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  1. no it wasnt a joke, yes he was excelent but in his own words he sayed that he was just a boy doing some other stuff rather than exercising and that he was meeting lots of other pianists around Julliard and he realised that he is too weak to be a pianist so he tought he would rather be composer.
  2. Hery there i am looking for the source of interview i saw once in past, i think it was video on youtube or some article, where JW says that they were just young guys who didnt practice piano too much while studying and that he decided to be composer instead. I think he also talked about Leonard Bernstain. Anybody knows what is the source?
  3. Hey there anybody gets what is Williams reacting to at 2:30 of this interview? He says he couldnt get it to NFL, but what does he mean by that? THX!!!
  4. Anyone could scan this for me pls?
  5. Hey there is there anyone who has this? https://lalalandrecords.com/harry-potter-the-john-williams-soundtrack-collection-limited-edition-7-cd-box-set/ i am in big need of the booklet to it, i only need info about creating that music. Would be big help for my thesis! THX!
  6. Hello, for my thesis i am looking for some informations about how was HP 1st movie music made. Do you know some book or article where is written something about this proces? For example, if they were picking from different composers, where music was recorded and some more info and details about it. How long it tooked, just anything that could help me describe the genesis of the music for HP 1st movie. THX a lot !
  7. Just need to make this clear. Williams moved from New York with his father band in 1947 to Los Angeles. It is written in groove music encyclopedia, but in this video at time 1:27 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCoC5RSSNTo Williams says it was in 1938. ??? Can somebody help me make this clear? I am writing his biography for my university. THX!
  8. Hey there, anybody knows anything about JW´s symphony? Cant find any record. BTW i buy E.T. complete score if somebody have it (not hand written) thx!
  9. I tryed to reharmonize our Czech national anthem into Jazz slow balad version. Kde domov můj - Petr Potter Macháně - YouTube
  10. Hello there! I am composer and just came back from hospital with covid pneumonia, and i wanted to celebrate returning to life and so i imagined scene from historical movie when bad soldiers (like Patriot style movie) burn the villiage. Its part of my project Soundtracks for non existent movies. The horses and canons are all over the place! Wish you good listening. I called the track Village on Fire and i want to celebrate my studyings of such a genius John Williams. Thank you for listening!:) Village on Fire - Petr Potter Machane - YouTube
  11. Hello there, could anyone send me some transcriptions please? The links are all death. Thank you:)
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