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  1. Me again... Anyone here going to J-Dub's Hollywood Bowl show this year?
  2. I never asked for any money. The money would come from Mr. Williams' friends and go to the star commitee directly. I try to stay away from most news.
  3. Good idea about the venue contact. I'll be at the Hollywood Bowl to see his concert this year. What is KONY 2012?
  4. Huh...well, that's cool. He'll get to me when he gets to me.
  5. Still awaiting a response from Mr. Williams on if he will okay his nomination. I know he's going into the process for "Lincoln", so he's busy. Has anyone sent him a letter and gotten a response from him before? About how long did it take?
  6. Ricard, Stefan...are you two interested in trying to help Mr. Williams get a star?
  7. Just keeping this topic up front. Hope more of you are in support!
  8. I thought Viggie moved to San Fernando Valley...?
  9. See? That's what I've been trying to say. He doesn't need it, but it is a good way for his fans to show their love of his work and it would be great to someday walk down there and see his name instead of Vin Deisel.
  10. Thank you for the support and understanding, AstonExperience. If you want to help, you can send some letters to those on the list provided at the beginning of this thread.
  11. Sorry. I didn't mean to kick a hornets nest. But I do appreciate the positive feedback.
  12. Alright. Maybe I've gotten off on the wrong foot, here. I'm just at sort of a loss. I thought that people in the John Williams fan club would be more in favor of this effort. Yes, I understand that cancer research is important, but I'll keep donations and talk of that to a different area of my life. I don't really see why I would have to hit that topic in the John Williams fan club forums. I understand different parts of peoples' lives, but I would think they would keep them separate and when they are in here, they have a bit more of an interest in staying on the topic of John Williams or movie scores or even good film.
  13. Yes, posts like "sexy beast" and you conversation about Fallout 3 and Assassin's Creed really show your fan status of John Williams.
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