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  1. Checked out the first episode. I liked it. Some ugly TV digital sheen aside (especially in the CGI), it's pretty impressive to look at. But also, it's amazing how much fuller the Dark Crystal world feels with a more committed, seasoned acting ensemble and better characterization. And I like how they've handled the world-building and mythology so, despite the somewhat didactic prologue. I do miss the Mystics though. Part of what made the original film kind of interesting was the idea that the Skeksis and the Mystics were two sides of the same coin, and together, flawed cosmic beings. Maybe they'll address that near the end. But it appears the Skeksis are their own thing and just generally evil. I do like seeing them as the entitled, but venerated bourgeoisie and monarchs of the realm. Looking forward to the rest of the series.
  2. I'm genuinely curious hornist, is there anything that Williams has written that you don't think is brilliant or the unquestionable work of genius?
  3. The jarring, almost off-putting interval-jumps of Jones’ theme is exactly what makes it so striking and alien-like. It nailed the essence of the film’s strangeness, and one of the things that really stuck with me as a kid. On some level, it actually kind of scared me. I’ve only heard the one preview track that was shared here, and it sounded dull and serviceable. It doesn’t bring any of the strange images from that world to mind.
  4. I think you might be mistaking Williams leaning on old tools/vices for meaning and intentionality. Either way, the theme is boring.
  5. Well obviously...my point was just a broader remark on how Scorcese's latest films have been super indulgent in runtime, often to their detriment.
  6. Rainy evening calls for this haunting beauty...
  7. Jesus... Scorcese seriously needs a better editor... But really, I'm betting that number will change.
  8. I thought his Steve Jobs score was pretty good as well. Had some inspired moments.
  9. I like Pemberton, and think he's done some solid work. But this is a very far cry from Trevor Jones otherworldly original.
  10. It's a score that nails the essence of Horner is best at. I personally really dig the gritty atmospheric sections.
  11. Hallelujah Junction by John Adams Revisited this beauty and can't get over how much I love it. Adams clearly knows how to write prose. Brimming with wit and insight, this memoir sort of nails the crisis of the contemporary composer and offers a lot of fantastic insight on Ives, Riley, Glass/Reich, Stravinsky, Schoenberg, Slominsky, Nancarrow, Beethoven, etc etc. And boy does he have some great stories up his belt. A must-have for any composer and music nerd.
  12. Fair enough. I have trouble gaging what was bad CGI for the early 2000s, considering everything looked great for me then.
  13. For 2003 film, I think the effects are fine. Maybe with the exception of that Smiths scene, which I imagine must have still looked half-decent at the time. At least it's framed well. But I don't think any of the films have aged remarkably well.
  14. This. In combination with the blaring Williams brass aleatorics that follows...absolute chills...
  15. Well at this point, it is a lot closer to the latest Godzilla than I, Claudius isn't it? So this doesn't surprise me at all.
  16. Alas, I fear this too will fade out of conversation in the coming days as I don't see the Brazilian government budging on this. Won't be long before we reach the irreversible turning point At this point, supporting key NGO work like that of Rainforest Trust and Rainforest Action Network is probably the best we could do.
  17. I didn't even realize the third season was out! The second season itself was kind of a mixed bag for me.
  18. Ah yes...when GOT jumped the shark...
  19. I remember being shocked by how cringey I found most of the underground scenes...granted I came to the Matrix later than most of you.
  20. I found the first season frustrating as well. But I'll take Stu's word for it and give the new season a chance.
  21. So the new Mindhunter season is worth checking out then?
  22. I think there is some musing in there, but not so artfully concealed or communicated. The DiCaprio storyline touches on the usual Hollywood mid-career existential crisis and it seemed to suggest that Tarantino might actually have something to say. The other two "characters", if you can call them that, are there just to show us more of the world. But what little substance was there, perhaps more-so in earlier drafts, is buried by the kid in Tarantino who just loves how cool hippies, Westerns and the 60s were. So the whole thing just comes across as a thinly veiled excuse to showboat production values and Tarantino geekdom. And I could live with that, if it all was just tighter in structure and rhythm. But it isn't, so sorry, "Hollywood love letter" is not good enough a pitch to sell me on this.
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