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  1. I only watched the first episode of the show and realised it was terrible - but did we establish who wrote the opening logo music? (Literally the very first thing you hear)
  2. All very good things to be wondering about. I shall say no more!
  3. Why is this kind of modern rubbish appealing to joe public? Have they not heard what proper film scores sound like? Aren't people thinking "this all sounds the same" by now? Why does this keep continuing?
  4. The thing I don't get is: McQ seems very comitted to making high-quality, entertaining films, done properly. But when it gets to the music, it's as though he couldn't give a crap. Or he's severely misguided that this sort of rubbish is good music, when it really, really isnt. For all your clever stunts and cinematography and sound desgign and effects and everything else...why does the ball get dropped when it comes to music?
  5. Alcatraz - Michael Giacchino, Chris Tilton, Andrea Datzman Alias Seasons 3-5 - Michael Giacchino, Chris Tilton Avatar - James Horner George Of The Jungle - Marc Shaiman Godzilla - Alexandre Desplat Gods Of Egypt - Marco Beltrami Hancock - John Powell Horton Hears A Who! - John Powell How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World - John Powell Inception - Hans Zimmer Inspector Gadget - John Debney John Carter - Michael Giacchino Johnny English - Edward Shearmur Jurassic Park III - Don Davis Jurassic World - Michael Giacchino Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Michael Giacchino King Kong - James Newton Howard Kingsman: The Secret Service - Henry Jackman, Matthew Margeson Kingsman: The Golden Circle - Henry Jackman, Matthew Margeson Lady In The Water - James Newton Howard Largo Winch - Alexandre Desplat Live Free Or Die Hard - Marco Beltrami Locked Down - John Powell Lost (more music) - Michael Giacchino Mary Poppins Returns - Marc Shaiman Mission: Impossible III - Michael Giacchino Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - Michael Giacchino Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation - Joe Kraemer Mouse Hunt - Alan Silvestri Mr. & Mrs. Smith - John Powell Murder At 1600 - Christopher Young Now You See Me - Brian Tyler Ocean’s Thirteen - David Holmes Ratatouille - Michael Giacchino Sahara - Clint Mansell Skyfall - Thomas Newman Spider-Man - Danny Elfman Spider-Man 2 - Danny Elfman Spider-Man: Homecoming - Michael Giacchino The Bourne Supremacy - John Powell The Bourne Ultimatum - John Powell The Incredibles - Michael Giacchino Incredibles 2 - Michael Giacchino The Mask Of Zorro - James Horner The Legend Of Zorro - James Horner The Perfect Storm - James Horner The Scorpion King - John Debney Tomorrow Never Dies - David Arnold Tomorrowland - Michael Giacchino Undercovers - Michael Giacchino, Andrea Datzman Wallace & Gromit (the short films) - Julian Nott X-Men: The Last Stand - John Powell
  6. The TOD end credits is probably the best darn piece of Indy music there is.
  7. Yes, while it doesn't necessarily feel like there's lots of filler, it does feel like they're trying to indulge people a little too much. Like going to McDonalds and them offering you super super super size.
  8. This is my favourite thing this season! It was all one long (seemingly) continous take as well.
  9. Ha, I listened to this for the first time in ages last week and my thoughts are exaclty the same!
  10. Until I realised it was an end credits piece, I assumed it was a Three Stooges joke, referring to Alan, Ellie and Malcolm as you say, but I couldn't figure out why MOE was capitalised.
  11. I'm pretty sure that title is refering to the scene in which So it makes sense summarising this as "blah blah blah" as that's exactly what it is. If anything, it's mocking the absurdity of the script rather than giving up when it comes to naming cues. Btw, I only figured it out with Lightyear, but has anyone else noticed the new trend AKA "World's Worst..." appears to be including "MOE" within cue names? E.g. Larry Curly And MOE and Infinite MOEtion. At first I didn't understand why MOE was all caps, but then realised it's Main On Ends.
  12. Out of the new trilogy, I had the most fun with Fallen Kingdom. A big part of that is from Ted Levine as Wheatley.
  13. The movie wasn't a disaster like Last Jedi, Age Of Ultron or No Time To Die...but it felt like such a wasted opportunity. Seriously - you get a cast like this together and have a massive effects budget...and this is the best you can come up with? It should have been called Dinosaurs By Apple or iDinosaur. Dodgson had far too much screen time and the whole Tim Cook/Apple HQ thing was ludicrous. And did I have some kind of fever dream half way through as I could have sworn there was a Star Wars cantina scene followed by the rooftop and bike chase from The Bourne Ultimatum, and Dichen Lachman was there for some reason. What was all that shit about?! Honestly, for the first two thirds it felt like two entirely separte movies. It became immediately apparant how bland Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard's characters - "man" and "lady" if I remember correctly - were as soon as the original cast showed up. But even then, Laura Dern and Sam Neill are just sort of...there. The absolute highlight of the movie was Jeff Goldblum. It was as if he'd ignored the script and decided to instead just point out all the stupid shit that was going on around him. Only for the movie to continue being stupid. There were too many characters to begin with yet they just kept throwing more and more in. This is one of those movies where if you ask me "So what was the plot?" my response will be "????" and "What did you like about it?" my response will also be "????". It was just a bunch of random ideas thrown together in a barely coherent fashion. It totally failed to live up to the promise of Fallen Kingdom's ending of showing dinosaurs in the wild. Battle At Big Rock is better than this movie. 2/5
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