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  1. I tryed to reharmonize our Czech national anthem into Jazz slow balad version. Kde domov můj - Petr Potter Macháně - YouTube
  2. Hello there! I am composer and just came back from hospital with covid pneumonia, and i wanted to celebrate returning to life and so i imagined scene from historical movie when bad soldiers (like Patriot style movie) burn the villiage. Its part of my project Soundtracks for non existent movies. The horses and canons are all over the place! Wish you good listening. I called the track Village on Fire and i want to celebrate my studyings of such a genius John Williams. Thank you for listening!:) Village on Fire - Petr Potter Machane - YouTube
  3. Hello there, could anyone send me some transcriptions please? The links are all death. Thank you:)
  4. Hi everyone! I am just amateur piano player, but i would love to share with you this wonderful piece from movie E,T, Extra Terrestrial from JW for piano solo. Have a nice weekend! CLICK HERE
  5. Ahoj Tomáši hledal sem te na fb ale je tam mnoho Chrenu a chtel sem ti napsat. Je to moc skvely!!! diky! Petr Potter Macháně
  6. Thank to all of you, i really didn't expected so much resonance with this video and story! Thank you for sharing the same.
  7. Thank you Miquel for sharing this. Really, thank you so much
  8. I moved this comment to the head place of this article. Thanks
  9. Thanks for sharing this! You are right! There are places like that. It may show that his music is as complete as it can be to our ear. Like hearing missing tones in some harmony.
  10. Thank you Pete, i rhing its from jurassic park album for piano, but on some places i added note or two. I also analyzed this one according to modality and its scales. I can scan it for you. :)?
  11. Thx Sharky! Ooo how much you are right! I love those! Hatching baby raptor-one of his amazing choir passages. Never ever i experienced before something like this feeling (holding a miracle of biology in your hands-feeling you dont know what to think about it ( is that good or is that dangerous?) That is the question. Amazing! Or "becoming friends (eliot and E.T.) strings sounds like the music is breathing with those higher chord structures. What a gift to humans around globe, once such an artist is born, and once(not always it happens) that the artist discovers his/her talent
  12. thank you : ) can you tell me what does that word mean ? I didnt find it in dictionary and i am not anglish native : ) thx
  13. Hi everyone, i try to made little video about being thankful for John´s amazing work. Thanks to your JW.com, it has been my home page for many years And this is how John Williams changed my life: ______________________ My childhood wasn´t good and I was feeling verry lonely. There was some unreasonable agression i had to experience from others. Also parents divorced verry badly and i had some serious depressions when i was about 12 years old. It may sound oversensitive, but this is really how it was. During the day i had to
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