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  1. Tracklist and (tiny) cover art! I haven't seen a U.S. release date yet, but the CD releases in Finland on November 16. I'm guessing/hoping we'll get at least a digital release this Friday (October 12) when the movie opens. Can't wait! 1. The Suite at the El Royale2. A Room with an Entrez-Vous3. Let the Spieling Begin4. Rough Around the Ledger5. It’s Ms You to You6. Mirror Mortals7. When Push Comes to Hoover8. Darlene-Eyed Monster9. My Memory My Memory10. I Spy with my Little FBI11. Sea You Again Soon12. The Doors of Deception13. Voyeur In So Much Trouble14. Clingin’ in
  2. I went to the Live To Projection concert in Washington, DC, on May 30 with Giacchino and Colin Trevorrow. It was a cool show! I hope more of his concerts come to DC soon. http://www.kennedy-center.org/calendar/event/NSPPB
  3. I had a great time at the concert last night! This was my second time seeing Williams live (the first being Lexington, Kentucky, in February 2014), and he was just as lively and exciting now as he was then. I'm so glad I was able to attend! I was sad that they didn't play "Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra," but I loved getting to hear "The Adventures of Han" and the new "Han Solo and the Princess" arrangement live. Such wonderful pieces!
  4. Maybe! Unless the Disney-Fox merger puts an end to Fox's in-development Marvel movies... I wonder if Giacchino was approached to score Goddard's Cabin in the Woods (released March 2012) but had to turn it down because its schedule would've overlapped with his busy 2011/early 2012 schedule, particularly Ghost Protocol (December 2011) and John Carter (also March 2012). That reminds me, I still need to see Cabin in the Woods one of these days...
  5. Neat! Always excited for more Giacchino I feared the same for The Book of Henry until they announced the OST album just a few days before its release. I have hope for this one!
  6. Toy Story That Time Forgot aired in December 2014 and didn't get a release, so technically that would be more recent than This Is Where I Leave You in September 2014... To this day I'm still bummed that Disney didn't release Toy Story That Time Forgot, especially since they released his Toy Story of Terror! score after that special aired in October 2013. TSTTF had a fun prehistoric/mystical/gladiatorial sound with flavors of his Dawn of the Planet of the Apes style. Every now and then I'll rewatch the special just to listen to the score in the background. Speaking of his Disney the
  7. I agree! I love "Research and Development". I really liked all of Giacchino's 2017 scores; I just found myself returning to The Book of Henry less than the others. Still good, though!
  8. I attended the Jurassic World In Concert event on May 30 and the NASA event on June 1 in Washington, D.C. Both were great! (I got to meet Giacchino at both. He's a great guy!) I tried to get a video recording of Giacchino's new "Voyage" piece, but an usher was standing close to me, so I was only able to get an audio recording, if anyone would like to give it a listen. I thought it was a beautiful piece, and I hope an official recording gets released someday! My recording from the back of the Kennedy Center doesn't do it justice. (The orchestra started playing as John Cho finished r
  9. Max


    I hope! Max, who would love for Giacchino to be installed as the permanent spinoff composer
  10. I really enjoyed Iron Man's theme--my favorite of the three (?) Iron Man themes so far, honestly. I thought it sounded heroic, sort of how Peter would think of Mr. Stark, and I really like its appearances the "Ferry Dust Up" and "A Stark Contrast" tracks. I think it has a lot of potential, and I'd love to hear Giacchino get to use it again in the future. There's a great interview here about Giacchino's work on this and War for the Planet of the Apes, and he confirms that his Spider-Man theme is supposed to be young and clumsy like the character, which is why I think I like it more
  11. I didn't get a chance to write this earlier, but I saw the film last Thursday, and I thought it was great! Easily my favorite so far this year, as is Giacchino's score. I thought Giacchino's standouts in the film always felt appropriate. Did anyone else think that some of the choir was removed from the movie, or am I just mistaken? I might do a score breakdown by theme and track, like I did for Dawn, but overall I agree with the new themes that @DominicCobb mentioned (the lamentation theme, the posse theme, the Colonel's theme, and Nova's theme) as well as the returning themes from
  12. I read a few weeks ago that they developed backstories for side characters for potential spinoffs, and they said that Maurice the orangutan originally came from a circus, which is where he learned sign language. So maybe that "circus" theme is a theme for Maurice?
  13. Maybe they're saving the announcement until the Pixar D23 presentation next Friday (July 14)?
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