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  1. Thanks, this clarifies your position for me nicely.
  2. Yeah, I'm not buying this. It seems obvious to me that the word "stunted" refers, at least primarily, to the stature of the dwarves and not to their character. Even if it did refer to their character, that would only suggest that the elves were prejudiced against the dwarves, not the author himself. As for eugenics, I'm curious as to what influence you think it had on Tolkien's writings. I've never heard anyone claim there was such a connection before.
  3. Agreed on all counts. Every episode did have at least something good in it. Ah yes, the cliche but idiotic notion that I shouldn't complain about a story unless I've written something better myself. No, fan fiction is not an adequate substitute for a mediocre or disappointing sequel, prequel, or ending. Admittedly, writing with the acting abilities (or lack thereof) of your cast must be challenging.
  4. No, I wanted Jon to end up alone and embittered north of the wall and I didn't want Daenerys on the throne. As far as I'm concerned those characters ended up in the right place, the story just wasn't told right. When Daenerys died, I wanted to feel the tragedy and the heartbreak like I did when Ned, Robb, Cat, Oberyn, and Ygritte died, but I didn't. Instead I was just left cold. Personally, I wouldn't have written Jaime going back to Cersei, but I think with better pacing that could have been palpably tragic as well, instead of just laughably soapy.
  5. Well, you're utterly wrong. Seasons 1-6 still represent my favorite show of all time. Seasons 7-8 aren't in the same league at all. Yes, they did still have some great scenes and amazing production values, but the pacing was ruined and the characters lost their depth.
  6. Hey, that’s me! But let’s get one thing straight, I don’t rate ROTJ lower than those other 3 because I dislike it. Far from it! I love ROTJ. I just love SW, ESB and TPM more. For me ROTJ drags a bit somewhere in the middle. It’s a long score and unfortunately, for me it feels long (unlike ESB and TPM). There’s not a theme in it that I don’t like, though like with TPM, I’m not really a fan of the ending cue (either Yub Nub or Victory Celebration). I don’t like Jedi Rocks either, but I can stand Lapti Nek once in a while. Beyond that, I think the individual cues are generally brilliant, top drawer Williams for sure, it’s just not a score I can listen to in a single sitting for whatever reason.
  7. What a boring ass cover for Two Mules. Still, it will be mine!
  8. It really is a great album. It's a shame it didn't get a wide release alongside the film.
  9. This isn't just wrong, it's laughable. ^ Exactly this.
  10. I betcha the mix is the same on this new version and Doug did nothing more than compress the existing master.
  11. I mean this is the same guy who thinks that providing album art on the Intrada storefront is "a courtesy" and not a necessary part of the business.
  12. Where did you read that? I wasn't aware that any music was written for the extended cut.
  13. Those were fine, yes, but they were islands in a sea of mediocrity.
  14. Lol ok. I will concede that the last few scenes were great. In fact, season 8 was littered with great scenes. That doesn't change the fact that the rest of the season's writing was shitty.
  15. The only thing Keith said that was wrong was that "Luke and Leia" is a "film cue." As an aside, I'd rather just watch the musicians than all that weird space imagery. Lovely arrangement though. I'll buy it in a heartbeat if and when it gets a commercial release.
  16. I'm sure if you took your meds the overarching story you "perceive" would fade from your mind like a bad dream over your morning cup of coffee. There is NO overarching story in the sequel trilogy.
  17. They do feel different to a certain extent, but TLJ sticks out from the rest like a sore thumb. As to your question, the sequel trilogy doesn't have an overarching story just a bunch of disconnected ideas that don't really go together.
  18. More likely they'd stick it on Hulu with their more adult content. I mean, if Seasons 10-11 taught us anything, it's that Chris Carter either can't or won't make an ending to this series.
  19. Honestly, I'm very well adjusted to it at this point. I'm still holding out hope that they do what Jay suggests and drop the songs from Disc 1 though.
  20. Interesting. It's only a matter of time then til this comes out on CD as well. I wonder which format will end up with the better mastering.
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