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  1. No. Disney is a big company that can afford anything, so they decided to go big, and hired a Hyperrealist artist to paint the new covers in a style indistinguishable from a Paint design, which would be logical considering they are investing in a full transfer and remastering, only to edit incomplete historical presentations of the score.
  2. I love that track. It wasn't included on de OST release that was sold in Chile at the time. The "hammer" part has always sound to me reminiscent of the "Danse Infernale", of The Firebird Suite by Stravinsky. Williams may have been inspired by this piece.
  3. We should always remember there were Star Wars fans who died waiting for the 1997 expansion. Still I'm optimistic that a proper release will see the light in less than 10 years from now. Maybe after episode 9, they may release a 20-25 CD box set with the complete scores plus unused music and alternates.
  4. This is really disappointing. My heart stopped when I read the thread title... it should have stayed that way.
  5. Some years ago I bought A.I. OST directly from Amazon, not from one of the retailers, and they sent me a fake CD-R with photocopied color covers. I contacted them and they sent a replacement, which was a second pirated CD. They refunded the money, and I still have those two fakes.
  6. I think I read somewhere that they will keep this Emperor unshown until maybe the sequel of this future film! I just hope extensive use of those brilliant Giacchino fanfares. That Rogue One title card in particular. It will be hard for Williams to follow the steps of this instant classic.
  7. Not the last one. I ordered right away within the first 10 minutes, and still no trace of the package. Tracking is still stuck on December 3rd.
  8. I don't know what level of importance will have the villain played by Benicio del Toro. If he's preponderant in the film, maybe Williams' thematic forces will go to that character, and not Kylo Ren or Snoke. I hope is not the case, though.
  9. Yes, he does quote it. Not being familiar with Giachinno's output at all (except, perhaps, Up?), I tried to like the score. I think it has some decently crafted moments that work on the film, and an overall Star Wars bag of resources, but my impression is this was done in a rush, and overusing many devices. The most noticeable being the brass triplets, that in the movie are mixed very loud and bombastic each time, which got me tired very quick. Emotional scenes, with the exception of one in particular, sounded far too simple to be believable in a Star Wars context, with basic harmonies and little melodic and orchestration value. Chirrut Imwe's theme sounded too much like the begining of Across the Stars not to be bothered by it. I can remember even a similar orchestration for the first time it appears. Still is not so bad, and works, so I think I'll get accostumed to it in the future.
  10. Mine shipped, but after checking in multiple tracking websites, they all indicate it's in Los Angeles, and still not "out for delivery". It's really frustrating. ¡Que bueno saber que somos coterrĂ¡neos!
  11. Mine shipped last week, but it's still stuck in Los Angeles. I don't really know how long before it gets to Chile.
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