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  1. Extremely unlikely. There is actually little chance that Angela Morley helped Williams in arranging his assassination plot to kill Patrick Doyle, in order to take over Stepmom. As mahler3 wrote elsewhere, in the summer of '98, Doyle was already out of the hospital when he started to compose for Stepmom. Williams must have poisoned Doyle as early as October 1997. I assume it was a case of Arsenic poisoning. In those days, Angela Morley was busy founding the Chorale of the Alliance Francaise of Greater Phoenix, as well as writing and rehearsing over 30 arrangements of French traditional songs, in Scottsdale, Maricopa county, Arizona. He didn't succeed, anyway.
  2. Truth 8: It makes no sense at all to discuss bad film music in threads like this. So let's quit visiting them. At least, that's what I'm doing now. God bless.
  3. Reggae's lots of fun, these days. I like it a lot. My life / or my brain. I had the feeling of both of them were slowing down because of the poor music. And film music used to be very stimulating music. But it's dead.
  4. What depressed me was listening to all these new releases, because they tried to slow my life down. Thank you, Stefan. That's what I meant. I should have put it like that.
  5. No need to visit your weekly group. You must experience your own, personal illumination, I suppose. You cannot change your perspective on addiction by sheer will-power. It doesn't really work that way. Nick66, I have only expected such a response. It's only logical. But, really, am I the only one who got tired of film music, John Williams' or someone else's? Never mind.
  6. And you can stop talking about me while I am still logged in. Of course it must come across as pointless farce, because I really mean it.
  7. Every day, my appreciation for film music in general broke apart, piece by piece. Until I came to the simple realization - that I just don't love it anymore. And that was a breeze of fresh air. I don't know who Hans is. For the past 30 years, I was just pretending to love it.
  8. I don't care anymore, man. I haven't even listened to War Horse, Tintin and Lincoln more than twice, since they were released. A kind of zero-appreciation that I had never encountered before. Everything in them has left me cold.
  9. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. I thought JW had found it again with that one. I thought that, too, for a little while, until I came to the realization that he must have done even that just for the money. He lost his sound long time ago. I was just hoping, again and again, that it would return, ultimately, some day. And around Christmas Eve I realized I had deceived myself for all those years. I acknowledged to myself that the real John Williams was gone. Dead, just like Star Wars.
  10. Lee D, we are not discussing John Williams here, nor is is it about farce. I have recently experienced a change of paradigm. And you should know about it, and that it is possible to change, as a person.
  11. Never did I say that Hook was my favorite score. E.T. was.
  12. And what was that score's title, brother, after which you've lost faith?
  13. How can i be sure that I'm not talking to a bot? We have been disappointed by the whole film music field again and again. Disappointed, disappointed, disappointed. So I decided to take the matter in my own hands and destroyed all the film music in my house. I deleted what I had on my storage and what was left on memory sticks. Out went the compact discs and I melted all the LPs to turn them into something useful. It didn't take me longer than a few hours.
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