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  1. Yep it is Sunday, I am there in the 1st row, yay, I am immortal now :))
  2. The Star Wars main title is definitely from Sunday - I can see myself there. So both days footage. Cool! Anyway, we were extremely, I mean EXTREMELY lucky that this concert happened, Corona was already an Issue in China back then and if it break out sooner, this would be cancelled again. Oof.
  3. Which is really stupid - why the hell are they doing this - what is the point? The tickets to the front rows are always cheaper than the 3rd and further (or even far away balconies) And it really looks bad when in the middle of the front row there is 10 empty seats like it was here. I asked the director about it and she was super nice and said it is not problem at all to sit there, as it will look much better on video than if there are empty seats...
  4. Amen to that. Even the most mediocre music usually does work for the film. I did not remember any of the music the second I left the cinema - what I was remembering a lot were the SONGS - thats how "good" the score was. Oscars are a joke lately. And yes, the fact the composer is a woman played a role for sure. This is not what should be the point of interest - as every music in every A movie does this, as this is a basic requirement. If the music support the narrative BUT also stands out as a good music - being memorable, having emotional impact - than the score is good.
  5. There is no need for swift release, and I hope they wont hurry - more time = more attention.
  6. I was the one who sat there after the pause - it was looking really sad to have such an empty place in front of JW himself...
  7. YES there was, i had my ticked reserved in basket 2 hours before general sale started and then I just have to cit pay - but this took like 15 minutes to load and site then crashed... Payment went through but they had no record of the purchase at their website.... it was the most stressful experience ever.
  8. If they would use footage from 2 different days for one musical piece that would be really weird. Of course that for the whole concert they will use footage from both days.
  9. I can see myself there so at least some of the footage is from Sunday, but they may use both days for different angles, which would be a bit weird but possible.
  10. Thank you for capturing it - I hope that the official release will look better, it has horrible colors and contrast. But I am happy that the performance footage is from Sunday.
  11. This was the only place where you can film at this balcony - the cops were sharp in this are! Another thing I find weird - why are there only videos from the encore? Does anyone have JP, CE3K or Flight to neverland? Considering all the videos of Imperial March here, we can do a nice multi cam cut already hah
  12. Well I must say that on Saturday there was a more “woodstock” atmosphere but the Sunday wasn’t cold either
  13. I was there on Saturday and they were keep on coming there after each piece telling everyone to sit down and stop filming, but their jedi tricks did not work there here is another piece I have filmed from the front row...
  14. Nice! Its funny how all the videos are from the right balcony only😅
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