the cannons just like the OST LP. Now if I can just find the BFG FYC promo…
  13. He sort of chuckled and said something to the effect of “that’s an old one.” I tried to balance it out by having him sign Jurassic Park…
  14. I’m not sure I can explain. I don’t know anyone else who likes it. My wife hates it (although she likes Thomas and the King even less!) I remember seeing it in listings of his movies back in the 80s – pre-internet so there was no way to watch it easily. I wondered what it sounded like and was surprised when FSM finally put it out. I especially like the scores with songs from the 60’s. For pure orchestral scores I’d pick the Reivers with special mention to The Rare Breed (need more than the Silva recording!).
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