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    FunnyML got a reaction from Edmilson in The Complete Cue Lists Thread   
    Hans Zimmer - X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)
    Source: cocatalog.loc.gov
    HZ ... Hans Zimmer
    AP ... Andy Page
    DF ... David Fleming
    SM ... Steve Mazzaro
    1M7A    Car Crash - Part 1 //HZ,AP
    1M7B    Car Crash - Part 2 //HZ,DF
    1M8    X-Manor / Title Card //HZ,SM
    1M10    Pre Space Mission //HZ,SM,AP
    1M11    X-Men Find Shuttle //HZ,SM
    1M12    Commander Left Behind //HZ,DF
    1M13    Solar Flare //HZ,DF
    1M14    X-Men Return
    1M15    Raven Confronts X
    1M16A    Examining Jean
    1M16B    Jean / Scott Kiss //HZ,DF
    2M18    Smith Looks For Luna
    2M21/22    Party / Jean Unconscious //HZ,SM,AP
    2M23    Cerebro //HZ,DF
    2M24A    Inside Jean's Mind //HZ,DF
    2M24B    Need To See My Father //HZ,DF
    2M25    Alien Meeting //HZ,SM
    2M26    Jean Visits Dad //HZ,DF,AP
    2M28    Jean Standoff //HZ,DF
    2M28B    Jean Standoff - Part 2 //HZ,AP
    2M29    Raven Impaled

        Funeral (Aeneas) //HZ,SM
    3M32    Smith Visits Dad //HZ,SM
    3M33    The Island //HZ,DF
    3M34    Island Standoff //HZ,SM,DF
    3M35    Peace Has Been Shattered
    3M36    Hello Jean //HZ,SM
    3M39    Smith Shows Jean Force
    4M40A    Sadneto
    4M40B    The Helmet
    4M41/42 NY Street Fight //HZ,SM
    4M43A    Staircase Standoff - Part 1 //HZ,DF
    4M43B    Staircase Standoff - Part 2 //HZ,DF,AP
    4M44    Jean Transfers Force //HZ,SM
        Train Tension - Part 1 //HZ,SM
        Train Tension - Part 3 //HZ,SM
    4M46    Aliens Attack //HZ,SM
    5M48/49    Train Flashback //HZ,DF
    5M50    Protect My Family
    5M51    Break Things //HZ,DF
    5M52    Train Wreckage Fight //HZ,DF
    5M53    My Emotions //HZ,SM
        Coda - Part 1 //HZ,DF
        Coda - Part 2 //HZ,DF
        End Credit 1 - Space Scene //HZ,DF
    End Credit 2    2M24A
    End Credit 3    2M26
    End Credit 4    2M24B
    End Credit 5    2M25
    End Credit 6    4M46
    End Credit 7    2M21/22
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    FunnyML got a reaction from thx99 in The Complete Cue Lists Thread   
    Mark Isham - Miracle (2004)
    Source: Soundcloud
    1M1 Main Title
    1M7 Herb Got The Job
    1M8 Ice Tryouts
    1M9 The Names
    2M11 OC Attacks Rob
    2M15A The Photograph
    2M15B Herb And Patty
    2M16 Hard Workout Montage
    3M18 Punishment Montage
    3M21 Watching The Russians
    3M22 Hard Workout 2
    4M23C Jimmy And Dad
    4M27 New Player
    4M28 We're A Family
    4M28A Carter Speech
    5M24 Lake Placid
    5M29 Cox Is Cut
    5M31A Pre Madison
    5M32 The Russian Rout
    5M33 Herb Moves On Jimmy
    5M36 Herb Keeps OC
    5M38 Unprotected Goal Win
    6M41 Game / Press Conference
    6M42 Ice Rink Conversation
    6M43A Locker Room
    6M43B Russian Game Speech
    6M44 Russian Game Start
    6M45 The Russian Score
    6M46 First Period Tie
    7M47 Jimmy Goes Down
    7M48 Final Pep Talk
    7M49 Ruzzo Scores
    7M50 The Countdown
    7M51 Finale
    Herb Riles Rob
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    FunnyML got a reaction from BrotherSound in The Complete Cue Lists Thread   
    Jerry Goldsmith - The Swarm (1978)
    Source: cuesheets
    R1P1        Main Title
    R1P2        Red Two Reporting
    R2P1        The Black Mass
    R2P2        What Happened?
    R2P3        The Picnic
    R3P1        The Bee's Picnic
    R4P1        On Their Way
    R4P2        Get Him Out
    R4P3        Plastic Hives
    R5P1        Old Friends
    R5P2        High Toxin
    R6P1        The Boys And The Bees
    R7P1        Oh Maureen
    R7P2        We'll Come Back
    R7P3        Bees On Fire
    R8P1        Toward Marysville
    R8P2        The Lollipop
    R8P3        A Gift Of Flowers
    R8P4-R9P1    The Bees Arrive
    R9P2-R10P1    Out Of The Closet
    R10P2        The Park
    R10P3        Condolences
    R11P1        Empty Town
    R11P2        Train Attack
    R12P1        No Effect
    R12P2        Tommy's Dead
    R13P1-R14P1    Exact Instructions
    R14P2        Departed Friend
    R14P3        The Glasses
    R15P1        Houston Headquarters
    R16P1        Burn 'Em Out
    R16P2-R17P1    Get Reinforcements
    R17P2-R18P1    Bees Inside
    R18P2        End Title
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    FunnyML got a reaction from Edmilson in The Chronological Film Score Thread   
    Thomas Newman - Tolkien (2019)
    OST: 03,06,02,01,08,07,16,09,04,05,14,10,11,17,15,18,12,13,19,20,21,22,23,24,25
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    FunnyML got a reaction from Jay in The Complete Cue Lists Thread   
    Posted both of these back in February 2015. BloodBoal included them in his list in post #1.
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    FunnyML got a reaction from The Illustrious Jerry in UNIVERSAL CLASSICS collection from Universal Pictures & Mike Matessino   
    Lee Holdridge - Skyway To Death (1974) [TV]
    John Cacavas - The Elevator (1974) [TV]
    Columbo (1971-2003) [TV]
    Howard Goodall's Bean (1997) / Mr. Bean's Holiday (2007) is Universal, too I think?
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    FunnyML got a reaction from The Illustrious Jerry in The Complete Cue Lists Thread   
    Carter Burwell - Goodbye Christopher Robin (2017)
    Source: cocatalog.gov
    1M1    Tree Of Memory
    1M2    Trenches
    1M5    Ordinary Decent People
    1M6    Birth
    1M8    First Night
    1M9A    Cotchford Farms
    1M9B    Toys And Stars

