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  1. I think that overall Halo 5's music is weaker than 4... Simply compare the one cue that Kazuma Jinnouchi wrote (117) for 4 with any of his cues from the new one, and 117 is the most stunning of them all IMO. I also prefer Davidge's style, which has more of an ambient quality than Halo 5 has... It took me a couple of listens to get into Halo 4's radical shift in style from the previous Halo's, but now I simply love it. The entire album of the new game just wears me out, and it doesn't have a thematic foundation like the previous scores have built upon.
  2. This take on the O'Donnell / Salvatori classic is simply awesome. It totally pumped me up while battling the Prometheans.
  3. Can I hope for one of my personal holy grails? The complete score of The Postman. Pretty please?
  4. There's a song on the new Iron Maiden 'The Book of Souls' called 'The Red and the Black'. It's a good one !
  5. What is black friday actually? We're not accustomed to such days here. Or maybe called something else.
  6. I love Drive, it has a certain ambience, and the driver with his mysterious behavior kept me hooked. I thought it was a highly original crime film. There are also a couple of 80's styled songs that made me buy the dull Martinez score album, simply to have those tunes.
  7. I didn't even realise you could confused one of them names, let alone both. You confused me by not including first names... That and Stargate SG-1 on my mind (which is on its way right now).
  8. This one is just excellent... sometimes classic rock is what I need for my musical fix: INFO
  9. Feeling a bit over-excited? Funnily enough, I'm listening to a little know Jerry Goldsmith score called Players, a film featuring a sport named tennis. I'll just take my racket, and smash the ball in your general direction, Monty Python style.
  10. Sodemieter op of ik sla je kop van je romp ! It was an honest mistake... Excuse me for my ignorance.
  11. Interesting, I didn't know there was another collaboration between them. I've ordered their fantastic Stargate SG-1 music for the pilot which is basically David's grand themes combined with Joel's takes on them and some good adventure scoring in general. It's on its way from SAE, along with three you've also received: Chain Reaction + BTTF 2 & 3.
  12. I used to think that too. But now that I have finally heard 1941 I'm not so sure. It's average Williams at best.
  13. 1941 (Williams) Chaotic is the perfect word to describe it, and apart from the march and the odd cue, it's not very entertaining (LLL complete score). Young Sherlock Holmes (Broughton) It has three superb themes, but none of them are used enough, considering all the uninteresting filler material that was written (Intrada complete score). Lost in Space (Broughton) Much better. In fact this is my favorite Broughton and one of the most entertaining and most rollicking scores ever. Never ceases to amaze (Intrada release).
  14. Agreed! SW Kinect is pretty much the best orchestral tribute to the space opera not composed by the man himself. But only if you love about an hour's worth of non-stop thunderous action music, which in all honesty might be too much of a good thing.
  15. Dark City and Knowing I like a lot. I Robot is okay for the most part.
  16. Yes, his voice isn't what it used to be. This was apparent from the concert blu-ray from last year (Appetite for Democracy).
  17. I don't see this happen to be honest. It would be the coolest thing since the invention of electricity but I can't see all those ego's working together again.
  18. Maybe it's that actress way of supporting her country, which is now financially ruined. To attract investors? Edit: I now see she's canadian.
  19. Well that must blow ! Thousands and thousands of inferior films you must sit through...
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