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  1. IT WAS THERE!!! Thank you Karol, I love you. My life is complete!! I will buy you a beer!!! 😎😎😎
  2. Oh, It would be wonderful to be able to discover those!! 😱 My wonderful single F Wagner Tuba😍 Edit: wow, funny looking post, don't kwow why and can't fix it...
  3. I know this must have been posted before, at least in the youtube section but I think everybody should see this video from 13:57 to realise that Williams was(still are) in top form composing TLJ probable the greatest in the series.
  4. Ok, I purchased this too. The artwork is different than in the one I bought 2 weeks ago(I think its 2018 release) If its not there I will kick your ass😜😜😜
  5. Yes exactly, kind of very "cool" and inventive but in the end soulless. No heart. Like hansu. Could be played by the samples no need for the orchestra, cant hear the difference.
  6. Wow!! It was finally revealed!!! And by Travolta Stu
  7. Solo: A Star Wars Story Pasi: A Hornist Story I found on YouTube wonderful piece of music by John Fucking Williams, he had made few themes for the SW spin-off movie. Solo. Oh God I loved the first track, Adventures of Han, such a powerful youthful theme and it was and brilliantly structured, I didnt like the false ending but a brilliat piece for the brilliant decade. And then came the second track Meet Han My wife said she had never seen me more angry, more upset. This mediocre drum stuff for the SW universe, NOOOO She didn't like it either. Hope the next tracks are better, we had to stop it there.
  8. Yes, that whole post was just ridiculous!! BS
  9. Oh never noticed the same initials! 😜😜😜
  10. Fallen kindom is a more sophisticated score than the first JW?? Anyway. At least Gia does not use that much generic drum... eh percussion.
  11. Super 8 is more classy and has more heart and soul than anything Powell has written, even if its mostly JW's suburban themes.
  12. Eurocentric?? Yeah, boris/vladimir/donald ftw💪💪💪 Maybe the arcument that those stupid drums are there just to hide bad music was provocative but I think bad taste is better wording.
  13. TLJ is a wonderful movie and the score is magnificent, top 3 Williams score.
  14. One of the greatest. I just went mad when accused to be a fanboy if one doesn't like generic drums.
  15. Yes. When you're not very interesting composer put there fucking loud drums that will cover everything. Lesson one.
  16. I bought that standalone 4K set but it is not there in the Blu-ray. The menu is almost same than in Karol's pic just without score-only option. So, I should buy some box to have this? No thanks. It is the most important SW score for me! 😭😭😭😭
  17. No I meant like there is a stealth bomber literally front of you, you cannot see it. It is a great advange, you do not literally see it. (trump)
  18. Well it is not a secret that when you get older the tempos usually get slower. I think this version of Imperial march was perfectly fine, it is a piece of music that doesn't get any better when its faster.
  19. Yes please do start. That music is literally opposite to Williams'.
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