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  1. Thanks! That's my goal. When I started the series with Lorne I didn't prepare anything, no notes, no plan, no nothing. It worked out pretty well. I did the same with Heitor. With John I had a note card with topics I just wanted to remind myself to cover. My normal audio interviews are fully prepared and structured because you really need to stay focused on the current project they worked on and you only have around 30min. After doing 200+ of those interviews I wanted to try something different. I don't have a lock on my next guest for "All Access", but have had interest from some great composers so hopefully I can get the next one scheduled soon. Was very honored that John agreed to do this as well, as he rarely does stuff like this. He doesn't do interviews when he's in the middle of writing so I'm taking every opportunity I can while he's on his little departure from scoring.
  2. Hey all! I rarely pop in here but just wanted to share my newest episode of "Film Music Media: All Access". A fantastic and extremely in-depth interview with John Powell at his studio. Hopefully shining some light on things that haven't been talked about before. If you aren't familiar with my "All Access" series. I started it as a change of pace after doing 200+ audio interviews with composers. John is my third episode, I have Lorne Balfe and Heitor Pereira also with more to come in the future! Hopefully you enjoy or have been enjoying! http://www.filmmusicmedia.com/allaccess
  3. I saw the film about two months ago and I have heard the album, but I do not have the sessions . The album presentation is a wonderful representation of the score and the narrative.
  4. Hey everyone, I compiled some footage that I shot from the concert. Hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpWWRaIaXAk
  5. I did 11 posts before I had my first coffee this morning! Does the fact that I met and got to interview the man himself make me meaningless? I just rarely do forums, not my thing, haha. But I hope you enjoy the Eye For An Eye notes, they were my first liner notes. So thanks to MV and Matt for the opportunity. I'd love to do more, tell them you liked the notes!!! lol Cheers!
  6. If you cannot make the signing in person then head over to darkdel.com to place your orders of all featured CD's to get your signed copies! Hope to see everyone who lives in the area in person this weekend! Come on out and have a blast!
  7. Brian Tyler has just been added to the lineup! Facebook Cover: Poster:
  8. Hey everyone, just wanted to announce that a handful of great composers will be at Dark Delicacies on November 11th at 2pm! We got a great group so mark your calendars and stay tuned to darkdel.com for ordering info if you can't come in person! For more, For more, check out filmmusicmedia.com
  9. Just a reminder to come out this upcoming Sunday if you're in the area! Or head to darkdel.com to place orders if you want signed copies!
  10. It's official! Dark Delicacies & FMM are teaming up to bring you the first big composer signing of the year. A belated celebration of the store's 17th Anniversary and a great kick-off to 2012! Guest will be CHRISTOPHER YOUNG (The Rum Diary), ROLFE KENT (Young Adult), CONRAD POPE (My Week With Marilyn), WILLIAM STROMBERG (Tribute Film Classics/The Lost Skeleton Returns Again), JOHN MORGAN (Tribute Film Classics/The Lost Skeleton Returns Again) and CLIFF EIDELMAN (Big Miracle). Save the date, January 29th at 2pm in Dark Delicacies! Come get your CD's signed, hang out and meet some composers! Stay tuned to darkdel.com Also checkout filmmusicmedia.com for full coverage coming soon. Like FMM on Facebook to get info as soon as it's posted! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Film-Music-Media/166999353314872 See all you LA area peeps there!
  11. Hey everyone, to show appreciation for the support my site has gotten this past year I'm running a giveaway that includes 6 awesome scores. I appreciate the support and the readers and all the composers, labels and publicists who help make the site what it is. If you've never checked the site out then make sure to bookmark it and like FMM on Facebook. I will continue to run giveaways, post more great interviews and up to date reviews. Here is the list of CD's you can win: The Artist My Week With Marilyn Puss In Boots Tin Tin Uncharted 3 War Horse Visit: http://www.filmmusicmedia.com/articles/fmmchristmashanukkahkwanzaatheistnothingnesswintercdgiveaway And follow the instructions. Good luck and hope everyone has a great December and New Year!
  12. Winners announced! Go check the site to see if you were selected! Make sure to check back soon as I will be running more giveaways. I shall announce them here on the board as well! Thanks for entering! CD's will be mailed by the end of the week.
  13. Last day to enter, winners will be announced tomorrow on the site!
  14. http://www.filmmusicmedia.com/articles/thecapecdgiveaway Haven't entered yet? Why wait? Keep the entries coming!
  15. Thank you, sir! I visit the site but not a huge forum guy, haha.
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