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  1. How did you insert those in your post? I just do copy image, and paste it here.
  2. All I see are are JPG filenames in little boxes... When I click on one I get an error message. "Hackers are possibly trying to steal your data from images.sae-cdn.com"
  3. Why of course I do, but mostly the orchestrated versions (Distant Worlds 1-3), FF VIII Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec which is the perfect FF album (except for that annoying vocal in one particular cue). I also love the soundtrack of FF XIII (some superb orchestral cues and lovely themes in that one).
  4. To me Jerry was very inspired. Watch the film, then listen to it again... it will all make sense. The way he uses synths as a part of the film's sound design. It's a fun 80 minutes and a release I was waiting for years to happen. And that cowboy theme !!!
  5. Yep, Goldsmith is also the one that came to mind while listening to L.A. Noire. It's a really good score. Gotta love that sultry main theme.
  6. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (Joe Kraemer) Well, it starts well enough, two great tracks holding some excellent writing and a stunning recording mix. I thought I was in for a hell of a ride. After those two tracks, my interest takes a serious nosedive and from track 7 onward it's pretty much suspense cue after suspense cue, where nothing much happens. So I fall asleep mentally until track 15 where it becomes action-packed again, but then we're already at the end of the album.
  7. Well I like his score from Godzilla vs Biollante. I will need to check that out. Is it as melodic as Dragon Quest?
  8. Superb job UBT ! I wasn't expecting such good music to be honest, it really enhances the mood and increases the emotion. This is the kind of trailer that makes me say, I want to see the movie. With that generic music playing, I wasn't so sure, as strange as that may sound. But what I want to know, how in the hell did you make like it was played by a big orchestra?
  9. I had this happen with CE3K, Superman, Hook and Jurassic Park and A.I. But not every time.
  10. I'll admit they're hardly works of art, the dialogue can be childishly simplistic, and the comedy too silly and slapstick-like. They're all centered around the one character which is a simpleton with a heart of gold. The kind of naive and uncomplicated man you once wished you were when you still looked at the world with a sense of wonder, and bad shit never seemed to happen. When the world was still a happy place. Still I like em a lot for what they are, worth it for Varney's expressions alone... Yes at times the man can make me well up, because he had that quality, a sort of genuine honesty and earnestness ( ) in his eyes. In these dark days of moody, unsympathetic films, and terrible things happening in the world, he can be the perfect medicine. Definitely Christmas. Followed by Goes to Camp, or in reverse order. Then one can decide whether to watch Goes to Jail and Scared Stupid.
  11. OMG... It was rumored, but now it's official. 2+ hours of absolutely gorgeous and thrilling music. I've always preferred the film version of the main title with that haunting opening on synths. Immediately puts me in the right mood! I'll be able to throw away my customized and way shorter edition. In the year Horner dies his number one masterpiece (IMO) gets the best possible treatment.
  12. This is an underrated Horner gem... but I there's only a couple of minutes extra material, and the old CD already has great sound, so I won't be getting the new edition. Anyone that hasn't yet... get it !
  13. Are you familiar with the Ernest films? Do check out Ernest goes to Camp and Ernest goes to Jail for some big laughs and a really good time. Ernest has been with me since I was a kid and sometimes the kid in me wants to see Ernest again...
  14. Why? I mean, Wanker is such an easily recognizable name. You become famous in the blink of an eye. I'd give my pinky for a name like that... That reminds me I still can't get over the fact he will co-compose the sequel score to one of the very best symphonic scores ever written. What a travesty that is...
  15. OK, I believe you. It's on IMDB, so it's the absolute truth. No lies are contained therein.
  16. It may be a silly comedy, but this christmas movie has a big heart. And who in their right mind doesn't love Ernest ??? Jim Varney was a genius, bless his soul.
  17. Star Tracks II, The Big Picture, The Great Fantasy Adventure Album, Round-Up, Symphonic Star Trek. I own about 20 of them in total, but these are some of the very best. Edit: NP: Not a score, just a selection of cues by Hans Zimmer, from my favorite period of his (the 90s). Cool Runnings, Thelma & Louise, Drop Zone, Renaissance Man, A League of Their Own, Millennium. Extremely entertaining.
  18. So he's the man responsible for making some of my favorite Williams scores sound the way they do? The way they simply don't anymore. RIP.
  19. It is a cool flick, not relying on cheap scares, but a sort of creepy horror buddy movie hybrid which works on multiple levels. The practical effects are topnotch.
  20. I know of Simply Red and some of their songs, but they're not the type of band I want to spend time with.
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