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  1. I dug the trailer! Nice to see some other colours in there and the visuals look great. It's just the final CG suit that seemed a little dodgy to me. Music was very trailer-esque...but looking forward to checking out the Zimmer tracks when they're available here.
  2. Every shot in that trailer looks like a winner! But I too, am cautious of how much Wes I can handle in one sitting. And this looks like Wes on mega-steroids.
  3. Yeah, it had all the problems of a bad sequel. Lightweight backstory, "small universe" syndrome, poor watered-down characterizations and conveniently speeding through genre clichés (pretty much knocking off every trope in Walking Dead and The Last of Us). I did like its look though. Perks of shooting of film.
  4. Indeed. Very much feels like a non-musician trying to pontificate about MYUUUUSSSIIIC.
  5. Haha. I was screaming the same thing through much of the episode. Jonathan Majors made the episode somewhat entertaining, but for the most part, the stakes felt empty. And boy, was the episode meandering around...with all those push ins and pull outs, I was expecting bigger reveals. Ultimately, Wandavision had the worse finale, but was the stronger show.
  6. I admire Binoche and the way the film was shot, but the way it treats music and creativity conceptually seemed incredibly naive and ultimately undermines its thematic ambitions for me. The second one is probably the strongest one actually, and works the best but the third one remains my favourite.
  7. I have little patience for that film, but it is shot exquisitely.
  8. Black Widow by Lorne Balfe Better than I expected, but not great. It's still coasting on tired old cliches both of the RCP variety and the old "Russian baddie" tradition, but occasionally it manages to muster the kind of energy of Zimmer's Peacemaker days. Don't really remember much coming out of it though. I'm more surprised, however, at how often Balfe and like can make such massive ensembles (120 musicians!) sound so terribly small...
  9. Soderbergh has another film out already?? Damn he works fast. Watched this last night. Boy does it get dumber with each passing second. And the spectacle is not fun enough to make up for it.
  10. You say that...but I always thought this was just a really trailer-ized rip from FOTR... That, and Zimmer was doing this kind of thing 10 years before this anyway...
  11. I counted about two very brief shots that looked new.
  12. Meh. This show is now so up its own arse with its mythology but it does it in neither a very clever or funny way (a la Thor: Ragnarok). And the writing is really just not up to snuff.
  13. Never watched the show, but the score was pretty ambitious and interesting.
  14. After the impressive production design of the first two episodes, I found the green screen work in the third episode pretty disappointing, and the attempt at a Children of Men-esque long take kind of laughable. The fourth episode was more entertaining, but Loki feels kind of reduced to just any other sympathetic hero, and the whole thing is starting to drown in its own mythology (as these Marvel things tend to do).
  15. In hindsight, this makes sense. Didn't think he could get away with some of his past rants on a more public account. As for the issue, I don't know. If he didn't want the release out there, I guess he's entitled to expressing his displeasure about it.
  16. There's no verified check by the name. Unless he has another private page?
  17. At the risk of undercutting a joke I'm missing...that's not the real Hans.
  18. I think Coulais' thing is colour and sonic palette. He has a great ear for that kind of thing and I think he's more inventive in that department than most of the usual Hollywood bigwigs. Also, anybody who isn't moved by the heart in Coulais' Les Choristes should be banished.
  19. Great score. But Chevaliers is probably the least interesting piece on there.
  20. I liked some of the stuff in Maniac. But your description of Luca is pretty spot on. I can't remember much of it by the end.
  21. Black Narcissus Putting aside its casual racist platitudes, this is indeed a masterclass in framing and cinematography. Clearly informing the work of many contemporary filmmakers, few works have made its innate psychology so deeply evocative in its visuals.
  22. Watched the first episode. Really like the look of it, and the score sounded kinda neat too. Way too much talking though...
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