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  1. Lovely track indeed. I hope Greenwood walks away with an Oscar for something this year.
  2. Last of the titans indeed… RIP maestro. A loss to all music.
  3. Watched the last episode...most of it felt really flat, anemic gags circling around a non-plot. Vaughn is now the best part of this show.
  4. Agreed. Haven’t watched the last episode yet, but everything so far feels like it’s just sort of recycling the season 2 arc with some decent gags here and there.
  5. The Power of the Dog by Jonny Greenwood Another enigmatic and rewarding cocktail from Greenwood. This time assembling a series of broadly cryptic horn duets, wonky mechanical piano solos and lovely chamber string miniatures. I remember these gestures really making me think of TWBB when I watched the film months back, but this feels more like its own thing on the OST, while very much in Greenwood's musical vernacular. And boy, does this guy understand the power of brevity when it comes to albums.
  6. Don’t know how I feel about that trailer. But it’s cool seeing Toronto so vibrantly rendered in Pixar land.
  7. I really enjoyed The Big Short. I think Vice was biting off more than it could chew. I'm just not feeling this one based off the trailer. There's just...a lot, going on, and everyone seems dialled up to the max. Guess we'll see how well it turns out!
  8. Hmmm. Looks like it's trying a little too hard...
  9. Indeed. Even The Master and Phantom Thread have their own sense of veiled "warmth" to them, especially the latter. They're about assholes yes, but they're certainly not monolithic. But it sounds like Licorice Pizza will definitely be a refreshing change of direction for PTA.
  10. The world-building in the film is more interesting than the characters themselves anyway. And I think there are also natural "episode breaks" in the film itself that would probably move the plot along in a more dynamic way. Ex. First episode is the Atriedes family moving to Arrakis + Benne Gesserit stuff. Second episode, explore that world. Another episode, the family gets wiped out. etc etc But yea, TV money is still not as big as movie money, so I guess I'll take the film.
  11. Movie was kind of silly and all over the place, but entertaining. Daniel Craig's death was...okay. I was more moved when we lost M in Skyfall.
  12. No Time to Die It's shot well and pretty entertaining, but all kinds of silly, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But the story is littered with holes in plot and character motivations, and jumps around quite a bit between camp and self-seriousness (how much of is intentional...I don't know). Rami Malek is sadly given nothing to work with given his underwhelming, anemic, "creep in a mask" villain character. Craig gets a fitting farewell I suppose, though I didn't find myself very emotionally invested (Zimmer's wrap-up cue was definitely trying though!). And the score works quite well actually. Overall, it's fine.
  13. Actually agree with you. If it could muster the same production values (this is key), I think the entire story would work really well in the miniseries structure. But I understand and admire Villeneuve's insistence on the big screen experience.
  14. Spencer by Jonny Greenwood I watched the film at TIFF back in September and was looking forward to having the OST available (as with his score to the Campion film). This is a cousin score to Phantom Thread, eschewing its romantic elegance for a more rigorous and intellectual baroque palette and structure. Ground basses with harpsichords and organs galore, counterweighted by some wild contemporary jazz and Greenwood's typical modernist stylings. There's a great cue that feels like it's about to erupt into some Vivaldi before its hackneyed by a nightmarish collage of jazzy trumpet delays, atonal harpsicord accents and quarter-tone fun. Nice hearing this evolution in Greenwood's musical sensibilities. The Eternals by Ramin Djawadi Aside from the one nice choral cue in the middle, the bulk of it is nothing to write home about. With that said, the opening title theme is pretty catchy, especially the ostinato. The whole thing could use some more organ. The Electrical Life of Louis Wain by Arthur Sharpe Pleasant writing, unabashedly sentimental with some nice colours. It can be a lot for an hour, depending on your mood, but solid stuff.
  15. Not sure if it's necessarily my favourite, but it's possibly his best film, imo.
  16. Well, "warmth" is how I'm describing the more extroverted emotional quality of his characters and narratives pre-There Will Be Blood. Where everyone wears their hearts on their sleeves. Not that that stylistic change is a bad thing at all (since it gave us some of his best films), but it'll be a refreshing change of pace for him.
  17. Very much excited about this one, as it seems to boast the warmth of 90s PTA. Here's a great interview piece with Anderson on the new film: https://variety.com/2021/film/features/paul-thomas-anderson-licorice-pizza-alana-haim-cooper-hoffman-1235107853/
  18. At least Old knows what it is, whether you like it or not. Midnight Mass is pulp trying to dress up as "philosophical discourse". It's comes across as poser writing, and it's bad poser writing. There are nuggets of an interesting idea, stretched over hours of repetitive pontification, with monologues that drag in really clumsy exposition and unrelated anecdotes in the middle of significant plot beats. And I mean come on, half the screenplay is literally Bible quotes (could make a fun drinking game). That's really just lazy writing. We ended up watching the whole thing over the week (because we committed). It got mildly entertaining in the last two episodes when the climax broke out, but then everyone started talking again... It also felt like a really naive take on its themes of death and faith. There are far better films, shows and writers who handle this stuff with more nuance and grace. Mike Flannagan should stick to the genre stuff instead. Also, I did not find the long takes impressive at all (including the beach shot). Because again, I didn't feel they were especially original or added anything to the scene. It's a long take for a long take's sake, and not especially impressive ones at that. But to each their own! The long take episode in Hill House was much more entertaining.
  19. What was so impressive on a technical level? I recall some shoddy green screen, wonky grading and lots of fake blood. Oh and there were some pointless long takes for conversations (adding nothing to the scenes), which struck me as a way to distract from the thinness of the material.
  20. I'm afraid we disagree here. Unfocused monologues built on pedantic backstory, flimsy metaphors and empty platitudes don't fool me. And I think any piece of art loses any real tact or craft when its characters decide to just keep talking at an audience...it's lazy writing. If you want a substantial and harrowing "meditation on life and death", that actually functions well within a narrative context, I suggest you turn to The Leftovers instead. A show that Flannagan poorly rips from thematically in these last few series.
  21. Watched the first three episodes of Midnight Mass with the family, hoping it would get better...it did not. Genuinely awful and lazy writing. It's like two characters can't be in the same room without giving off pointless 10min dialogues...each. You could cut all this in half, but I guess then there wouldn't be enough story to justify a whole series? The Haunting series had the same issues (especially Bly Manor), but at least Hill House had some fun genre scares.
  22. Yea, I think the new season has been killing it so far. It’s as sharp as ever, and the last episode was such a riot. The battle lines have really injected new life into the characters. Also, I didn’t realize there were so many variations on that poster! The second one you’ve posted is what I assumed as the main original, and thought that’s where the teams would eventually fall into place. But I guess anything goes at this point!
  23. Anybody else currently watching the new season of Succession?
  24. I understand and even relate to its appeal as an isolated listening experience. But my God, was this laughable moment in the film...and I know I was not alone in this opinion, as several of my non-music friends started snickering during this scene.
  25. They have. But Maurice is very good regardless.
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