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  1. chuck


    I used to have a passing interest only with Thandie Newton, but watching her interview with Stephen Colbert and listening to her views about this and Brexit, my respect grew for her. She's well-spoken and to me quite intelligent. Listen to her interview starting @ 1:08 One of the finest interviews Colbert has done (along with Sting earlier; I think Colbert's quite good with British guests).
  2. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/11/obituaries/leonard-cohen-dies.html?smprod=nytcore-iphone&smid=nytcore-iphone-share&_r=0
  3. chuck


    Here's a twenty year old George Carlin bit (shortly before the 1996 US elections): Still fucking relevant today.
  4. chuck


    And yet Jerry Goldsmith was since become like Bernie Sanders Poor guys... They still have had 8 more years of greatness in them but unfortunately, America didn't appreciate them while they're still in their prime. Now all the Americans are stuck with are people with a first name that starts with and H, and people with last names that starts with a T.
  5. chuck


    ... that Trump can't Fucking. Read. Trump. Is. A. Fucking. Illiterate.
  6. Goldsmith's End Credits/End Titles are beasts on their own. Too bad this one didn't get in the film.
  7. JG: The Final Conflict Lionheart The Ghost and The Darkness EB: TKAM Hawaii Far From Heaven EM: The Mission OUATIA Malena
  8. Toots Thielemans playing harmonica with the Boston Pops performing The Sugarland Express...
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