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  1. Yes, not yet, and therefore, no. The Movie Music Store turned out to be the cheapest place for me to buy it, but they aren't beginning to ship until today I believe.
  2. "Aeronautical" sometimes borders very close to swashbuckling as well. I don't think I'd could describe the difference.
  3. Is it better than the music of the 70's, 80's and 90's? No. Is it better than most music from the last 20 years? Absolutely.
  4. Yes! I did express some disappointment the DAD expanded score didn't contain this for major cues - in the film, some cues had their electronics removed entirely. But apparently they couldn't find these versions when assembling the album. A shame.
  5. No, it should be a relatively unknown actor, like DC was when he was cast.
  6. Let's hope Williams contributes a theme for a Bond movie. Maybe that will entice Powell to join in!
  7. Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer Okay, who? I think I've heard of Tykwer before but have I ever heard music by him...I don't think so.
  8. It's weird. They come across as if they've been written by someone who speaks English as a second language. I know it's not indended, but I often don't read them because they aren't written in a 'natural' way of reading/speaking.
  9. BUT...Bond films include violence. So I guess it's not what JP is interested in any more. Oh, how I loved the days when we'd get fantastic music for terrible films, presumably because one couldn't be as picky about what they worked on.
  10. The Intrada 'press-release-style' album descriptions are always written in such strange English. I often struggle to read them without preiodically stopping and thinking "is that gramatically correct?". It usually always is, but it's as if they've elected to leave out any words that aren't 100% essential, resulting in a very strange flow.
  11. So...where can I buy Intrada products other than Intrada? I'm the UK and want to pay as little for shipping as possible.
  12. No it isn't. The OST has microedits but also shortened tracks (entire parts of cues missing - more than just cutting out a few seconds of repetition). The Deluxe has everything restored and included, although that's not necessarily the best way to listen to it. See the lengthy review post above.
  13. Arguably, Ready Player One yielded one of Silvestri's best scores, so I'm not too disappointed about that one. Newman's isn't bad either. Black Widow and Rogue One howwever...yes, I'd definitely have prefered the original composers. I knew Davis wasn't doing Matrix 4, but I've forgotten who IS doing it.
  14. If you want every single possible option for cues, yes. If you just care about having as many bars of music as possible (and not an optimised listening experience), you'll be satisfied with the Deluxe edition only.
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