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  1. That's interesting. I did not know that. I just assumed it was Williams who wrote the music to the tune cause of its jazzy nature. Also, you mentioned the album that the track "Hello" is on. Is that album available anywhere?
  2. I don't have those rarities yet, but would love to. I've heard them on youtube. About Gidget, the opening titles weren't written by him at all?
  3. It makes me really curious. To think of what his ideal revision of something like Star Wars would sound like... wow... I wonder if he'll ever be able to release or perform them? I'd hate for legal stuff to get in the way of his music being performed.
  4. I can totally relate to that. I'm a composition student and believe me, you can always find ways to make something sound better, no matter how long you've been working on it. Of course I'm just a beginner, but still. It's like you write something new, and are satisfied with it for a while, but the more you work on it or look back, you start thinking... hmm, this part could sound better, and so could this... and yikes what was I thinking during that part right there? o_o It's a vicious cycle. lol
  5. Definitely will do. What I like the most about the end battle music of ROTJ is not as much the action music (which is still great and some of his best action music), but the very dark and brooding moments, like the music that plays when Luke goes all mad on Vader and they're clashing lightsabers and Luke pins Vader to the ground, and then the scenes of the final confrontation, etc. It has that random basso-profundo guy singing in a really deep spooky voice throughout almost all those sections. Gives me goosebumps every time. And then there's the subtle yet sad music when the mask is taken off.
  6. I wouldn't call any of the JW main themes overrated. They're brilliant. It's just that I hear them so often that when I'm listening to his music I'd rather listen to other tracks and cues. For example, like I stated in another thread, I'm a huge Star Wars fan, but that means I've heard that main theme a LOT of times. lol So I get a lot more out of listening to the three Battle Of Endor movements than I do listening to the main theme.
  7. I can relate. Try ToD, it's got so many great themes, and tracks. I could pretty much recommend every track on the concord release. Splashy, dark, fun, scary, adventure...it's just awesome. I'll definitely give it a listen. I also like the theme from Sabrina, but does anyone know... the original theme is just a piano, right? The only theme I can find on Spotify is the one with the violin. Which one is the one from the movie? I like the one with just the piano better. Of course there are things on my list that I don't have on my playlist yet so it wouldn't be a first if I couldn't find it. I
  8. I Passed For White (1960) - Main Theme - John Williams
  9. I've got a ton of Star Wars tracks. I'm a huge SW fan so that's a given. I'll listen to more of the tracks in those scores though and see what all I like. For me though a lot of the main themes to those movies I've heard too many times. Even with Star Wars, I enjoy listening to all 3 movements of The Battle Of Endor more than the Star Wars Main Titles. I know, it's weird, but yeah. lol
  10. Indy's First Adventure is resonating with me the most so far out of all of those. I'm definitely gonna listen to more of this score. Is it darker than the other 3?
  11. Thanks russds I'll definitely check those out. I guess I never got around to it because, well, the Indy main theme is just not one of my favorite JWs moments. But I'll explore the scores for sure. There's gotta be great stuff in there. It'll probably end up like my Star Wars lists though. Not as many main themes as other tracks. lol
  12. LOL Well maybe I should have explained that I'm trying to expand my 'best of' playlist. Now as for Indy and HP, I know the main themes, but would be more interested in exploring some of the other tracks in the score.
  13. These are what I usually listen to from JW. But I'd like to expand my repertoire a bit. Does anyone have any suggestions about scores, suites, tracks, or cues that I am missing and absolutely need to give a listen to?
  14. A friend of mine in college who is also majoring in composition tried to tell me the same thing. There simply isn't any proof of the whole orchestration conspiracy with JW. Unless I'm missing something big, of course. I always told my friend that I would believe it only when it was proven. He kept on insisting though. I find it really weird. lol
  15. The Harp Concerto "On Willows and Birches" dates back from 2009 and was released by the Boston Symphony digitally only. It can be bought from iTunes. You're right. Dunno why I thought it was 2011. lol Dunno who all this is directed to but I just wanna make myself quite clear that I have absolutely NO intentions of trashing JW. He's currently my favorite living composer.
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