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  1. Sincerely cannot disagree more basically everything you say!! Long post, too much BS to even argue to but to say Solo is the best SW score since TROS is just..... No comments. They will ban me. It's not even a SW score
  2. One of the greastest build-up for a theme for its full glory. Yes, no one does it better!!
  3. Oh it is you to blame that last 16 minutes was disappointing!!! Too many notes Out of tempo
  4. And you do not see that comment I answered insulting? "oh dear you are funny" and the rest of it... blaah blaah
  5. Oh dear you are stupid. A newest member of the institute of philosophy.
  6. Well I lost my temper because of these stupid and nasty comments about a legendary composer/human being, who happens to be almost 90 years old and this was my dream-come-true-concert I luckily could attend, loved it and still treasure it. Some arrogant comments by people who basically have no idea of a live performance or the magic of that precious night are laughable and I never will back off in this so I hope you will ban me for good from this hypocrite forum. Have a nice guarantine you all, I still love you. PS. send me videos when you are conducting Vienna orc at age 88 I will bash the fucking tempos
  7. "Brass is playing star wars theme few BARS behind everyone else!!" A great comment. Very professionalšŸ˜Ž Stay classy
  8. Yes he is 88 years old, shame on him!! Fuck I hate these arrogant comments!
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