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  1. If you had to select just one film music track above all others in Williams's body of film music - what would you pick? You are allowed to mention nine honorable mentions by the way, but no more than one track from a single score. I don't know the answer to this question myself, that is partly why I am curious what others would select as his best ever track. Maybe it would help me with this challenge if others weighted in. What would you select as his finest film music track of all time? Also, what would your list of the top 10 Williams's film music tracks look like (limited to one track per score)?
  2. 1. Most of his stuff, like with most composers and artists, isn't good enough to make me want to listen to again (the thing can be said about Williams too). This doesn't mean it is bad - much of it isn't bad, it is just that it isn't good enough for me to want to listen to again, simple as that. Despite this I consider myself a pretty big Goldsmith fan - he will always be in my top 10 film composers of all time. 2. There aren't that many Goldsmith scores I care for as a whole aside from Chinatown. Chinatown I find unquestionably his best and one of the top 25 film scores of all time. It may in fact be the only Goldsmith score I kept as a whole. Even with one of his better scores like Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I only find myself returning to a few cues like The Cloud etc. 3. I prefer The Mummy over First Knight which doesn't do much for me at all. The Mummy is in fact one of the best scores of the 90s. 4. I don't think that highly of his 90s and early 00s work - Mulan, The Mummy and The Edge were the top 3 Goldsmiths of the 90s and the few exceptions.
  3. Alien 3 - Elliot Goldenthal One of the top 25 film scores ever written.
  4. Gladiator - Hans Zimmer One of the man's finest scores. I really dig the lighter material - it is some of his best material, but a big fan of the action music.
  5. Ops, I meant as a single body of work.
  6. Contemporary EDM... hmm, I see there's a Above & Beyond track on one of my playlists among the latest ones - I liked their song Sun & Moon from their Group Therapy album which was like 7 years ago, but that's about it. So I am probably not a big fan of the new stuff being done today, it tends to be too commercial for me, although I am sure there are some exceptions out there, I haven't just come across them. The new and newer things I listen to is not really EDM, more ambient, noise or glitch things - not really danceable.
  7. A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Close Encounters of the Third Kind I would say are his two greatest scores. It is quite hard to pick between them. Right now I would probably say Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but it depends on the mood I am in which one I prefer I think.
  8. Under the Volcano - by the guy on my profile picture This is just very good and imaginative stuff, North rarely disappoints. Inception - Hans Zimmer Also very good, a contender for his best score even I say - one of the top 10 film scores of the 21st century so far, at least if we limit ourselves to one film per composer. I miss Zimmer at his best like this, that is my biggest problem with Zimmer is that he is so rarely at his best. At his best, I am a pretty big fan of him, I can't say that for most Zimmer though.
  9. Bird because of The Incredibles and Ratatouille two of the most "fun" ones he has ever done and even two of the best ones, the runner up being Docter. I can't say I care about any Giacchino music though even if I like little of it.
  10. Mythodea is pretty weak, it is among Vangelis's weakest works - it can't be compared to great works like Blade Runner or 1492. The Bounty is a good one.
  11. Debussy wins for me. It is probably impossible to beat La Mer.
  12. Samsara - Michael Stearns Baraka - Michael Stearns Chronos - Michael Stearns I am a pretty big fan of Stearns, listening to all three of his major scores in order to decide how I would rank them. Probably 1. Samsara 2. Chronos 3. Baraka
  13. The Steiner is the best and probably even his finest score. The brief A Boat in the Fog cue is not only the best King Kong track of all time, but also some of the finest film music of all time. Nothing from the other King Kong scores reaches such all-time greatness.
  14. I only prefer The Adventures of Han from Solo over the first track from The Last Jedi, all the others tracks from the Last Jedi are superior, most often far superior too. Powell's score is mostly mediocre stuff, not a fan. The Last Jedi may be my least favourite Star Wars score by Williams, but it is still a very good score.
  15. A.I. Artificial Intelligence - John Williams One of his absolute finest scores, a contender for his best ever I say, even if Close Encounters of the Third Kind might beat it. I am also really fond of Memoirs of a Geisha. Damn, I could mention a few more contenders for his best. I was never a big fan of some of the big ones like say Harry Potter (the third one is by far the best though), Jaws (it may be a great film score, but it isn't at all the best music Williams has written), Superman etc even if it is still respectable film music. American Beauty - Thomas Newman Another top notch score and a top 5 Newman score. At its best, this is some of the best film music of all time. American Beauty is the best track from this score.
  16. Oscar and Lucinda - Thomas Newman One of his very best scores - top 10 Newman material for sure. At its best, this is some of the finest film music of all time - it is quite hard to beat a track like The Church of Glass, not too many tracks in film music history are superior. Angels in America remains the first Newman score I would recommend to anyone not familiar with Newman's work, but Oscar and Lucinda wouldn't be that far behind.
  17. Angela's Ashes - John Williams This has grown on me, it is top 30 Williams material. Back to America is one of his finest Americana tracks.
  18. You are probably right. I don't care about any Marvel score at all either. I am probably only interested if they tap a competent composer like say Goldenthal. I do think Doyle's Thor contain some of my favourite Marvel material though even if it's hardly great music. Black Panther was decent and one of the better ones yes, but still nothing I would listen to again.
  19. Powell > Giacchino I could see Giacchino standing a chance against if he somehow did good work more often, but he isn't. Both are pretty mediocre composers though. If we take their best works, Lost and the first How to Train Your Dragon, I am not sure which one I prefer. HTTYD is more "fun", but Lost may be more interesting. I also like the best material from the first Incredibles score, some of Medal of Honor (despite it being a pastiche score like Incredibles) and the finest parts of Ratatouille. That's about it when it comes to Giaccchino. With Powell I like the first HTTYD score, Bourne when it is at its best, and a few other scores when they are at their best like say Hancock. Nothing they have done is on my playlist(s) though, so I don't really care about their music even if some of it is pretty good indeed.
  20. Dai Fujikura, a professor of composition at Royal College of Music (and a contemporary music composer Boulez supported, this guy - http://www.rcm.ac.uk/composition/professors/details/?id=02798) said that Nixon was Williams's best work: He also called Alien 3 by Goldenthal his favourite ever film score (and it is a pretty resonable pick - it would make my personal top 25, I don't have a number one): Goldenthal is his favourite film composer apparently:
  21. Curious, does anyone here know if John Adams has ever said something about John Williams? I have missed that if so. I am curious what Adams thinks about Williams, I remember that Adams was critical of Spielberg in an interview.
  22. I just found negative comment (I think): The Pulitzer prize-winning composer Mario Davidovsky said the following about Williams: "John Williams is to music history what an onion bagel is to the history of the space program."
  23. Oh, I do remember reading Williams's somewhat negative comments on Psycho. He said something to the extent that it was very effective but that it wasn't a great score. And he is clearly wrong, I'd rank Psycho as strong as anyting Williams has done. The quality of the string writing is hard to beat and it is just so memorable and iconic.
  24. We know for instance that he thought that The Shawshank Redemption was one of the most impressive scores of the younger generation back from an old interview he did in the late 1990s. We also know and can assume Vertigo, Spartacus and A Streetcar Named Desire counts too. Him just conducting something isn't enough though. I am curious, has he ever commented on Goldenthal for instance? I must have missed that if so.
  25. A.I. is a top 10 Williams score. Give me it any day over E.T., Jaws, Superman etc.
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