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    ShowUStheHOOK got a reaction from bollemanneke in Film: HOOK   
    well he is with the police department. He CAN make things happen.
    " I can feel it coming in the air tonight"
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    ShowUStheHOOK got a reaction from bollemanneke in Difference between expanded editions and OST   
    I have to ask everyone, how would you explain the difference between an expanded edition and the original score album? My dad tried to explain to a friend of his about the HOOK cd and how it was all the music from the movie. His friend didnt get it. He asked " well isn't that on the soundtrack already?" Not to mention he couldn't understand why there is more music than the length of the film. How can I clear all of this up?
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to pete in What makes a great Williams score for you?   
    I'm slowly progressing as a piano player from an absolute beginner a few years ago. Attempting Williams pieces on piano has certainly increased my appreciation for John's music. Two recent examples are The Blue and the Grey from Lincoln and The Book Thief's opening piano piece. Those are two themes I would have appreciated anyway, but playing them on piano has increased my appreciation and enjoyment of those pieces a hundred-fold. So for me what makes a Williams score great is the ingredient that I fell in love with: expertly crafted and beautifully harmonized melodies.
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to Uni in What film score theme/melody is going through your head right now?   
    Theme to Air Force One . . . 'cause we just watched it.
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to crocodile in Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection   
    I would have loved this one. Great memorable score.
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to Balahkay in Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection   
    The announcement says they will release titles through 2015... I hope this doesn't mean they will stop releasing them after 2015. Maybe they were just announcing titles through 2015.

    I am curious about what they are going to include in the Pocahontas release. Obviously, they won't include the uncensored versions of the Savages songs, but will they include the deleted song "If I Never Knew You"? Also, the instrumental beginning of "Savages Part 2" was different than the film version. I hope this new release includes the film version as I find it superior to the album version.
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to Jay in Boston Pops Film Night June 6-11 2014   
    Successful dinner with 12 JWFans in attendance! We took a lot of pictures, will post them tomorrow
    None of us got a JW autograph before the show, but maybe 6 random fans did. JW arrived in the limo, got out wearing a windbreaker, quickly signed a few things then headed in.
    At our seats now on the concert floor!
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to Ludwig in Favorite John Williams Chord or Chord Progression   
    A new great chord to add to the list from The Book Thief - at 1:05 (but listen to the whole segment from 0:55).
    It's the good, old Neapolitan or "flat II" chord, which is a major ("hopeful") chord in a minor ("hopeless") key. Not only that, but a flat scale degree is generally a sign of something tragic, so building a major chord on it is an ironic twist on the untainted "happy" sound of major. The perfect choice for a film about finding something positive in a dire situation.
    So simple, but extremely effective.
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to crocodile in Official Danny Elfman Thread   
    Big Fish is an underrated score actually.
    But then again, so is the film.
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to Trent B in [FILM] Ferris Bueler's Day Off.   
    Life definitely seemed better in the 80's and early 90's.
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to filmmusic in 6 Home Alone cues/slates revealed   
    R1P5 Introducing Marley
    R3(?)P6 Sledding on the Stairs
    R9Pt1 +2 The Attack Begins
    R2P3 We Slept In!!
    R5(?)P6 Follow that Kid
    R8P6 Setting the Trap
    basically, we already had the titles from the cd.
    I would love to see that score!!!!
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    ShowUStheHOOK got a reaction from Ludwig in Music Choice for De-Stress   
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to Sharkissimo in Other 80 year olds still on top of their game and as irreplaceable as John Williams   
    Yeah, "top of his game" is the wrong phrase. The very fact that John's composing every day at the piano; got several huge projects in the not-too-distant future; not suffering from Alzheimer's, cancer or heart disease; and seems more buoyant and alive than ever - is remarkable.
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to Gruesome Son of a Bitch in No longer a Williams completist?   