    2M11    Into The Forest / Bees
    2M13    To The Zoo
    2M14    Nou Leaves
    2M15    Bear Hunt
    3M16    Goes To Town In A Golden Gown
    3M18    Snowfall, Snowrise
    3M19    Balloons
    3M20    Drawing Pooh
    3M21    Mum Is Back
    3M22    I'm Billy Moon, And I'll Be Back Soon

    4M23    When We Were Young
    4M24    Fame
    4M28    The People A Person Loves
    4M30    Tea With Christopher Robin

    5M31    Keep You Memories
    5M33    Not Another Word
    5M34    A Song Of Wisdom
    5M35    Down The Stairs, Nobody Cares
    5M37    Private Milne
    5M38    Billy Leaves
    5M39    Telling Nou

    6M40    Well If It Isn't Billy Moon
    6M41    How I Should Think
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    FunnyML got a reaction from The Illustrious Jerry in The Complete Cue Lists Thread   
    Alexandre Desplat - Isle Of Dogs (2018)
    Source: FYC
    1M0    Shinto Shrine
    1M2    The Municipal Dome
    1M4    Six Months Later
    1M5    Dog Fight
    1M6    The Herd Pack
    1M8    First Crash-Landing
    1M10    24 Hours Later
    1M11    Flashback: 3 Years Earlier

    2M1    2nd Second Crash-Landing
    2M2    Bath House
    2M3    Beach Attack
    2M6    Nutmeg
    2M9    TV Drumming 1
    2M11    Kobayashi's Cabinet

    3M2    Toshiro
    3M3    Black Box Recording
    3M4    Jupiter And Oracle
    3M5    Aboriginal Dogs
    3M6    Sushi Scene
    3M8A    Pagoda Slide - Part 1
    3M8B    Pagoda Slide - Part 2

