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  1. Does anyone know if the FYC includes the transitional cue featured when they're walking across the snow?
  2. Possible Music & Video from The Force Awakens (combined Comic-Con Reel & 60 Minutes Clip) I noticed something when listening to Abrams sing the melody to Williams. See the video I posted here: [removed] I wrote this out in the YouTube description, but pasted it below for discussion: CBS Evening News just uploaded a segment on Star Wars: The Force Awakens (https://youtu.be/lxzUEl0loU8?t=1m at about 1:00) in which a new transitional theme is played by the orchestra under the direction of John Williams. Later in that same video (at 1:35), J.J. Abrams makes a note about a cue he hums, which sounds very similar to the music we saw at 1:00. (Though he sings it in the same key, it seems Abrams leaves out two eighth notes). Abrams' notes on the cue seem to indicate the passage will be associated with "the interior of the transport." One possible shot that lines up with this has already been shared during Comic-Con, with the Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Comic-Con 2015 Reel (https://youtu.be/CTNJ51ghzdY?t=50s at :50). The chances of this lining up in the actual film are slim, but the style and the timing seem to line up. It's nearly impossible to tell, and it could be completely wrong, but it's fun to guess! Edit: Well, I received a takedown notice so the video is no longer available.
  3. There's a good possibility of that: The bar source music Abrams and others wrote was track #15/15 on the Star Trek: Into Darkness score: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Trek_Into_Darkness_(soundtrack)#Track_listing
  4. Wait a second. The main point in this video breakdown is to show the connection between the harp gliss in both trailers. Which is fine, but the second teaser wasn't Williams.
  5. I think what we heard tonight was the openings of Rey's theme and the First Order theme, possibly synthed up to sync with this particular TV spot.
  6. New TV spot, new music, bits and pieces sound very Williams-Esque. Thoughts? Edit: Looks like there's a separate thread for this and it's already been discussed! http://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=25767
  7. The lyrical theme from Nixon. Just discovered this score this weekend. Beautiful and brilliant. Such a simple progression. Beautiful. http://youtu.be/YuCP11WAyz8?t=60s
  8. There's a high quality version over at www.networknewsmusic.com! Victor has so much great stuff put together. Great site. http://www.networknewsmusic.com/wp/before-hours-close-the-mission-part-ii/ Only think no one can seem to find is the NEW Meet The Press theme (2011 onward).
  9. This is the one! Thor sent me a version that's somewhat similar (maybe from credits?) but we still can't find a full version of the recording in the link you've put here. The best we have is the opening as seen in this video (and others like it) which abruptly cut off. :/
  10. Not much. As far as I know, it hasn't had an official album recording. But it can be found multiple places, usually attached to the images. When you say attached to the images, do you mean played at the beginning of Great Performances? If that's the case, only the first 40-something seconds are listenable before it awkwardly and abruptly fades out.
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