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  1. While there have been threads dedicated to specific albums of his, I'm surprised to be creating the Marco Beltrami thread. (Either that, or I've failed spectacularly using the search function.) I find quite a lot of his scores rather challenging, but every so often he'll come along and compeltely knock one out of the park. Live Free Or Die Hard, A Good Day To Die Hard, Seventh Son and Gods Of Egypt are all spectacular. Here's a fantastic track from Seventh Son - https://marcobeltrami.com/wp-content/uploads/cue_playlist/seventh-son/59-7m63a-End-Credits-1-Tom
  2. Thor and Mephariel - thank you! No way - these are far more interesting.
  3. Thanks, guys. Thor, I'm going for a playlist that's as entertaining as possible. Some of the more "dramatic" stuff may go - the The Thin Red Line and Black Hawk Down really slow the pace down (they're just too long and repetitive). As you say, I've got a lot of the action/well known stuff, but I've only got what I already know. I'll happily consider anything that's considered a Zimmer essential or best-of!
  4. I'm attempting to put together a Zimmer playlist. Here's what I have so far. What else can you recommend? End Titles from Driving Miss Daisy Fighting 17th from Backdraft This Land from The Lion King Roll Tide from Crimson Tide Hummell Gets The Rockets from The Rock Journey To The Line from The Thin Red Line The Might Of Rome / The Battle / Honor Him from Gladiator (Prague Philharmonic Re-recording) Injection from Mission: Impossible 2 Leave No Man Behind from Black Hawk Down Zoosters Breakout from Madagascar Chevaliers De Sangreal from The Da Vinci Code Jack Sparrow from Pirat
  5. They are just playing music from JP, JW and JW:FK. Nothing new from what I've heard and seen. What is cool is they are using Giacchino's JW source cues as well as the score, so park music written for fictional theme park attractions is now being played on an actual attraction.
  6. Dude, that's literally what I described it as... It also transitions back into another version of the fanfare at the end.
  7. So.... Both fanfares have two versions - the "short" versions heard in the films, and the longer concert suites. (Giacchino's suite technically transitions from fanfare into Doctor Strange, into Spider-Man and then back out into a slower version of the fanfare). Giacchino's suite was performed at the RAH in 2017. Tyler's suite has only ever premiered on Cinematic Sound. Giacchino's "short" version is miles better than Tylers (and I'd say is my favourite current logo music of any major studio), however Tyler's concert suite is a real winner.
  8. Although I account for one fan - not most - no. I consider the first score better than the second.
  9. As someone whose number 2 nerd subject after film music is rollercoasters, this is indeed a strange (and rare) crossover. From a purely rollercoaster fan pespective, it genuinely does look like a world-class coaster that could end up in the top 20. Islands Of Adventure also features Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure coaster which is the most expensive rollercoaster ever built - only $300 million! I look forward to eventually getting out to Florida to ride them both.
  10. Agreed! This was one of several scores that got me 'into' film music, so to finally get an expansion after 15+ years of being a fan was very exciting.
  11. Obligatory posting of this. The version with this music hits me right in the nostalgia feels.
  12. I love it. Even though it's only for a single type of instrument, it's still sounds exactly like John Powell!
  13. I have a lot of JHN in my collection - I just never find the time to listen to it. And chances are, if I haven't heard of the film, I won't have heard the score. So for all I know I'm missing some great stuff just because it's for an obscure movie. I'm finding these days I'm quite content with a playlist of highlights for each composer. So far I've got them for Williams, Powell, Giacchino, Desplat, Horner, T. Newman and Silvestri. (So Bespin, if you ever need help with any of those, drop me a message.)
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