    4M1-4    Cause-Way To The Far-Away Cuticles / Flashback / The Secret Tooth
    4M5    TV Drumming 2
    4M6    Kobayashi Canine-Testing Laboratory
    4M7    The Black Owls Message
    4M10    Sake Bar - Part 1

    5M1-3    Re-Election Night - Parts 1-3
    5M5    TV Drumming 4
    5M8    End Titles
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    FunnyML reacted to Yavar Moradi in The Official Varese Sarabande Thread   
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    FunnyML got a reaction from Yavar Moradi in UNIVERSAL CLASSICS collection from Universal Pictures & Mike Matessino   
    Lee Holdridge - Skyway To Death (1974) [TV]
    John Cacavas - The Elevator (1974) [TV]
    Columbo (1971-2003) [TV]
    Howard Goodall's Bean (1997) / Mr. Bean's Holiday (2007) is Universal, too I think?
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    FunnyML reacted to Deleted in Ghostbusters (1984) Score - Omni Music Publishing   
    That's cool.  It'll be nice to have official slates and cue titles.
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    FunnyML reacted to you96Hours in Christopher Lennertz: Scoring LOST IN SPACE   
    Danger Will Robinson plays at the end of episode 1
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    FunnyML reacted to Florian in The Complete Cue Lists Thread   
    In addition to the above (cues that could not be located for the Intrada album and are not present on the CDs):
    1M4 And His Merry Men
    2M2A Arrow
    9M1A Wild Times (Jeff Lyne)
    10M0B Medieval Dance Source #3
    12M1 Marriage Plans / Robin's Alive
    13M1C Hangman's Drums
    (SOURCE: Roger Feigelson, Intrada)
  14. Haha
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    FunnyML got a reaction from bollemanneke in The Official Debbie Wiseman Thread!   
    I bought some of her stuff, do I get a thanks, too?
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    FunnyML reacted to BloodBoal in The Complete Cue Lists Thread   
    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Michael Giacchino (2016)
    Source: FYC site
    1M1 He's Here For Us
    1M2 A Long Ride Ahead
    1M3 Wobani Imperial Labor Camp
    2M11 Jedha Arrival
    2M13 Hearts Of Kyber
    2M14B Jedha City Ambush
    3M20 Today Of All Days
    3M21 Star-Dust
    3M22 An Imperial Test Of Power
    4M25 Approach To Eadu
    4M26 No Trust Among Rebels
    4M27 Her Path Is Clear
    4M28 Confrontation On Eadu
    5M30 Rebellions Are Built On Hope
    5M32 Rogue One
    5M33 Cargo Shuttle SW-608
    5M34 Good Luck Little Sister
    5M36 Are We Blind?
    6M37 Scrambling The Rebel Fleet
    6M38A AT-ACT Assault
    6M40 Project Stardust
    6M41 Entering The Imperial Archives
    6M42 Get That Beach Under Control
    6M43 The Master Switch
    7M44 We Have To Press The Attack
    7M46 Your Father Would Be Proud
    7M50 Rogue One End Credits - Film Version
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    FunnyML reacted to Skelly in The Complete Cue Lists Thread   
    Indeed you did - Bloodboal, this is what happens when you don't update the main post!
    I also thought I'd Googled a couple of the cues with quotations to see if it'd been posted here before, but I guess I didn't. My mistake.
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    FunnyML got a reaction from blitzkrieg in The Complete Cue Lists Thread   
    Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - Gone Girl (2014)
    Source: cocatalog.loc.gov

    1m01 The Opening
    1m02 Crazy Happy
    1m03 Broken Table
    1m04 Blood
    1m05 Amazing Amy

    2m01 Just Good
    2m02 Clue 1
    2m03 A Tight Spot
    2m04 I Need To Be Punished
    2m05 Weak Spots

    3m01 The Search
    3m02 A Strange New Sentence
    3m03 Husband Undone
    3m04 Bum World
    3m05 Empty House
    3m06 Vigil

