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  1. I like The Incredible Hulk a lot, Edward Norton may have been a strange choice for the green dude, but he somehow gives him enough character depth. The action scenes are awesome too.
  2. It has a theme lifted from Legends of the Fall but that's where the similarities stop. And oh yes I'm a fan of Horner children scores, as I assume most fans of the man are too. In fact it's impossible to be a fan of the man's scores without adoring at least a couple of them kiddie fare.
  3. Thor: The Dark World was, what a weak sequel. Haven't seen Avengers 2 yet.
  4. The action music is so enjoyable in this one. Very exciting during the second half of the album (that crazy percussion !!) I love it when Horner went all adventurous, and this film demanded it... it's his take on King Kong, but for kiddies. The man also penned a sweet little lullaby first heard in 'Poachers'. He develops it into something absolutely gorgeous in the last track 'Dedication and Windsong'. It's classic Horner in that it isn't always original, has many Hornerisms, but is very entertaining because of all the exciting music and wonderful finale. Yet, surprisingly it doesn't have the danger motif, or I've missed it.
  5. The first 3 seasons were top notch IMO. It started to drag just a little during S4, maybe because there was less of a group dynamic. Some of the episodes only featured 2-3 characters, but I'm still looking forward to how it will go from there. And it's always hard to see a beloved character killed (of which there are a lot in The Walking Dead).
  6. This is me beating the negativity out of you. From december 2014. No bruises or angry expressions... only happy faces.
  7. It would be hard to believe if Cameron hasn't at least calmed down since his Aliens or Titanic days. I've heard the stories of him being a short-tempered tyrant on set of those movies, but I haven't heard those stories while making Avatar. The fact he's still married to the same woman since 2000 is another indication that he isn't the uncompromising hardass he once was.
  8. I was totally excited ever since the first trailer of Fury Road emerged. Anything where old-school filming techniques are used gets my attention, and that isn't a lot anymore.
  9. I'm fairly sure you are the proudest man on the block when you're looking at your meticulously organized collection. Me, I'm just proud to own the music.
  10. MOH and Halo couldn't sound more different from each other, and I love em both. There's obviously much more electronic work going in Halo that isn't always interesting, but the themes are legendary (well in video game terms at least).
  11. Middling to okayish? Stock war tracks? old eighties WWII documentaries? Away with you ! You clearly can't appreciate great music or a fantastic recording. Those powerful brass attacks in The Rowhouses ! MOH: Allied Assault by a mile, because it's the only one of the WWII shooters that was made for the PC platform, so it had the best controls and graphics. Also the Omaha beach landing and takeover is brilliantly executed. And it didn't take place in the beginning of the game either like Frontline, it came much later.
  12. The Goldsmith score makes the film even funnier. Jerry was great at comedy, but so was he in every genre.
  13. Ha! But that's the thing... to them it's background music, to us it's something that's much better. They're the ones that need help.
  14. Are you serious ? If you show people your collection, how do they react? A roll of the eyes, maybe a facepalm? Or maybe you don't show it to anyone. I know I wouldn't.
  15. Or maybe Cameron should hire Joel McNeely, since they worked together for Ghosts of the Abyss, the Titanic exploration documentary.
  16. A typically fun and wacky Dante film. I have to watch it every 2-3 years. And 20 years dude ??? I could never do that with something that gives me so much belly laughter. Favorite scene: when the gang goes to meet the Klopeks in their house, and they eat pretzels with sardines. That whole sequence is hilarious. And that's Rick Ducommon, who sadly passed away earlier this year. He had small parts in Gremlins 2 and Die Hard.
  17. Although the game isn't perfect, it captures the atmosphere of an old WWII flick like The Guns of Navarone or Where Eagles Dare really well. It's terribly dated and linear in these times though. I played it in 2002 and it was alright. I'd like to go through it again, but I fear its datedness will shine through even more. MOH: Allied Assault on PC had the best Omaha beach segment though... the one in Frontline was weak by comparison.
  18. The best thing Giacchino has ever written. If you think this doesn't follow a clear musical narrative, you really should give it another chance (Jay). It's the perfectly constructed album for something that is supposed to be background music for a series of battle setpieces and disjointed levels. There are so many cues on here that blow me away, but the two favorites are placed one after another on the CD. Instead of listing them and stating how incredibly fantastic they are I'll just put them up so everyone can listen, and rightfully agree. The second is just called 'Arnhem'. Not really sure where the Knights comes from.
  19. Had Cameron worked a little faster, we would've had our Avatar sequels with Horner music. Why couldn't you do like you used to Jim, release a film every 2-3 years?
  20. Well to be honest I have a small collection compared to most members here I'm sure (around 550 cd's). So I can still find my way in that mess.
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