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  1. At the Kennedy Center just now, JW confirmed that he starts recording Indiana Jones 5 this Tuesday, June 28, at 10AM!!
  2. I'll be there! We'll be in the far back in one of the ground-floor (Parterre) boxes, so I'm not sure how clear of a view I'll have, but I'll see if I can record it!
  3. Enjoying the score, though I’m really missing the choir, which was one of my favorite parts of JW and FK. Do you think they couldn’t have choir in this one because of COVID restrictions when they recorded the score in April 2021?
  4. Michael Giacchino to Reteam with Taika Waititi on Next Goal Wins I'm imagining this will be a smaller score like Jojo Rabbit, but I'm curious to hear what Giacchino comes up with! Since this is his third collaboration with Waititi, I'm hopeful that means there's a good chance he will score Waititi's Star Wars film too. I like Rogue One (especially "Your Father Would Be Proud"), but I would love to hear a Giacchino Star Wars score that isn't rushed!
  5. There's a new interview with Mick Giacchino where he talks about The Batman (among other things). In a nutshell, Mick wrote the Batmobile chase because Michael was busy with Spider-Man, and "Highway to the Anger Zone" on the soundtrack is a combination of two cues. The first cue (0:00-1:34) was written by Michael and is called "If Batmobile Street Could Talk", and the second cue (1:35-5:20) is "Highway to the Anger Zone" and was written by Mick. I'll post the video below, but here's a transcript of Mick talking about the process (I cleaned it up a little): This part starts at 24:24 of the interview:
  6. Meant to do a write-up when I voted the other day: The Batman: I really like Elfman's Batman theme, but I like Giacchino's score more overall, especially his themes for Catwoman and Bruce Wayne. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol: GP was the clear winner for me here. I was going to list some of my favorite tracks and realized it was most of the tracks lol. (My #1 track would have to be "A Man, A Plan, A Code, Dubai".) The score has a lot of energy without being overwhelming and has a nice, easy flow to it, IMO. War for the Planet of the Apes: This was a tough one because I absolutely love both of Giacchino's scores. I ultimately went with War because it reprises the themes from Dawn (except Koba's, I think?), adds some nice new ones, and evolves Caesar's theme in a cool way. Spider-Man: Far From Home: I love the transformation of Mysterio's theme from heroic to villainous. Doctor Strange: Having seen the new movie once and listened to Elfman's score 4-5 times now, I don't think Elfman's score has the strong sense of identity or distinct color palette that Giacchino's Doctor Strange does. I think Elfman's score serves its movie well and I'm sure I'll appreciate it more over time, but for now I'm still wishing I could peek into the universe where Giacchino got to score MoM.
  7. Is it just me, or does America's theme sound kind of like Irina's theme from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? I don't know how similar they are on a technical level, but every time I hear America's theme, I think of Irina's theme lol. 0:59-1:11 of "On the Run" 3:27-3:38 of "Finale"
  8. ‘Spider-Man’ Director Jon Watts Exits Marvel’s ‘Fantastic Four’ Darn. I had hoped Watts and Giacchino’s collaboration would continue with Fantastic Four, but I totally understand why Watts would want an MCU break after seven years. Maybe Giacchino will end up scoring it anyway haha (not that that was even a guarantee with Watts, but it seemed like it could be likely).
  9. Natalie Holt confirmed: Obi-Wan Kenobi Composer Natalie Holt Reveals “Haunting” Approach Edit: Van_Etten got in a second before me
  10. Tracklist and (tiny) cover art! I haven't seen a U.S. release date yet, but the CD releases in Finland on November 16. I'm guessing/hoping we'll get at least a digital release this Friday (October 12) when the movie opens. Can't wait! 1. The Suite at the El Royale 2. A Room with an Entrez-Vous 3. Let the Spieling Begin 4. Rough Around the Ledger 5. It’s Ms You to You 6. Mirror Mortals 7. When Push Comes to Hoover 8. Darlene-Eyed Monster 9. My Memory My Memory 10. I Spy with my Little FBI 11. Sea You Again Soon 12. The Doors of Deception 13. Voyeur In So Much Trouble 14. Clingin’ in the Rain 15. A Bang Up Robbery 16. You Can’t Flynn Them All 17. Rose and Cons 18. A Blaze of Allegory 19. Billy Lee Is Not My Lover 20. Roulette the Chips Fall Source
  11. I went to the Live To Projection concert in Washington, DC, on May 30 with Giacchino and Colin Trevorrow. It was a cool show! I hope more of his concerts come to DC soon. http://www.kennedy-center.org/calendar/event/NSPPB
  12. I had a great time at the concert last night! This was my second time seeing Williams live (the first being Lexington, Kentucky, in February 2014), and he was just as lively and exciting now as he was then. I'm so glad I was able to attend! I was sad that they didn't play "Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra," but I loved getting to hear "The Adventures of Han" and the new "Han Solo and the Princess" arrangement live. Such wonderful pieces!
  13. Maybe! Unless the Disney-Fox merger puts an end to Fox's in-development Marvel movies... I wonder if Giacchino was approached to score Goddard's Cabin in the Woods (released March 2012) but had to turn it down because its schedule would've overlapped with his busy 2011/early 2012 schedule, particularly Ghost Protocol (December 2011) and John Carter (also March 2012). That reminds me, I still need to see Cabin in the Woods one of these days...
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