    4m01 WTF
    4m02 The Reveal
    4m03 The Hammer

    5m01 You Asshole
    5m02 Much Worse
    5m03 Strange Activity
    5m04 Mr Collins
    5m05 Just Teasing

    6m01 Derailed
    6m02 Dark Desi

    7m01 How To Behave
    7m02 Surveillance
    7m03 Preparation
    7m04 Murder
    7m05 The Return
    7m06 FBI
    7m07 Miracle On The Mississippi

    8m01 What’s Next
    8m02 Do Your Part
    8m03 Credits - Echoes
    8m04 Slight Limp
    S3 Garson
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    FunnyML got a reaction from fommes in The Chronological Film Score Thread   
    Alexandre Desplat - The Danish Girl (2015)
    OST: 01,04B,03,04A,05,07,08B,08A,11A,11C,11B,06,02B,12,10,14,09,13,15B,15A,16,17,02A
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    FunnyML reacted to Jay in The Complete Cue Lists Thread   
    Anybody have the slate or cue names for Mission Impossible 1 or 5?
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    FunnyML reacted to Damien F in Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection   
    I'd love to see Aladdin and especially Beauty and the Beast get this treatment. I adore those scores.
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    FunnyML got a reaction from fommes in The Chronological Film Score Thread   
    Randy Edelman - Daylight (1996)
    Chronological order & complete score overview:

