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  1. Well, you see, I wasn't going for "development" as they are obviously too far apart in that area. I was going for more "enjoyable" (guess I should have already pointed that out *slaps self*). The 2 share 1 main similarity...heroic.
  2. Which of these 2 themes is the "better" theme?
  3. Ontyrian

    Indy3 Que?

    Does anyone know what "Genius of the Restoration...Aid our own resuscitation!" means? It occurs at the beginning of the Belly of the Beast scene in Crusade. It's funny, but I'd like to know what it means. Thanks.
  4. Now, what if you had to pick 1 favorite, what would it be? (Let me guess...the BS rendition)
  5. Thank ya, guys. I know it's annoying to tell me this when I should just look for it...but laziness rules over. Though I don't want ya to perceive me as a newbie. Cause I ain't. I just don't say much here...partially due to the log in "mess".
  6. I did what it said. (Except send you a nickel. ) Nothing new. Let's see if it'll now magically began to work.
  7. This stupid...something! Computer, site, I don't know! But, I log in, I stay logged in for 1 minute, and then I'm automatically logged out. It's annoying. Can anyone help me? (Fast typing)
  8. As many as you can give me! Even specific composer sites if you want. Thanks.
  9. I know of a few film music sites: here, filmscoremonthly, moviemusic, filmtracks, soundtrack.net, scorereviews. What other big ones are there?
  10. I HATE tracked music. It's sad that it's in all 6 episodes of Star Wars...such great music, and in all 3 LOTR...the best music (though the tracking doesn't compare to SW).
  11. Hello. (been gone a while) What are your favorite Force theme renditions? My favorites: EpI- The Tide Turns (the 1st one), EpII- The Arena (at end), EpIII- Revenge of the Sith (beg.), EpIII- dvd- Goodbye Old Friend (Kenobi flys away), EpIV- Binary Sunset ("), EpIV- The Throne Room (beg), EpV- Yoda and the Force (beg), EpVI- Dark Side Beckons (Vader kills Sidious), EpVI- Light of the Force (2nd one-w/ trumpets) This is my favorite theme from the Saga, and I enjoy all variations on it! Have a great day!
  12. Thanks everyone for your recommendations! I'm definitely going to get more Williams. I'm avoiding bootlegs and such for now. I really want to get the complete CutThroat Island! Legends of the Fall is another I really want to get. I'd like to get a few from the Golden Age. I'd also like a few thousand dollars to help pay for all of these that I want. 8O Thank you nightscape94 for your recommendations. I'll go fetch the plunger now !!!
  13. Well, I guess I need to get some Goldsmith, eh? A few soundtracks on my list to buy are from him. For some reason I really want to get the 13th Warrior. Thanks for your opinions (except nightscape94 ) and keep them coming. Post your own collections too (at least favorites). Have a good day!
  14. Wow... !!! That's a long post!
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