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  1. Banjo is wonderful in Reivers, what are you talking about? In that time period and location.
  2. Strings, woodwinds and brass. We do not need real instruments, we have computers and hansu.
  3. I agree with numbers 5 and 6. The first four are just fine, many times even beautiful. My own choice would be pan flute.
  4. I really hope they are not going to release this music before the TV premiere, people are going to here it first time where it belongs. Just what I did with all the sequels.
  5. Well it is not very much conducting, more like kinda a gathering of friends. Wonderful.
  6. All I'm interested in is video-recording. I have billions cd-versions of these popular pieces in my collection( that I do not listen to) Those Vienna and Berlin blu-rays are amazing. But I didn't see any cameras last time in Vienna when I was there so lets hope this will be video-recorded.
  7. It is definitely CuĂ­ca. The school example here. If you are lost in ideas, then add some funny percussion instrument. There are so many in this, worst work of otherwise brilliant John Williams.
  8. Why can't I vote? Is the poll closed already or am I banned or something? Would have voted for Potter, no brainer.
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