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  1. There is also a wonderful celeste part in the second part of the flute solo. Mystical colour.
  2. Oh they are milking this again. I bought the 2016 release, never even listened to JP trough, TLW is a bad score.
  3. What is the fun of these posts and with this app? I don’t get it, maybe I'm too old and everythink.
  4. My college was invited to join the solo horn audition but had to cancel due to the covid cases in my section. I send this news to him and said you only had to won this and get to play with Johnny!!
  5. Oh I love that music!! And oh I hate when it doesn't go anywhere. Only rubatos. Nice playing though.
  6. Wasn't the story that Nicholson's character whistled Devil's Dance in the film and it was performed by JW?😜
  7. I voted for the Cello. But it could more the performance. ASM is wonderful with the concertos but her touch with the classic themes is so wrong. Too much everything, vibrato, passion etc..
  8. Indeed it is better. Could be Holt/Ross' writing.
  9. AMS: '" I think Steven prefers german white wine and underrated russian composers"
  10. Oh there are small snippets of 'Hoorey' throughout the piece. In 3:12 and 3:51 in that first YT video.
  11. These concerts are always full of lightsabers, why don't they use them!!
  12. What is the point to go to a concert and talk through it?. And yes ' Hooray for Hollywood' quote was nice in the ending.
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