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  1. I was very lucky to have seen him twice in Boston with the BSO and Keith Lockhart 2016/17. I attended with my father who took me to all the Spielberg movies in the 70s, then took my son whom I had already brainwashed him with the Superman score! Feel genuinely bad for everyone waiting for the London and Vienna shows It will still sound amazing without him at the podium! Get well Johnny!
  2. He did pretty good considering he's six years old! Last year I brought the man who took me to Star Wars when I was 3, my father. This year I pass the torch to my son who literally hums JW while playing, as we all do!
  3. Had to bail during March of the Resistance! 6 year old could not handle it! I give him credit for holding on that long! Lockhart selection awesome!! Hoping for a recording like last years! Jwfan forever!
  4. I'll be there tonight with my Six year old!!! Was here last year with my Dad
  5. A year ago I traveled with my father to Boston from Toronto to see JW conduct film night at BSO! It was so amazing, but my 5 year old boy was upset that he did not get to see him! So, today I'm packing up the whole family so we can attend tomorrow nights performance! Very excited that my boys first concert is the greatest composer of all time!!
  6. And now it seems I just can't get enough! This May I'll be travelling down again with my own family and attending the show with my son! Can't wait!
  7. Man....I am in awe! First I am so impressed with the BSO and the Hall itself. It sounded so good in there! Lockhart is great, and did a great set with the Potter and Raiders score. Special John Barry score of Out of Africa and showed us what it's like to record a score to picture with the opening of Star Trek 2. Williams had me blubbering like a baby with primarily Star Wars tracks closing with ET. What I liked was Williams' speculation on who Rey's parents were, suggesting it was Luke, but revealing he was as much in the dark as we are. It sounded beautiful, it was quite a trip from Toronto to see the greatest composer of our time do what he does! JWFan forever!
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