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    Scarpia reacted to Stefancos in Do you already have tickets for Star Wars VII?   
    One month from now I would have started to watch Star Wars 12 hours and 45 minutes ago!
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    Scarpia got a reaction from Bespin in Force Awakens ABC TV Spot - CONFIRMED premiere of Williams' score!   
    The first portion of the TV spot is pure Williams to me (with the exception of the synth bass bit). When I listened carefully with my headphones and could appreciate the orchestration subtleties, not only the string triplets, but the harp apreggios and the gradual horn pedal on the first part (a fine detail present in any good traditional orchestration, and obviously ever present in Williams' classically crafted works, which always consider the acoustics of the orchestra in live performance) I was convinced.
    I'm sure this will appear in the album as the exposition of a character's theme, surely a concert version.
    By the way, I originally introduced myself a couple of years ago http://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=21488
    I've been reading the forum since then, but would like to participate more actively from now on. I hope I'm welcome!
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    Scarpia reacted to Unofficial But True in Force Awakens ABC TV Spot - CONFIRMED premiere of Williams' score!   
    haha ! but you know that it can't be
    Trailer's music composers don't know what a flute is, and they have no musical knowledge...so, if it's not Williams, it can only be extract from a music library...but, excepted the "trailerish" bass drum, it sounds like the maestro
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