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  1. The little Mormont is fun, but Alia is on a whole other level.
  2. If the question is whether Zimmer's music is aging well, I answer Yes. I've often read people saying that the use of synth gives his scores a dated sound, but there is no problem to my ears. If the question is whether Zimmer is aging well as a composer... Well he hasn't impressed me since Interstellar, though I don't dislike Chappie and Dark Phoenix (and I haven't heard everything he has done). We'll see how his next batch of movies goes... if they ever get released
  3. I spent the last few years in awe of the simple fact that a movie star from the 1930s (and incidently the star from 1938's Robin Hood which I watched a lot in my childhood) was still living among us. So now it is over. RIP madame de Havilland
  4. And by the way, earlier on that day, during the traditional July 14th military parade (smaller scale this year, due to covid concerns), a military band played the second half of Summon the Heroes, followed by Olympic Fanfare and Theme. Can't say that I'm overly impressed by the performance... But cool anyway.
  5. Watching. It's just songs with 0 synchronisation or relation to the fireworks. Utterly lame.
  6. I got a bigger jolt from hearing Harvey Weinstein being thanked nearly in the same breath as WiIliams though. So 2016.
  7. I'm 4 years late, but I just watched the video of Morricone's oscar win in 2016... He and Williams are sitting next to each other in the box with the other best score nominees, they embrace after the anouncement, and Morricone mentions Williams in his speech... Oh, I didn't realize Williams might make a real speech beyond the statement we've seen. If he does, yes, let's hope he makes it special.
  8. Oh my It feels like some part of film music history has died with him. Though of course his music remains. The Mission is one of the very first soundtracks I heard, and still my favorite of his. I'll have a listen today.
  9. Very interesting arrangement ! That half otherworldly / half human sound works well with this theme and its subtext I think.
  10. Yeah, at this point it's more about the memories than about the music And maybe also, at least for me, not knowing when the next JW release will be.
  11. OK, I caved in too. And I don't even own a vinyl player. This Vienna thing is still getting more expansive even 6 months after the concert.
  12. The "Potter = sub-Hook" sentiment was something I could get behind back when I discovered Hook in 2007, and I was overwhelmed by the abundance of themes, the great setpieces, the bright orchestrations. At some point it was ostensibly my favourite JW score, tied with Schindler's List. But it's like Karol described, I sort of grew out of it.
  13. Cool ! I knew that JW's music made Superman and E.T. fly, and made the shark from Jaws scary, and brought magic to Harry Potter's world, but this one about bringing Indiana Jones to life is new to me !
  14. I remember reading somewhere that the general thinking when Harry Potter came out was that it was a rehash of Hook without the magic. Funny how things shift. I tried to find a JWFAN "Hook vs. Potter" poll from 15 years ago, alas without success...
  15. Well, I too am glad that your enjoyment of the existing OST won't be spoiled by any future expanded release you wouldn't listen to anyway ! Same here, one of the biggest title I'm missing.
  16. Hard choice. Hook has such a wealth of great material and terrific orchestrations, but Harry Potter has the best main theme, and I prefer the intensity of the Quidditch match to the swashbuckling of the Ultimate War. Farewell Neverland is one of the most beautiful thing JW has ever written, but overall I have more emotionnal connection to Potter, which was the first soundtrack I consciously listened to, and my first contact with Williams (there must be a club of us!). So let's go with.Potter on this one. On a related note, I rewatched Harry Potter 8 last week, and while it left me cold 9 years ago, the nostalgia factor is working better now, and I was not immune to the use of Leaving Hogwarts during the epilogue...
  17. I'm guessing she wanted to give the award to Morricone, but he insisted that his brother JW get it as well...
  18. Heh. I never noticed some of those examples had similarities beyond "fast low strings" (one of my favourite staples of JW's action writing !) Though this is certainly not at the level of Horner's danger motif.
  19. The statement by Morricone has class and grace as well, and is a little more personal: https://www.fpa.es/en/princess-of-asturias-awards/laureates/2020-ennio-morricone-and-john-williams.html?texto=declaracion&especifica=0 "solitude", work "ethic", "constant dedication" are indeed also words that we have seen applied to Williams.
  20. Nice ! But they should have given the award to a real artist, Hildur Gudnadottir for example, rather than some movie composers...
  21. Oh it does break it for me. I find it weird that it doesn't bother JW enough to go back to the original version. Maybe we have imprinted on the first version we heard, and to an impartial ear the abridged version sounds better...
  22. haha I had forgotten how jarring I found the revised ending of The Rebellion Is Reborn, and the excision of part of the crescendo in Luke & Leia. This, if only because the broadcast omitted Close Encounters, Donnybrook Fair, Devil's Dance, War Horse, Marion's Theme...
  23. Friendship Theme is... ok I think, a little too meandering for me, lacking a clear form. Victory Theme is very good (best new theme in the movie IMO), it hooked my ear at first listen, but I'm still thrown off each time by the long note at 3:05. As for the track The Rise of Skywalker, it's good but I'm a little disappointed it's doesn't do more with the themes than what we can hear elsewhere in the score (and sometimes in a better arrangement, as King Mark pointed out). Sort of how I feel too. It's certainly noticeable and memorable, which is not nothing, but because it's loud and simple, rather than melodically or rythmically inspired. When I first heard it it stroke me as something serviceable Giacchino* could have written in 30 seconds (thinking of the bad guys theme in his first Star Trek). (*whose music I generally like)
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