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  1. Hey, you're on fire ! you fox !
  2. Chrome. Or is that outdated too?
  3. If I say that I don't know what Tapatalk is and just use a PC Windows browser to get on the internet, would you hold it against me? Sent from my brain using fingers.
  4. It's an understated gem for sure (both film and score). It's James doing what James (did) best: manipulating the listener to feel a sense of genuine loss, regret, despair, and ultimately hope. And my favorites cues are the 3 long ones.
  5. I've just discovered the wondrous and beautiful 'Ori and the Blind Forest' composed by Gareth Coker. So I went ahead and bought it, it's very good, but I'll trim it down to a more respectable length, because it's almost 90 minutes long.
  6. Oh yes I saw & heard that. Great accompaniment to the music itself but no substitute for the game, which HAS to be played, you have to get that connection with the world, the companions you meet, etc.
  7. Have you played the game? The music's even more mesmerizing when you experience the journey.
  8. I love the packaging of 1998 Arista edition, the booklet that comes (glued) with it is top-notch. One of my most cherished Williams scores and albums, I can totally recommend it. Of course Lalaland will top that when it eventually happens, but in the meantime this release does everything it needs to, and more.
  9. To call Zimmer shit and everything he has written shit, is simply ridiculous, and for that I can not take you seriously anymore either.
  10. Ramin doesn't get all the big gigs, Tyler does, and he does mostly nothing with them, it all ends up sounding the same, and I'm sick and tired of it already. That's my problem with the dude.
  11. Maybe only Dave Gibbons (he is one of the creators right)? Not Alan Moore. I'm not so sure now, since it's been a while since I saw those features. Maybe it's my memory trying to romanticize it all, because in my head it's an awesome flick.
  12. The way I see it, the guy has written a software program that automatically writes scores according to some values he puts in and some boxes he checks. He then takes out his baton and tries to look all cool and awesome conducting the thing his neat little software came up with. Most overrated composer in Hollywood.
  13. Sjonnie! Now where's my Marina? Why doesn't she find me? Does she even know Sjonnie exists???
  14. I saw the bonus features on the DC blu-ray and to me the writers of the comic were very appreciative of the film adaptation. They stated what they meant to convey in the comic had successfully translated to the big screen. Or they were just praising to get new fans of the movie interested in reading it, that's also a possibility. I've never read this comic, or any comic just to be clear.
  15. So he's considered one of the greats now? Deserving of a compilation album?
  16. Avatar has changed the life of those that made it, they have a lot more cash now than before 2009. By the way, I adore the movie, it changed my life too. It made me buy a 3D TV.
  17. Watchmen's an excellent flick... it took me 3 times to fully appreciate it (director's cut). It's definitely as far removed as possible from other superhero films I've seen. Audio-visually striking too. If I compare this to the monstrosity of Man of Steel...
  18. Oh, I need to do this too... I have the blu-ray and all this time I wasn't aware it had the isolated score track. Kudos for making me aware, I'll be listening soon...
  19. I have the theme on 'The Music of America: John Williams', performed by Recording Arts Orchestra of Los Angeles, conducted by Williams Not sure if this is helpful, but it's a fantastic set, that one.
  20. Thelma & Louise is brilliant. Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon, Michael Madsen, Brad Pitt, Harvey Keitel, a great script, breathtaking cinematography, a wonderful Zimmer score, great choice of songs, plus the most perfect ending. And one big LOL moment that gets me laughing out loud every time. Take a guess which scene makes me do that. I'd love for Scott to return to this kind of filmmaking... with heartfelt emotions and focusing on the characters' journey, not relying on visual effects or bloated storylines.
  21. Concretely huh? Well that's the best description I've heard anyone say that the PS4 flatout ROCKS !
  22. But I bet you know everything about these machines, right? You misquoted and no I'm not a car freak either. I know how to put one in gear, accelerate, brake, turn the wheel, put on the A/C, and turn the windshield wipers on, that's about it.
  23. Hey I like them, but I feel no need for defending them, as they seem to succeed on their own without my help.
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