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  1. will remember that thanks
  2. Thanks hornist, I'm really glad you like it
  3. Greetings from Poland I'm a huge fan of John Williams works since I was a child. Probably the first track i heard was from star wars. Then i started to listen everything what JW accomplished. Awesome work. I love his orchestration and way he feels the music. It's hardly even to choose the best soundtracks but my favourite ones are : Jurrasic Park, Star Wars, Empire of The Sun, Munich. I'm a webdeveloper but I've always wanted to be a film music composer as I'm involved into music since my early ages. Maybe it will happen someday hehe In my signature you can find my current music works. Not much yet but you can check if you want Anyways, Great to be here. I'm gonna spent some time now browsing the current board to see what we have here
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