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  1. The score is wonderful but the movie is so goofy that it lowers the soundtrack. Wonderful stuff anyways.
  2. Three actually. And the third, accenting one gives it that real power!!
  3. Wonderful WOTW episode!! Wasn't the biggest fan of the score back then but these 00's scores seem to be amazing now, brilliant stuff. I also love Mr. Burden's background set design!!
  4. Well it is no-brainer, universal truth. Utterly brilliant They are just not for you.
  5. I would love to hear all the misses during that period.
  6. Not in the top of 100 among JW scores, not even close.
  7. For me too!! Really? I just watched Sabrina and was surprised how good it was, more timeless that I remembered. Funny that I basically disagree everything you say. As for Amistad, it is what it is, decent with the film, shouldn't be performed live that song I mean.
  8. Jerry would have been wonderful, if not possessed to electronics. Good bless John left that shit.
  9. I think it is the most popular decade here. Probably because of the average age here, many were kids then and heard their first scores, definitely fell in love with JP. I was kid in the 70's and am very lucky to have been able to witness also 10's magic.
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