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  1. Well they turned some random actor upside down to convince our brains that he IS Crispin Glover. Those boys from Hollywood... they're pretty clever.
  2. Recreated scenes are awesome, though lacking in that spark of magic that the first film has.
  3. This just turned funny since the shark and the theme is referenced in BTTF 2.
  4. Willow is the product of a genius, or maybe a couple of geniuses channeled through Horner. I'd pick up a complete release in an instant. Some of the most fun I can have with a film music album.
  5. Nope, and apparently I don't need to anymore. Saw the movie once, but I only remember it starred Rachel Weisz and Mr Anderson.
  6. Count me in for GB 2. It's tremendous fun music in the film. Those little heroic moments really add to the underrated sequel IMO. If it's Chain Reaction, seems that Jerry chose all the wrong cues for the 96 album, that it's much more exciting than what we got. He must've been under the weather that day.
  7. While BTTF part II is an ok score, it's definitely the least interesting for me. I much prefer the more inspired part III and part I, well that one's top Silvestri.
  8. #1 sounds like BTTF to me. #2 'It's about time'. BTTF part II? Not too crazy, since the date is approaching Marty travels back to the future. 10/21/15 isn't it?
  9. This is quite a fun live rendition. Oh wait, BB won't like it, it has people screaming. View it on 720p, 1080p has some annoying interlacing going on.
  10. Monsignor (Intrada 2007) Tracks 1,2 and 4 are about the only ones I really like. The track 'Gloria' nearly kills my enjoyment of those tracks. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (MCA 1996) Ah, this is much better... This expansion is just as good as the 40 minute album. A bit more filler, but it's superb filler ! I ignored the music for about 20 years, I had heard it once or twice when it came out then I dismissed it for a reason only god knows why. I bought the CD cheap about a year ago. It's one of the few Elfmans I really love. The songs, Sally's theme, and Elfman's vocal performance being its main attractions.
  11. I've just listened to the first disc of Destiny: The Taken King... Music by all the same composers except for McCartney and O'Donnell. All I can say is Marty's voice is sorely missed. It's pretty generic and repetitive and misses the mystical element found in the previous soundtrack.
  12. Not much makes sense in 1979 Mad Max, even the sanest characters do the weirdest things.
  13. Funny I just saw the The Road Warrior today for the second time. I got the trilogy sometime before Fury Road came out. Yeah the first one really is a bizarre film. Its tone is all over the place, the score is atrocious and clearly written for another type of movie, and the events don't follow a logical sense. Despite its awkwardness, Mel is badass, and the second half of the film does redeem the uneven first half, but not by much. Do check out the second, it's a big improvement. And I also like Beyond Thunderdome a lot.
  14. At some point I'll watch BB again, it's just too fantastic a show to not enjoy it more than once. In a couple of years I'll have forgotten most of the plot points anyway.
  15. I listen to my CD's all the time... I only use my portable player when I'm not able to listen to CD's (at work for example). Compact Discs are Awesome.
  16. Bring on the album. I'd also love to have a blu-ray of this.
  17. Just started with BSG again, the modern one... The third time already.
  18. Pacific Rim was a more awesome Godzilla movie than the latest one was.
  19. I have only ever heard the "March of Lava" on one Silva compilation. Is the rest of the score as good? Own that score since release and yes, it's a kickass Silvestri. The only downside is there's too little music on the album (under half an hour).
  20. What does that smalltime girl band have to do with anything...
  21. I can't believe what a beautiful young woman miss Moretz has turned out to be.
  22. Same here... We'll notice it anyway in 2-3 years time because no new scores are coming out. It took me way too long to accept when Jerry passed.
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