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  1. I had considered that the other day, and it would make sense with the size of the orchestra, but I wasn’t sure if Travelogue Vol. 2 would count as a “very different” kind of project… unless he was referring to the vibe/style being very different from Vol. 1’s, maybe? He mentioned Vol. 2 in a podcast interview a few months ago, but I don’t remember exactly what he said about it. I’ll see if I can find the interview. EDIT: This is something new, not Travelogue Vol. 2. This is from his interview on WMMR’s Preston & Steve Show on September 12, 2022:
  2. New post: Wow, three days of recording is probably more than just a theme, right? Yeah, I saw that the other day, hence the “had hoped”. Probably could’ve made that clearer, though.
  3. I considered that, or maybe a theme for the Penguin for the show that’s about to start shooting, but that didn’t seem “very different” enough… Side note: I’m really hoping Giacchino does write a theme for the Penguin and someone from his team (Nami Melumad, Curtis Green, Mick, etc.) scores the series, since I doubt Michael would score the whole thing himself. (I had also hoped that a similar arrangement would happen with Secret Invasion, given Michael’s history with Thomas Bezucha… One can dream haha)
  4. Maria Giacchino, Michael’s sister, posted a photo of Giacchino and Curtis Green in the booth at the Eastwood Scoring Stage. Michael then shared it on his Instagram story with the caption: This is a wild guess and almost certainly not what this is, but I think it would be neat if he wrote an epic score for his “Time Sleeper” film that he made with his friends in 1983 (with a score by Williams, Goldsmith, and Horner lol). He posted about “Time Sleeper” in November…maybe it was a hint haha (or maybe it was because the short was mentioned in the “Director by Night” doc… who knows? )
  5. Giacchino is recording something today! I wonder if it’s anything we could guess or if it’s something out of the blue… I hope we find out soon!
  6. Michael Giacchino To Make Feature Directorial Debut With Fresh Take On ‘Them!’ At Warner Bros Cool! I'm excited to hear (and see) what he comes up with! Given all the turmoil at Warner Bros. Discovery lately, I hope this actually happens!
  7. Huh, I don’t think I caught that either! Can you share any examples/time stamps, please?
  8. Looks like that cue is going to be added to the album!
  9. Yes, that was my first time learning that, too! I really liked the trailer music (maybe except for the big trailer-ized swell around 13 seconds in). Kinda surprised someone hadn’t noticed the theme sooner.
  10. During the Direct they revealed that Brian Tyler is doing the score…
  11. Has anyone seen any info on a soundtrack for this yet? I was hoping it would release alongside the special tomorrow, but I haven’t found anything so far.
  12. I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone discuss this yet: A Tour of the Tolkien Lore in the Rings of Power Score Any guesses on where we might have heard McCreary’s One Ring theme so far? I thought “Where the Shadows Lie” might’ve been a theme for the One Ring as well as the Rings of Power, but the “doesn’t have its own track” comment rules that out, I guess.
  13. Wow. Am I the only one who kinda wishes that his longer tracks were broken up into smaller tracks? To me at least, listening to 10 two-minute tracks seems more approachable than one 20-minute track. It’s the same amount of music either way, but I feel like it’s easier to revisit your favorite parts when they’re not buried in one massive track.
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