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  1. A short I scored is now available to watch! It's another minimal piece, but I was able to put in some motifs. In the film proper, there are a few times when the cues weren't edited in the way I originally wanted, but that's fine. Here is the full score for your listening pleasure.
  2. Saw the film last night. Pretty damn solid! Score worked really well, despite being straight up TKDR; though the film also felt very TKD/R which I really enjoyed. Definitely didn't like the synth sample sound (even if they are real instruments) during the truck heist prep.
  3. Love this, especially the dark string chords at 1:17. I'm like obsessed with that sound.
  4. I'm not a big fan of Screenslaver's theme. Maybe it's because I loved Syndrome's theme too much! Compared to the original, this one feels more like a superhero score rather than a spy score. Which probably makes sense considering this didn't really have much genre mixing. Also I hate how Giacchino just uses repeated chords at the end of Looks like I picked the Wrong Week to Quit Oxygen. It feels super amateurish! Hes done that in Jurassic World and Rogue One I think and its always so jarring to me.
  5. Been a while since I shared something here (it was in 2012 when I first joined)! Here's my soundcloud where I've posted some scores I made for my friends' short films. There are also a few stand alone pieces I did for fun. https://soundcloud.com/ethanmwong/albums The ones of note (that actually have motifs/development) are The Chocolate Shop, Breathe, and Dead Eye Desparadoes and each of those albums and tracks have a brief description. Thank you for listening! EDIT: there's also this that I wrote when I was bored. It's scored to a friend's film when he was in high school in 2011.
  6. I kinda liked the score and went in blind (didn't listen to the suite or any music before the watching). The use of the original 60's theme in the logo gave me hope but hearing MGs real theme for Spiderman was okay. It did remind me of tintin. However all I could hum at the end was Vulture's theme. Anyone else draw parallels to the Bond motif from Casino Royale, at least to the first half of the Vulture theme? It's all I can think about.
  7. That was me and my roommate. We've been listening to the score and we see rehashes and his typical techniques all over the place.
  8. It's been years since I've posted, but I gotta say I'm not the biggest fan of the score. My main complaint is the Imperial/Krennic theme. It's super close to his theme for InGen in JW, which doesn't do it for me as Bad Guy themes. Something more akin to General Grievous's theme or even that motif in Enter Lord Vader is much more menacing and militaristic (without having to be the Imperial march) would be better. Hell, he should've developed the short Imperial Motif from ANH for Krennic and it would've been better. His theme for RO seems too try hard and generic bad guy without any true menace.
  9. I don't like how Oscorp is so involved with everything. So they create Vulture and Doc Ock? I didn't read the comics extensively (besides the volumes of the old 1950s stuff) , but is there really this much emphasis on Peter's dad's mysterious past in the comics?
  10. I can't seem to download it ! The link keeps taking me to the filedropper main page!
  11. Woah someone did that? I'd love to listen to it. I love the Russians/Dovchenko's them.
  12. On a different note, I like the recordings of the Main Theme from Jaws where this motive's end its played quickly, rather than in the original where it descends slowly.
  13. I knew it. I brought it up to him, but he called it the Shark's secondary motive. I always looked at the 3-note motiv as the Shark it's self (its semi-fanfaric), and the E-F ostinato for the heartbeat in a way. I guess so? He said something about royalties. Im sure he was generalizing.
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