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  1. Well I'm not into motorbikes and am unlikely to ever build an appreciation of them given that I never ride them. You can hardly compare motorbikes with music. I'm afraid of driving them and I'll never get on one... but I don't dismiss them as shit.
  2. I get this remark, I do... John Debney is a film composer after all. He wrote it in the template he knows so well. I just want you to acknowledge that video game music is not poor, cliched or whatever negative description you want to give it. Because I'm confident you've only heard a tiny fraction of what's out there, so you cannot possibly claim that as the truth.
  3. No it's a score composed for a game ! Climb down from your pedestal and get your facts straight.
  4. You have no clue what you're talking about man !
  5. Well hot damn ! I wasn't expecting something so sexy right after my listen of Hook !!!! And the song is written by the same guys that wrote Haddaway - What is Love? Right? Because it's SO obvious !!!
  6. From the 2 minute mark this gets a bit interesting... Composed by James Hannigan, Jason Graves & James Horner (uncredited)
  7. I forgot to add that only happens once in a millennium. C'mon feel the groove, pick up the beat, get on the floor, roll with us, do the sjonnie-dance.
  8. Yes, they really screwed up there. But Mr. Williams signed off on it, it's not all their fault.
  9. Oh yes, that time of the year again. And I might as well say that I'm not listening to the version that LLL released. It is terribly flawed, as wonderful as the music is. I'm listening to a much improved version. One that I totally enjoyed putting together. Hook's 1991 album was a masterpiece, the complete score is even more of a masterpiece, because's there's simply much more music. More music that just adds so much, provides more excitement, more magic, more fun. I adore every second of it. Two plus hours of film music bliss... this is how I like to spend my evenings.
  10. 2 Unlimited = proof that the Belgians and the Dutch can work together to create something awesome !
  11. Superbly powerful, haunting and emotional piece of work. I only know the woman from this, but she must have other great ones under her belt. Ever since seeing this film, its music has stayed with me. Nowadays such a film would get the most nondescript, dull score, you know, of the background type. Worth your money for the mighty cue 'Playing to Win' that evokes so much heroism it's unbelievable that a novice female composer could come up with this. The album is even more worth it for all the elegiac pieces found throughout. Because these are film music magic. Overflowing with emotion. This score effectively gives me the chills, and as a result of this I think the film is equally fantastic.
  12. The movie's one of my childhood faves (it still is a hoot nowadays because of its genius blend of comedy and fantasy). Another great Dante-Goldsmith pairing that let the composer craft some cool memorable themes and action cues. For the longest time I was sad this remained unreleased. Thanks to Lalaland in 2009, I felt sad no more. It may not be a true classic among scores, but boy is it fun. The album is almost 80 minutes, but it never outstays its welcome. Like I said I like its fantasy element of the film a lot, and Jerry contributed in his own fashion, giving me quite a few goosebumps along the ride.
  13. I'm here, but why do you confuse me with that toy-loving dutchman? I think I have more in common with a 70 year old midget from Azerbaijan than with that dude.
  14. Along with Tron Legacy ! Holy shitballs... what a theme ! This had gone from 'didn't know this existed' to 'as good as ordered' in a matter of minutes.
  15. No shit Sherlock ! How excrutiatingly dull it must be to like what most others like. How undeniably fantastic it is to be the odd one out.
  16. Yeah who needs the Marvel gang when you can have MacBeth...
  17. So I'm the only one here who likes it... I'm unique ! I'm special !! What a wonderful feeling this is !!!!!
  18. Transformers 3 is good fun, like Bay excusing himself for making not a lot of sense in part 2, with its silly comedy and overcomplicated storyline. I still enjoy ROTF, but it's the worst of the 4. I didn't think I would enjoy Age of Extinction but the totally new cast gives it some fresh air. It's just not a retread of previous films either. Jablonsky's scores have become gradually worse. The first one is a masterpiece compared to the monotonous crap that the 4th score is. BTW if you want a continuation of the Transformers sound (the first two aka the good ones), check out his video game score for Gears of War 2, it's great !
  19. From where I'm sitting, Ang Lee's version is the dull one. Normally I like Ang Lee films, but this is one where his talent was wasted I felt. Give me Crouching Tiger or Life of Pi over that one. And I can't be the only one that thought Incredible Hulk was a highly enjoyable romp?
  20. Nah, just a heartfelt, neighborly and truthfully concerned question. I'm surprised you'd think that man... We've had our surplus of storm and rain here yesterday.
  21. So how's the weather treating ya... no floods or anything? I wouldn't want Holland to disappear in the sea.
  22. That gif creeps me out, like the one Jay put on before. Like she's in an endless loop of slowly falling asleep. Unsettling.
  23. Thanks for the heads-up. Never seen the first two so I've added them, since I have Rambo III on blu-ray (guilty pleasure).
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