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  1. Now that you mention it, hell yes ! Best music ever written in appreciation of Mrs. Connelly.
  2. Everywhere, not many composers can write something as devastatingly emotional and powerful as that. One of my favorite cues by the man. Despite all the despicable things the director did in real life, the movie's a bit of a gem, one that I like to revisit. The last scene has me in tears every time.
  3. One thing's for sure, this board has a LOT less useless posts since a few weeks...
  4. As much as I love the complete score, that sounds like overkill.
  5. I watched the movie again recently. Its balls to the walls action sequences are the stuff of legend, and for that it remains big fun. But man, does the score annoy me... Why did it have to be another onslaught of noise for 90 % of the film? I honestly was hoping that George Miller had more sense than that. And the 10% where it calms down isn't exactly my cup of tea either. I don't even remember those gentler moments. At least Mad Max 3 had a nice theme, and some genuinely well scores scenes. I'm not a big fan of Maurice Jarre in general, but he gave the film some musical character. The new one is just loud for the sake of sounding ridiculously overblown and causing headaches.
  6. You said it Quintus. There's nothing hateful about ID4. Simply too much fun to be had with it, provided one doesn't take it too seriously. If I look at blockbusters now compared to the ones made during my youth... Well, I know which ones I prefer.
  7. I've listened to several Horners since his accident... and to me he remains alive through his wonderful music. It was like that with Jerry too and it will be like that with Johnny. But I'll be absolutely devastated the day the inevitable happens (and the days after), I won't deny that.
  8. Oh yeah, very much looking forward to these. I still love everything about the first film and its wonderfully designed universe. The Cameron fanboy in me has spoken.
  9. Yeah, what's up with that, some strange decisions here ! And don't get me started on Jar Jar's theme appearing in track 5... This does not bode well.
  10. Just two cues of another stellar soundtrack. Like Civilization V and Civilization Beyond Earth, everything I've heard these guys (Knorr, Curran, Kirkhope) put out is amazing. Majestic is the right word ! Just ignore the ambient cues.
  11. Young was asked to score the now in production second film, but would only agree to do it the production company releases the scores to both films. So we'll be getting the sequel score a bit sooner then. I think I read that on FSM.
  12. Bespin, I have that last one, the double-disc set. It sounds tremendous! I especially love Williams conducting The Planets, what a performance ! For me, it beats the other one I have (Dutoit, Montréal Symphony).
  13. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a charming and fun film, but for excellence in film-making Empire Strikes Back is untouchable bollemanneke. You'll just have to deal with that fact.
  14. Even though I have The Planets with another orchestra / conductor, to have one conducted by JW is something I couldn't pass up.
  15. Comedy cannot be funnier than what happens in that film (thanks to those 6 geniuses).
  16. I love this one... I actually prefer the complete score. Just the right amount of gothic excellence and batshit-crazy shenanigans. The way LLL organized that made me appreciate the OST more as well. Because I wasn't that big a fan of it 15-20 years ago. But with age comes wisdom and appreciation.
  17. Was never into him, or his band(s). Still 48 is way too young. R.I.P.
  18. Bought it on iTunes, made my own playlist, burned it to CD-R, made some custom covers. Voila, I have a physical copy.
  19. Yep, sure do! I program out the piano cues (not my thing), but everything else is fantastic. So can we expect Volume II soon?
  20. They've been listing $5 per CD for the last few years for me. Which usually amounts to something around $50, i.e. above the limit, yet the last time I was actually taxed was at the time of the Spartacus set. I've received confirmation they are only obliged to put the full amount of the order whenever they need to ship it registered, with additional security, so they can put in a claim when it becomes lost and get refunded. But then the customs tax office may intercept it and 'fine' what they think the recipient should pay. Otherwise with normal overseas shipping, they just put what they want on the box, as little as possible, but when the package becomes lost, it's impossible for them to put in a claim. Luckily I've never had an order missing in the 15 years I've been buying from them. So I've learned another lesson today: just go for the cheap shipping option.
  21. Yeah it would really suck if somehow SAE were obliged to do that now, because until now they were making the customs office losing a lot on funds coming in. But to be honest, it shouldn't matter where I buy my products, in this case music CD's that aren't sold anywhere else than the U.S., so I have literally no choice to order them overseas. To punish me for that lack of choice with this import tax bullshit is just not right. Bunch of thieving bastards... Or do they want me to pirate my music, that would be easy thing to do... No it's us, paying for the music, that get screwed over.
  22. My latest batch ordered from SAE has finally arrived (BTTF II & III, Chain Reaction, Stargate SG-1) But man, my excitement took a dive when I learned I had to pay a sizeable amount due to import taxes (U.S. to Europe). It was the first time SAE printed the full amount (about 100 dollars) on the box, in the past they have ALWAYS put a very small amount on the slip, so it wouldn't be intercepted by customs. I've sent an e-mail to ask if this is just a one time thing (because I paid an additional 20 bucks for secure shipping). I hope it won't be the norm from now on. Man this one order of 4 releases (including one cheap) has taken a big chunk out of my wallet.
  23. BTTF part II - Silvestri (Intrada) Really liking this new release... The hugely improved sound quality and added material really do it for me, I would even dare call it fun & memorable, even the darker middle part. Back in the day this was called an uninspired effort from Silvestri. But nowadays it shows more creativity than most of his recent output.
  24. Where's that image of the three musical bears... Cracked me up !
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