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  1. Yeah, Bernstein's score for Airplane is great!
  2. Mary searches the closet was not tracked, there is sheet musici for it.
  3. Strange how he thinks 14 is better than 16. One desk makes only a subtle difference. I also find it strange that he says it's standard to put both the first and second violin parts on one stave. I've never seen that done before.
  4. A lot of the woodwind parts in hook and the first two Harry potter movies are horrendous.
  5. Conrad recently cleaned up the music all over his house and put a lot of it in storage including the Star Wars prequels. So unless he specifically remembers that cue I'm not sure he can help.
  6. What's the purpose of two tubas outisde of a solo context like in close encounters? Doubt it.Oops meant brass section but you're probably still right.
  7. Hmm well that is true that cue uses an odd brass section. I'm sure the instrumental of duel of the fates uses an even bigger orchestra.
  8. Do you have Attack of the Clones sheet music? I would LOVE a better sounding mock up of the original finale than the one on YouTube.
  9. Are you sure he used 8? He tends to use six more often
  10. That's what I thought, I've contacted so many people claiming to have the prequel recording sessions and it's really annoying. Sooty if the thread title got anyone excited.
  11. http://ludovics-films-production.jimdo.com/jimdo/pianofiles Has anyone else heard of this? This guy says he has the recording sessions to the phantom menace and several other interesting scores. I was skeptical at first but there is stuff listed on there that doesn't appear anywhere else (like the complete duel of the fates instrumental). There are also some strange things like how there are only slate numbers on a few cues. What are your guys' thoughts on this?
  12. I think it's more women than men but I don't know much about vocal arrangements.
  13. Well he always at least alters the orchestration to that of a standard symphony orchestra.
  14. Where is it in Jurassic park? I don't ever remember seeing it in the sheet music.
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