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  1. Inception is my favorite Nolan, and I enjoy TDKR a lot too. And who here enjoys the score (album)? It's my guilty pleasure.
  2. Man are your standards really that high? Inglourious Basterds is what I'd call a really good movie... Flawless even... Entertaining, witty, original, and with standout performances.
  3. It hasn't, as far as I know. Whatever the case, it's brilliant and exciting music and McNeely's best composition. In those days I wanted him to do TPM if Williams would've been unable to.
  4. Halo 5: Guardians (Kazuma Jinnouchi) He did one track for Halo 4, which was awesome (117). I'm now listening to the first disc of the H5 soundtrack and it just doesn't do much for me... The emotional link that Marty O'Donnell established so well with his themes is now forever gone. Sure, there are some hints in a couple of cues, but the rest is just generic, background scoring. Seems to me the tracks that have an orchestral element do at least try to stir up some excitement, but those are few and far between. I've yet to listen to the rest of the soundtrack, but as it is there's not much to love here. It's just not Halo music. And there's just no consistency. Now I wish 343 would've continued on the path that Neil Davidge laid out. At least he wrote a consistently great soundtrack with the fourth one (IMO). Here's one of the better cues (for the introduction):
  5. I'm frankly puzzled at the love people pour on Tarantino's work. Most of them are slick homages to B-movies (Kill Bill, Jackie Brown) and exploitation flicks (Death Proof)... and for some reason A-list actors like working with him. Stylish poses, artful cinematography, one-liners, copious gore and F-bombs do not make for great movies. Plus QT soured me with his recent "cops are killers" statement. The Hateful Eight looks absolutely stunning, but I'm going to pass on it. With Tarantino we still have a man like him that does totally his own thing without compromising to the studio system. For that alone he gets my utmost respect. I own all of his films and there's not one I'd want to give away. He's a true visionary writer / director and the day he retires will be a huge loss for the film business.
  6. Nonsense ! There's at least one other american that likes Tintin (and creator Hergé). The man has said so on multiple occasions.
  7. Not when living in Europe from my experience... after shipping it does take a week, two at most for a package to arrive. And I always get access to its tracking service, which almost always gives me a good indication when to expect it.
  8. Because it's damn hard to listen to all the music that interests me these days. Not enough hours in the day. Most likely the film will be watched someday, so I'll hear it then.
  9. Ouch! The original swedish trilogy with Noomi Rapace is brilliant, but Fincher really adapted into a fine standalone thriller. Too bad Rooney Mara doesn't get to develop her character further, she was definitely game for it.
  10. Of the three I heard of Giacchino this year, I really enjoy Jupiter Ascending, but only by serious trimming and putting the entire suite at the end.
  11. A good orchestra can't improve a lousy composition.
  12. I'll be placing my order soon of parts 2 & 3. There have been some great Silvestri's released the recent years (Judge Dredd, The Abyss, Predator 2, Mac & Me). Excited to add these to my collection as well.
  13. I've listened to the whole soundtrack and the softer cues are the ones that stand out the most, but even those fail to register on my 'good game music' meter.
  14. JAMES CAMERON'S DEEPSEA CHALLENGE 3D I've been wanting to watch this ever since it was announced my favorite director would descend to the deepest point in the earth's ocean, the Mariana Trench, with a custom made sub. The film starts with an introduction of who JC is and what smalltime direct to video movies he has made, a bit later we learn about his passion for the ocean, his expedition phase, and what he gets out of those experiences (more than what Hollywood gives him, in his own words). We also meet his family and JC's passion seems to get the approval of his spouse / Titanic actress. Half an hour into the film we get to see the construction of the sub, the meticulous preparation for such a dive and the vast team of experts and co-workers that want to make this expedition a complete success. We see the first problematic tests in very shallow dives, and the team having to re-adjust their expectations and deadline for the big drop. Soon after JC gets to entomb himself in his little technological coffin for increasingly deeper dives until the final one where he gently drops down to the ground just under 11 km from the surface. What we were hoping to encounter was a big no-show. No creatures whatsoever to be found, just flat dull ocean floor with zero interesting features. So in the end a bit of anti-climax but still, the film was interesting enough from a technological point of view, and the whole team effort is to be commended. The film worked splendidly in 3D as well, shouldn't come as a surprise.
  15. Vintage Cinema just came in my latest order from SAE (couple of days ago). Three choral suites is an excellent one I have owned for many years. I'm always pleasantly surprised by the brilliance of these Kunzel recordings. He always arranged them to stay true to the originals, yet with a different spin, so as not to sound exactly the same.
  16. Williams most perplexing reaction to this astonishing revelation. Inspired by loert423.
  17. Sadly they will start releasing some of this stuff when he's no longer among us.
  18. I love not only his visual style, but also the attention to character development and his talent for using special effects and camera tricks in service of the story. Not just style over substance. If I could take only one of his films to a deserted island, it would be Contact without a doubt. The film still blows me away every time. And Jodie Foster's breathtakingly wonderful in it.
  19. It's a Zemeckis film, that is ALL the incentive I need. The man could make a film about grass growing and make it visually spectacular.
  20. I've been listening to the Goldsmith Treks these past weeks and agree these expansions really are excellent and worth your time (and cash).
  21. I hardly ever go to the theater anymore, so I'll be gladly watching this at home. Being a Zemeckis flick and a concept that looks interesting, it's an instant buy.
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