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  1. 'The Homecoming' from War Horse. But I've got a lot of time for the BFG piece too!
  2. Ordered mine on the 16th but still awaiting shipment - hoping this means it's selling well!!?
  3. That was simply a joy to listen to, I really didn't want it to end! Thank you so much, Maurizio. It's breathtaking how music I thought I knew like the back of my hand can sound completely fresh, even from these brief snippets on mp3. I'm sooo looking forward to getting this. What a great time to be a JW fan!
  4. Grrrrr! My package (Inc. CE3K) was in London yesterday at noon. Now I see it's back in LA!?! Anyone else had this happen?
  5. I think the Decca 'Great Chase' had both the revised AND original first part of the cue, strung together. Looking forward to 'Wild Shark Theme' too!
  6. Now I *HIGHLY* wish I'd held off ordering. Exciting times though!
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