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  1. Last time I counted it was around 1200, probably more like 1400 now. I'd say about 500 are soundtracks, maybe 50 of those CD-R's.... Jason
  2. Well, it depends on what kind of music you're interested in studying (obviously). Some are good for orchestration and some are good for harmony - this is an extreme generaliztion, of course. I'd go with whatever score you love the most and branch out from there. I've got all of them, but my top "wow, THAT'S how he did that!" scores would have to be: Star Wars/Harry Potter - fantasy harmonies/orchestration Summon the Heroes/Superman/Raiders - big, heroic themes and harmonies ET - it's just beautiful, plus my favorite soundtrack Hope this gives you a place to start! Jason
  3. The word in Hollywood about Bruce Broughton is that he's agreat composer who has pissed too many people off, so no one will hire him now. Tha's just what I've heard. I have nothing to back it up. But this was from two different sources, one being someone who used to work with him. Jason, who is sorry and still loves Tombstone and Lost in Space... :roll:
  4. Ironically, I was just listening to Doyle's "Frankenstein" yesterday for the first time in at least 7 years and remember what a great score it is. I'm really sorry Williams isn't at the helm again, but soooooo glad Doyle is (instead of Horner or Zimmer or.... - ew!) Think of Howard Shore before LotR and everyone saying "WHO is scoring it? But he isn't even a big orchestra guy! Doyle IS a big orchestra guy, and classically trained at that. I think he'll surprise a lot of people with a great score and probably great adaptations of Williams classic themes... Jason
  5. Here's a good place to start. Is has most of his signature edition scores on one page (sig editions are official "from the film score" copies of the score, not watered-down arrangements) . You can then do a Google search for specific titles that you'd like: http://www.alexuniv.com/filmscoring/index.shtml John Williams Signature Edition Scores are wire-bound, full-sized transposed orchestra scores measuring on average 9x12 up to approximately 11x17. All of these works are the concert editions that John Williams conducts from. Most pieces are either opening or end credits. Others are concertized versions. Or search http://www.halleonard.com/ with "williams signature edition" Most scores are $48. If you see something thats $300-$400 it means it has both the score and all the parts. You want just the score. Hope this helps. Jason
  6. I find using the chapter names from the DVD is a good starting point... Jason
  7. ARGH! Sorry folks, somehow this slipped through my fingers a few months back. Hopefully I haven't missed the boat entirely! Nicola, of course I would be interested in getting you a score and some parts - I'm sorry I didn't catch your post on the message board earlier. Hopefully it wasn't for a specific concert that has passed by? Or maybe you just wnated it for personal analysis? Jesse - I'm interested in your offer, but of course we'd have to see if Nicola is still interested at all. Still kicking myself here... Jason
  8. I ordered a bunch from them last week as well - my shipment is scheduled for delivery today. Not sure if it includes the "new" releaseor not. Did you get an e-mail confirming your order and then another with the tracking info? You can always check your order status via the UPS website. Jason
  9. Wow - more than 120 views but only 12 votes. Maybe some other folks could listen to these great pieces and put their opinions to good work. Have at it, folks!!
  10. I've composed more of a "suite" of themes that could work for several characters in the new Azkaban film. What's the best way to get the mp3 file in for submission? It's around 5 meg... Thanks, Jason
  11. I've composed more of a "suite" of themes that could work for several characters in the new Azkaban film. What's the best way to get the mp3 file in for submission? It's around 5 meg... Thanks, Jason
  12. Thanks everybody - got it! Let me know if anyone else wants a copy....
  13. Yep, they cut Williams talking about each piece into the beginning of each piece (probably for time). He spoke over the beginning of each piece for 10 or 15 seconds, but you can still hear the music well in the background. I'd really love to get a copy if anyone recorded it! Jason
  14. I've got the sheet music - anyone record the PBS special where the BSO performed it? It's an AWESOME brass chior performance. I recorded it and then ditched it like an idiot. Help!!! Jason
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