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  1. That "clash"🤔😱is the whole point of that theme. Amazing theme. Wonderfully used in the Battle of the Crait So much BS in this thread, kk again. You are boring. And Quint, but what else can you expectf from a brexiter.
  2. Well, the magic is also in his 2010's scores, it just isn't so obvious and underlined. Wonderful stuff.
  3. Didn't find the right vote option. I loved TV themes and some movie music as a kid. Then came John Williams, instant love. I realised that my love for his music grew and I lost the interest for all the other film music. Now it is still like that, JW is incredible and I actually hate other film music.
  4. They played it in Chicago last year, amazing piece and performance. And Jane Ayre too. 😍😍😍
  5. It is amazing!! The fact people don't like it very much is beyond my understanding.
  6. What is pagemaster? Edit: oh I found it and meh🤭🤭🤭
  7. Fanfare from - 84 is wonderful, mostly for some nostalgic reasons, good times. But - 96 Atlanta is so much better, the energy is amazing. Best Olympic music there is, and will be. Unless hansu will compose one...
  8. He has a point. Dracula should be in that ironic list!! Tibet is lovely.
  9. I couldn't hear the.. Star Wars theme..??
  10. For me this the most annoying generic percussion zimmer/powell noise. Light years from Williams' timeless Olympic music. Sorry.
  11. I'm so happy for the love for CE3K, it is amazing, timeless and perfection. And I have to admit that JW is so good, that his 50 best scores easily could qualify to my top 5 list but all of those now in that list have a story, very special one for me. Love that man.
  12. 1. Close Encounters of the Third Kind 2. The Book Thief 3. The Last Jedi 4. Prisoner of Azkaban 5. E. T.
  13. Oh, didn't notice that TLJ was already included because in video it says SW episode VII when "The Supremacy" is playing. Sorry for that, I should know, my favorite score😜 But yes, so much fun of this melodic pattern😎😎😎
  14. Doesn't work in my country. Isn't there a physical copy to buy? Blu-ray of something...
  15. So, this is an amazing score, how can I get this isolated, music only version?
  16. That is interesting!! My favorite score!! I played in the Lahti symphony orchestra(Finland) some Jurassic Park music and the sheet music was owned by his company, he must be a fan!! btw it is Vänskä🙂
  17. So they are really getting paid for the shit like this?? Seriously?
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