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  1. Just found this!! Wonderful addition for my daily 1-2 hour corona isolation walks. I started it the other way round, from newest to oldest. Today BFG😎
  2. And you are running out of the jokes!! Wait... you never succeeded in those... My bad
  3. I ment the sound and I do not believe in "cleaning" or remastering, it is what it is. But that is me.
  4. Wonderful and safe ride with Volvo, nothing like this you ever manufactured. Worldclass music with a life long guarantee!!!
  5. Actually, I don't like WotW either🤭🤭 All the other stuff in this century is pure gold, best ever!!
  6. Oh, stupid me! I didn't read the topic properly. And always want to support the artists.
  7. This is the most insane thread or insane comments I have seen in the history of JWfan. Why would anyone skip any of JW's modern score, knowing his mastery of scoring, the quality of the recording techniques and the performance of the orchestra??
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