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  1. "Fun" fact: it's the first Powell score to a feature film that hasn't had any kind of release since Alfie in 2004.
  2. This was my immediate thought too! Anyway, his post answers everything we could possibly need to know about the score and the (lack of) album. I'm intriguted to watch the film. Did anyone really expect anything from this?
  3. Can't remember a thing from the Edge Of Tomorrow score. And Christophe Beck is usually pretty good. Would have been a great one if Powell had worked on it...though I sense it's not the type of film he wants to work on any more. Watched Paycheck for the first time in years tonight. 2003-2005 is my favourite period of Powell - massively enjoyable scores that are miles better than the film's they accompany: Cody Banks, The Italian Job, Paycheck, Mr. & Mrs. Smith.... 👌🏻
  4. Aside from big names, the trailer does give the impression this is very low-budget. I'm not expecting much from the music, if it's released at all.
  5. Thanks. Wonder where I read (or thought I read) it was Powell. Obviously not.
  6. Am I right in thinking I read that Powell wrote the music for the Star Wars logo on Disney+? The one that's shown at the start of each epsiode of The Mandalorian. Or am I making that up?
  7. Maybe it will be another "Fair Game" situation with minimalist music that's entirely synth? (Obviously I hope not, but then again, it looks like the entire thing has been shot and produced over the last 3 months...that's not exactly a very long time.)
  8. No, it's awful. Really. After a solid opening 10 minutes, it completely tanks and turns into an incomprehensible mess.
  9. Excellent, thought this project might have died a death. Glad it finally happened (and excited of the potential of other volumes...)
  10. People listen to the song?! I asked Neil about this a few years ago and the answer was that (surprisingly), the orchestra-only versions no longer exist.
  11. The impression I get from DAD is that Arnold probably wouldn't have go so overboard with the electronics if he had the choice. If you look at the schizophrenic editing of the film, I sense it was a forced attempt to "be cool", when it really just comes across at over the top (and already, extremely dated).
  12. CR and QoS lack that melodramatic swagger that TND, TWINE and DAD had. I wouldn't have minded if it were only a little hiatus, but it's now been 18 years since we've had any of that. Don't get me wrong, CR is still excellent and the most "intelligent" Bond score. And while I really like Skyfall for being different, Spectre is generic paint-by-numbers music that could fit into any modern day action film.
  13. I like Arnold's use of electronics - TND and TWINE have the right balance, but it's completely overdone in DAD. The London parachute scene and the ice palace car chase sound SO much better in the film where the electronics have been removed.
  14. The Force Awakens (Great) Solo (Very good) The Mandalorian Season 2 (Very good) The Mandalorian Season 1 (Very good) The Rise Of Skywalker (Good) Rogue One (Good) The Last Jedi (Utterly awful)
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