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  1. Maybe what I find so frustrating about it is that there are effective vignettes and seeds of great ideas that only vaguely reach for each other structurally or thematically. And I'm all for world-building, but not at the expense of a film's identity crisis. I'm not sure if it's trying to tell a larger narrative conceptually, or if its doing the whole "anthology format" set in LA thing...neither of which it does with much conviction. As it is, it's a bit of a loose assembly line of some well-designed scenes delivered from the writer's room with a big budget devoted exclusively reimagining a certain kind of LA fantasy.
  2. Yea..."half-assed" sounds about right when it comes to the film's thematic ambitions. The whole thing works better as a glorified commercial for 60s LA.
  3. I really liked what I heard in film. Looking forward to hearing it on its own.
  4. Couldn't be bothered much by any of it to be honest. Will check it out to see if it's a decent ride, and definitely onboard for Williams' score, but otherwise, crazy fan theory or not...I'm just generally too franchised out to give a damn.
  5. Yea...also checked this out over the weekend. It's pretty bad. Tries to outdo The Big Short in style, but ends up being a verbose, anemic, unfocused lecture on corporate scamming...just no good. You nailed it. It's a fucked up film. Most people are wooed by the cult horror imagery (which is all done very well of course)...but it's the way it deals with the protagonist's trauma, in its operatic aesthetics, delivery and execution that got to me very deeply. It's a relationship drama, gone horribly wrong, and Aster clearly knows how to twist the knife.
  6. I like The VVitch as an effective period piece, though I thought it was a bit overrated. This one looks fantastic though.
  7. Couldn't get in at TIFF. But it opens nearby here next week. Looking forward to it!
  8. KK


    Robert Forster's scene at the vacuum store is the best part of the whole thing. Other than that, not entirely sure why this movie exists. But it's fine. Any excuse to put Aaron Paul on screen more is fine by me.
  9. - El Camino It's solid stuff, with some great vignettes of Gilligan writing. But it's definitely one for the fans. An epilogue to give us another taste of the Breaking Bad world and mythos. Does it manage to stand on its own otherwise? Not really. It neither has enough thrills to be a thriller, nor enough character to be a character study. But it does comfortably sit somewhere in between, entirely content with being an "extra" for the next DVD box set. I guess it also serves as reason why this stuff works better on the TV medium than it does film. And some cool shots aside, Breaking Bad looks better on film than digital.
  10. Indeed. A very fine actor. RIP.
  11. Joker It's a very fine looking film. Joaquin Phoenix delivers a powerhouse performance. But something about all of it just...reeks. The first hour or so is just the film battering its somewhat nihilistic images of violence and self-loathing on you to exhaustion. It isn't until the big monologue at the end that you have any real understanding of what the point of any of this really is. The plotting around the Waynes, his mother and the uprising are generally awkward. From Hildur's generally effective, but heavy-handed score, to the Batman canon references, the whole film is just trying too hard to validate the Joker's existence. The reason Ledger's Joker works so well is because the film wastes no energy trying to rationalize the Joker. It's not a character that makes much sense in terms of motivation. It's a character that works best as a narrative agent of chaos. But when you spend about two hours trying to "understand" the Joker, while simultaneously delving into its ties to the DCU, everything generally feels kind of hollow. A film that tries to paste the usual anti-hero narrative on something that's beyond that (an unstoppable force of nature, as seen in the Nolan film). So for all it's preaching of pseudo-philosophy, none of it really sticks the landing. With that said, it's still a fine enough film with some highs and a great performance to watch out for. But it's certainly no Taxi Driver...
  12. He’s fantastic in this film. Great fun.
  13. Hmm. Colour me intrigued.
  14. Movie is confirmed as one shot: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2019/09/1917-one-shot-sam-mendes-interview
  15. I wasn't really targeting you Grey. Just some general posts in this thread, and some eye-rolling contrarian crap that's been popping up on my social media feed lately. Rhetoric aside, enthusiasm for celebrating more mindfulness about our lifestyle and actions can only be a good thing imo. But people love to warp a good story one way or another...it's just adding more noise to the mix so that we avoid having any meaningful conversation about anything.
  16. Cheers Stu! Excited to dig into this Olafsson is great. His delicate, minimalist touch shines in a lot of the Baroque stuff.
  17. I don't understand all this apathy and hatred towards Greta. Is her language dramatic? Of course. Is she a saint? No. But we are talking right now, aren't we? Her 5 min of fame is provoking more conversation among laymen than all the PhDs on the subject. Scientific inquiry is key to understanding the problem and the solution. But mass interest only begins when we hear earnest cries for help like this. You can't move massive conglomerates and mobs of civilians by just getting your latest paper published in Nature. Why people are so personally offended by her overt enthusiasm is beyond me, when her actions are just trying to generate at least a little more mindfulness across all boards (people only listen when you're screaming bloody murder anyway). But that seems to be a pretty big ask these days... It's easier to just share a bunch of funny memes and spew out cynical forum posts anyway. Biochemist here. Idiotic, hyperbolic abstractions like this are part of the problem...
  18. Next season of Bojack will be its last, and it'll be in two parts.
  19. Nah. They're fine. It looked worse in the trailer.
  20. Well...if anything, Terrence Howard might be able to save us:
  21. Most films with Richter signed on as composer, just pull from Richter's existing work anyway. It's pretty common.
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