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  1. Not everything in D-major but he loves it. Can't blame him, wonderful, fress key. And he loves Haydn. Joseph wrote his horn concertos in D-major and they are lovely.
  2. I just bought this but my PS3 doesn't play itπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ I have many other movies bought from US that work fine. That's why I always thought it is region free player. It is a wonderful melody, some 70's vibe in it!!
  3. Indeed. And it is terrible. My orchestra shut everything down until the end of May. We are still doing some chamber music streams and Youtube concerts. Until the possible curfew.
  4. Oh, even this place is not free from bad corona jokes! πŸ™ˆ
  5. Or because television was there, he was just wanting to show his stardom. Sad.
  6. Oh, it was wonderful that this closing didn't happen two months ago!! They will do the entire Ring with stellar cast soon again.. and again. But Williams to conduct this wonderful orchestra will never going to happen again. We were lucky.
  7. Of course not. The music is disastrous. And I like good music.
  8. Superman, The New Beginning, Jane Eyre, The BFG These are all the pieces that they could have played (brilliantly) if there wasn't this violin soloist.
  9. Great you lean on the great expert. And he likes your post. Superb.
  10. Well you are very disrespectful towards his SW9 score, that you dont get. Shame on you.
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