    01. Main Title OST13C 3:04-5:27 [3:27]**
    02. Tell You Later [1:20]*
    03. Trillings / Prisoners [1:32]*
    04. Miracles Can Happen [:14]*
    05. Carjack [4:13]*
    06. Watch Your Back OST07D 2:09-3:12 [1:15]
    07. Please Please UNUSED OST07C 1:57-2:09 [:15]
    08. Latura On Wrecker OST07B 0:51-1:57 [1:21]**
    09. Latura Runs Off OST09B 0:42-1:09 [:34]
    10. Aftermath [1:25]*
    11. Madeline Emerges [2:00]*
    12. Power! OST10B 0:26-2:30 [2:40]**
    13. Kit Gets Clearance [:39]*
    14. Cyclone Room OST03 [1:43]
    15. Untitled OST10A 0:00-0:27 [1:09]**
    16. Kadeem's Death OST09A 0:00-0:42 [0:48]
    17. City Engineers [:56]*
    18. Milk Truck OST05 [4:15]
    19. Scorpions [:52]*
    20. George's Pit OST06 [2:45]
    21. Latura's Discovery OST12 [2:17]
    22. George's Farewell OST07A 0:00-0:51 [0:58]
    23. Swimming OST11 [2:12]
    24. Rats OST08 [1:48]
    25. Untitled OST09C 1:09-2:13 [1:03]
    26. The Way Out OST14 [4:29]
    27. Survivors OST13A 0:00-0:44/OST04 [2:28]
    28. Blowout OST13B 0:44-3:04 [4:58]**
    29. Daylight Theme ALBUM ARRANGEMENT OST01 [3:33]
    30. Latura's Theme ALBUM ARRANGEMENT OST02 [3:06]
    * unreleased
    ** contains unreleased segments
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    FunnyML got a reaction from fommes in The Chronological Film Score Thread   
    I'm working on it. But I might need someone to confirm.
    Howard Shore - The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)
    01 - Main Title (partly unused) [OST#01]
    02 - Unreleased
    03 - The Asylum 1 [OST#02 0:00-2:38]
    04 - Return To The Asylum 2 [OST#04 1:13-end]
    05 - The Asylum 2 [OST#02 2:38-end]
    06 - Unreleased
    07 - Clarice [OST#03]
    08 - Return To The Asylum 1 [OST#04 0:00-1:13]
    09 - The Abduction [OST#05]
    10 - Unreleased
    11 - Quid Pro Quo 1 [OST#06 0:00-1:09]
    12 - Unreleased
    13 - Unreleased
    14 - Quid Pro Quo 2 [OST#06 1:09-2:19]
    15 - Quid Pro Quo 3 [OST#06 2:19-end]
    16 - Lecter In Memphis 1 [OST#07 0:00-1:13]
    17 - Lecter In Memphis 2 [OST#07 1:13-4:16]
    18 - Lecter In Memphis 3 [OST#07 4:16-end]
    19 - Lambs Screaming 1 (first part unused) [OST#08 0:00-3:43]
    20 - Lambs Screaming 2 (unused) [OST#08 3:43-end]
    21 - Lecter Escapes 2 [OST#09 1:20-2:18]
    22 - Lecter Escapes 1 [OST#09 0:00-1:20]
    23 - Unreleased
    24 - Lecter Escapes 3 [OST#09 2:18-end]
    25 - Unreleased
    26 - Belvedere, Ohio 1 [OST#10 0:00-1:35]
    27 - Belvedere, Ohio 2 [OST#10 1:35-2:52]
    28 - Belvedere, Ohio 3 [OST#10 2:52-end]
    29 - Unreleased
    30 - Unreleased
    31 - The Moth [OST#11]
    32 - Unreleased
    33 - The Cellar 1 [OST#12 0:00-2:03]
    34 - The Cellar 2 [OST#12 2:03-5:35]
    35 - The Cellar 3 [OST#12 5:35-end]
    36 - Finale [OST#13 0:00-1:42]
    37 - End Credits [OST#13 1:42-end]
    Chronological order: 01,02A,04B,02B,03,04A,05,06,07,08,09B,09A,09C,10,11,12,13
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    FunnyML got a reaction from fommes in The Complete Cue Lists Thread   
    Landing At The Burrough (Sessions) = Landing At Burrows (Cuesheets)
    The Will (Sessions) = Will Reading (Cuesheets)
    Sirius's Bedroom (Sessions) = Sirius's Room (Cuesheets)
    Stealing The Locket (Sessions) = Escaping With The Locket (Cuesheets)
    Edodus (Sessions) = Exodus (Cuesheets)
    Scabiour Spots It's Harry (Sessions) = Scabiour Spots Harry (Cuesheets)
    You could also add The Locket [4M46] to the list, by the way.
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    FunnyML reacted to Offline in The Complete Cue Lists Thread   
    I have more information to add to Star Trek Into Darkness. I've actually posted this in the film's thread, but no one seemed to notice. This is what I have:
    EDIT: Source: Instragram photos from Giacchino (Slate Numbers and Lengths for the First 4 Reels), , Behind-the-scenes featurettes (Additional Slates and Cue Titles), and images from ScoringSessions.com (Cut Titles matching with Slates), Cue Titles from ASCAP (some matched to their correct cues (based on their length and placement in the film)
    1M01 v3 "Logos" (0:55)1M03 v3 "Pranking the Natives" (1:55)[1M04] v2 SPOCK SLIDES DOWN, KIRK JUMPS OFF[1M05] UNDERSEA ENTERPRISES INC.[1M06] ON THE BRIDGE AND ON THE ROCKS1M06 v3 INS (0:25)1M07-8 v4 SUB PRIME DIRECTIVE (2:31)1M09 v3 "London Calling" (2:04) 2M10 v4 DEMOTION EMOTION (0:51)2M11 v4 (2:27)2M13 v4 MOM CALLING (0:37)2M14 v4 (2:21)2M15 v4 MAN VS. BLASTER (1:56)2M16 v4 MAN VS. BLASTER PART 2 (2:36) 3M19 v3 ADMIRAL EXPOSITION (3:20)3M20 v4 (0:41)3M21 v4 SO LONG SCOTTY (0:52)3M22 v4 (0:49)3M23 v4 (1:15)3M24 v4 COVERT CAROL (0:32)3M25 v4 CHAIR OF COMMAND (1:10) 4M26 v3 TORPEDO DIPLOMACY (2:15)4M27 v4 SPOCK AND UHURA (1:15)4M28 v3 ASTRONOMICAL MANHUNT A (1:39)4M28B v3 ASTRONOMICAL MANHUNT B (3:18)4M29 v3 HARRISON BROUGHT ON BOARD (2:37)4M42B 5M36-37 6M41 YOU WANNA DO WHAT?6M426M42B6M43A6M43B 7M44 7M45 I'M GONNA MAKE THIS SIMPLE7M467M47A7M47B7M47C 8M54 "Kirk Enterprises" 11M59 v2 "End Credits v2 (Added Choir)" (FROM STAR TREK 2009)
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