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  1. Good Mock ups for Willy !! You make a beginn and a ending... please create the middle part too. ( without the Lego file... )
  2. I have a new and better mock up for that one in the works... a preview for you only per Pm Okay ? I don`t have The Lego file from this... It is possible that the Piccolo flutes are a part of it !
  3. The Once in a vial of the alleged Temple of Doom Bootleg can be very good mix with a good DVD rip of the rear channels! In the version of the bootleg the Piatti set is very good to hear, but it must be some slowdown in the volume. I use this in my own Edit and it works good for me...
  4. Hi, I do not know whether I should post in both threads, but I do it here now. Last year I had the water! Insert posted. Many of you have offered me their help because I had trouble with it. The last days I have replaced the music again and the result of something in the tone height corrected (equalizer). I think it has become quite good ... 11m1 Water! Insert Water! movie cut
  5. Hi, yes, of course, I can do. I have worked over the New Year at 2 Temple cues and this further refined. The Indian Village and The Child Returns. It would be a great help when you hear the two pieces before I make a post with downloadings. Then I can maybe change things and improve at last. I would then adjust the finished tracks available. I've just been working on these two tracks long and often improved, and am now at the point where it is enough! There will be no further releases. At least not from me. I have two versions each. A version in the movie, that is, cut off. And a version that is just as Williams has composed it. You can contact me via PM so contact times. Chris
  6. Hi Jeremy, Thank you for this great recording. I've just played your recording with my software a little faster and the timing it perfectly fits with the original from the film. I can not wait to hear it like maybe if you were there with your band rehearsed and played a few times ... Good luck and have fun on your tour! Regards Chris Thanks
  7. Today, I would start with Crusade ... The first is Sinister Visitors. Together with the Holy Grail, the two connect to the next track Sinister Visitors I hope some of you like it and can use this Happy Cristmas
  8. Hi, yes, the soundquality is not so good. Here is a little preview of my Holy Grail track... its not finish but for my ears it sounds better then the bootleg version Holy Grail preview
  9. Hi MissPadme Please let me know in german...can you tell me this via Email or p.m.? if this is correct I must change everything of my brass in all of the cue`s! :cool: Chris
  10. Hi, I work in the last month on many cue`s... in all the mockups the strings sounds fake... ( a bit ) I make all of my midis new and I use a new samples Library from La Scoring Strings ! With this samples I can create real Divisi sections of all Instruments and the result is fantastic ! Work on progress : Temple: The Indian Village ( 10 % ) The Child returns ( 85 % ) Crusade: Sinister Visitor ( 95 % ) The Holy Grail ( 90 % ) Discussing the Book ( Original ) ( 85 % ) Elsa`s Batrayal ( 90 % ) Discussing the Book has a Brass Part from Bar 25 - 27 ( The Nazi fanfare ) I can`t make this! The Brass is in disharmony (it sound terrible) my question to the Notation cracks here on this board: Have this brasss section a special Key Signature ? Please can you listen and tell me what I must do... I work with French Horns in F and Bb Trumpets This sheet Notation incl. a snare drum part in this Fanfare. In the film version it`s nothing... But it sound realy good! I will mix them in the track ! Results and a first listen next week to Christmas Greetings Chris
  11. Ja ,du hast recht ! Ich werde das in den nächsten Tagen "ausbessern"...und in meinem Post den Link auswechseln, also nicht nochmal neu posten. Ich werde aber bescheid geben. Danke für das Lob Ich denke aber das das noch nicht das ende der Fahnenstange ist, ich arbeite in den nächsten Monaten noch an der Phrase der Streicher zum schluß und den Tremolowechseln... das sind die Sachen die mir noch nicht so gefallen.
  12. yes, the strings sounds a bit fake... but I can`t do it better... sorry ! The samples are from EW Quantum Leap Symphony Gold Library... they sounds good but in a special notation like the Tremolo`s in Bar 20 / 21 they sounds midilike... An dieser stelle eine kleine Bitte an den User gkgyver : Ich verfolge mit großem Intresse dein Moonraker midi projekt in dem Commander Bond Forum... Leider gelingt es mir nicht mich dort zu registrieren ! Auch sonstige Kontaktaufnahme ist mir leider nicht gelungen. Ich würde dir gerne meine Hilfe in jeder Art anbieten was die Instrumentierung ( samples ) angeht. Da du laut Forum aus Bamberg kommst, müßtest du diese Zeilen hier ja lesen können Bitte melde dich doch mal bei mir unter schookbaer@aol.com Auch dein pdf zum Highjak cue würde mich Interessieren, komme aber ohne login da nicht ran. Sorry for the offtopic greetings chris
  13. Hi, many month are gone and I try from time to time my midi`s make better... I understand the Orchestrations from Maestro Williams better and my Finale software works good ! I change and fix my Child returns mockup in the last time and here is the result: In the first one my french horns and the strings section works in desharmony... I was never happy with that! And it was to long and to slowly ! The correct timepitch and a slight different instrumentation and the original percussions works fine and in my opinion better as the last midi... It`s the extended version of the cue and runs 2:31 min. The Child Returns I use this cue in my edit and I waiting the next years for the original recording..... Greetings Chris
  14. I have the Data Bondfile as a original recording from the Goonies sessions... the quality is quite good but I think not so good as I can use in the final edit ! But in the movie this piece is played in a walkman... ...it runs 26 seconds Chris
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