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  1. I think it is the most popular decade here. Probably because of the average age here, many were kids then and heard their first scores, definitely fell in love with JP. I was kid in the 70's and am very lucky to have been able to witness also 10's magic.
  2. I saw it on TV. Aren't these open air concerts usually little bit lighter than their normal stuff? Well, Zhivago was full of waltzes😀
  3. btw many asked for more film music to be performed by the VPO but it won't happen. HZ will not enter to the podium with his fucking guitar Inception like or any other mediocre composer. They wanted JW and that is it.
  4. What the hell? JFKs, Nixons and Shindlers are nice, probably just in the top 100 He should have skipped the whole 90's no wonder he was done and wanted to retire.
  5. I think they are all just quite nice and fine. Oh I'm sure you all know better😎 Wait, maybe more cowbell
  6. Well Cinderella Liberty and Donnybrook Fair were poor choices for this concert comparing to the timeless stuff like CE3K or WarHorse. And its always stupid to put Raiders march and Marions theme in the same concert because of the repeat of the marions theme. Same with the Leia's theme and the main title in the suite where it comes again. ASM's playing in those pieces is not the problem, the music itself is just too.... light. The problem with the player comes with the more deep pieces.
  7. Wow, he created better sound from french horn than I ever did.
  8. They should ask him now to compose a new stunning Olympic Fanfare and use it 2028 if the world will still be standing.
  9. If Steven will do something magical then yes, but if something dull as the Post and the music will be also dull(except few cues) then no thank you. Some surprising Book Thief please!!!
  10. I just watched this with my daughter and we loved it and the music especially. What about the sequel, any news, perfect for JW?!?!
  11. I think the Vienna PO is very musician driven, the players voice will be heard. They decide who will conduct in the New Year's concert etc. I'm sure that the office asked if they wanted to play with JW and as seen in that recording(and heard live in the audience) many of the musicians showed their enthusiasm for this music and JW. And they are top musicians, Lebrecht isn't. This 5 star expert must hate the fact that this zero star artist is commissioned to compose a new fanfare for this wonderful orchestra.
  12. Music needs Lebrechts as much as a bird needs an ornithologist.
  13. Why? Opinion not allowed?
  14. You never realise when to stop that shark?? Wonderful selection!! Of generic action muzac that I hate. Thank god there is JW.
  15. SL is lovely but I could easily name 50 better soundtracks before it for a list like this. Of course all of them would be by JW.
  16. Finally my copy arrived. It is so wonderful, Dolby Atmos sounds just like it was in that beautiful hall back in January. 😭😭😭
  17. Anyone else ordered from jpc.de? They send shipping confirmation 2 weeks ago but nothing yet...
  18. VPO FTW In Dirk's version the second clarinet is little bit too flat in bar 251. In Gavin's version the bass clarinet was out of balance in bar 443. I can't take it, my life is ruined.
  19. I wonder which was bigger flaw : making a mistake (when hundreds of notes to play) or making theatrical gestures pointing that out? Think of that besserwisser.
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