    I think I've finally reached that point. Going through the list of the most recently-released albums, I haven't gotten any of them. I still want Home Alone 2 for the additional tracks and the new mix. But that's one of my favorite scores. That said, I haven't purchased Missouri Breaks, Rosewood, Jane Eyre, Heidi or The Fury. I already have all of these and barely listen to them. This is a turning point for a serious Williams fan because up to this latest batch of CDs, I own almost every officially-released Williams score and concerto. But I think I'm through with this completist stuff. I think of it practically and I basically only listen to my favorite scores and a majority of stuff in my collection just collects dust or takes up hard drive space.
    All the while I can't help but feel, why are we getting all these basically obscure Williams scores and reissues when there are so many necessary Williams releases. If we're going to reissue these albums, what about the original Jaws album, which kinda sounds like shit? Why not the original Star Wars Trilogy, where we have horribly mastered/mixed Empire and Jedi? We also still need the original Empire album after all these years. I would instantly throw down for complete Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, the E.T. Adventure, prequels, etc. Yet, we keep getting scores that are basically collectors-only or generally for the hardest of the hardcore. After all these years of Williams fandom, I'm starting to agree with the man himself, who didn't even want Sugarland Express released. And Jerry Goldsmith for that matter. Not every score is necessary.
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to lostinspace in Can someone edit a Wikipedia page..?   
    It really annoys me but the reality is people always say such and such sounds like such and such. I think stylistically JW is very similar to Wagner and Holst at times. But then again I think this is an intention on his part. Has anyone noticed the signature edition of War Horse says something about an homage to Pery Grainger, Vaugn Williams, Holst etc?
    Anyway 4 seconds of this piece sound like Schindlers list. That is such a stretch it is not funny!! The whole feel and tone is different as well it sounds like the Bach St John Passion or something.
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to JohnnyD in You know that John Williams is the man when...   
    Every movie I have seen in which John Williams did the music, I always air conduct to his phenomenal music. You know he is the greatest composer alive today when his music is that blessed.
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to lonzoe in Official Danny Elfman Thread   
    Happy 60th Birthday Mr. Elfman.
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to Jay in Hans Zimmer's Man Of Steel   
    Past 10 years? Yes. Past 20 years? No.
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to gkgyver in Hans Zimmer's Man Of Steel   
    That opening paragraph alone includes so many moments that I didn't bother to read on.
    When did Hans Zimmer "start"? I don't know, but I bet film music was in a better state then than it is now. It's better to have great music that is not as highly regarded, than having empty music in every score that is talked about by the composer and the mainstream like it's a mixture between high mathematics and the second coming of Mozart.
    And what's the matter with the term "scorer"? Did Clint Eastwood write that article?
    Occasionally, I think it's either my sanity or Zimmer's that is deteriorating at a mindboggling speed.
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to crocodile in The best and worst film that Williams has scored!   
    Attack of the Clones is a pretty terrible film.
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to Joni Wiljami in American Sniper   
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    ShowUStheHOOK got a reaction from Incanus in Danny Elfman's Epic (2013 animated movie)   
    I agree on Promised Land, Good stuff from what i've heard so far. I also agree about Black Beauty. Great score that doesn't sound like the normal Danny. I'd also recommend GOOD WILL HUNTING. Also very different territory for Elfman. I think ( and someone please let me know if i'm wrong) he got an Oscar nomination for that.
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    ShowUStheHOOK got a reaction from crocodile in Danny Elfman's Epic (2013 animated movie)   
    I agree on Promised Land, Good stuff from what i've heard so far. I also agree about Black Beauty. Great score that doesn't sound like the normal Danny. I'd also recommend GOOD WILL HUNTING. Also very different territory for Elfman. I think ( and someone please let me know if i'm wrong) he got an Oscar nomination for that.
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to #SnowyVernalSpringsEternal in The Official Pop and Rock Music thread   
    Listen to more Goldsmith...
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    ShowUStheHOOK reacted to Ollie in R.I.P. Roger Ebert   
    Rest in peace.
    Didn't always agree with him but had a great deal of respect for him as well as what he overcame from this horrible disease.
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