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  1. 8 hours ago, Jay said:


    Well yea, it's a very bad OST album!  There's tons of cool music in the whole score.  Since you love his 2010s works so much, you'd probably like this one too


    Well, I have no idea where people can hear these complete scores, there isn't a release? 


    Hornist, the antediluvian

  2. 30 minutes ago, Jay said:


    Oooh, I had never seen that word "fallow" before so I looked it up, and like it!


    I'll never understand why so many people on this forum don't care for the IJ4 score.  Well, I can understand if you only heard the OST.  Once you hear the complete score it's so clear he actually did a great job scoring that film, it's just that the film is terrible and the OST is a very very bad representation of the whole score.


    Well never heard the complete score for Indy 4 but what I heard very bullshit

  3. 9 hours ago, King Mark said:

     I like KotCS much more than TFA


    KOTCS OST is bad but complete score great

    TFA OST is a good representation but it's the most boring Star Wars score and the unreleased music doesn't add much


    Greatest bullshit I ever read!!! 


    KotCS is one of the rare mediocre score by JW and TFA brilliant. With the film and out of it. 


    Indy 4 was a joke so was the score

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