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    russds got a reaction from Loert in Official JWFan mock ups and fan-made recordings thread!   
    Wow, awesome job!  That was great!  Very detailed too.  I'm not sure if you worked from some transcript or just picked it up by ear, but very detailed, I could hear almost every note from the original, nice job! 
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    russds reacted to Loert in Official JWFan mock ups and fan-made recordings thread!   
    Another TOD transcription; this time, Short Round's theme!
    Usually I would have made MIDI-based audio out of this piece, but I decided to take the plunge and multi-track it live...this is my first time, so please be kind!!! I hope the transcription itself is satisfactory, in any case. 
    Also, I would like to arrange one more TOD piece to round off with a trilogy (in addition to Mine Car Chase and Short Round's theme). There are two pieces of music which I think would work fairly well on the piano:
    1) Bug Tunnel/Death Trap
    2) Slave Children's Crusade + Short Round Helps
    Which one should I do?
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    russds reacted to Loert in Official JWFan mock ups and fan-made recordings thread!   
    OMG, that's one of my favourite sections as well! You know, what really works in there is the fact that the first time round, the 'twinkling' is due to the WW alone (in particular the flutes + clarinets) and the violins double the trumpets with the melody, but the second time round the violins actually leave the melody and join the 'twinkling' in the WW. Therefore you get a sort of crescendo in the upper register, which combined with the "shift up" of the main march melody in the brass makes that moment really quite exciting!
    Give me a moment and I'll notate the runs for you.
    EDIT: Here it is:

    The second time round the last bar is dropped and everybody comes in on the last few notes of the march.
    Gosh, I feel like arranging the entire end credits now...
    EDIT2: Whoops, 3rd bar 2nd time round (when the strings play) is a bit different, let me fix it...
    EDIT3: Here we go:

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    russds reacted to Luke Skywalker in John Williams looks forward to scoring new ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Indiana Jones’ (Inquirer Entertainment interview)   
    he should try (or some label should ask him if he wants to do it) a re-recording of jane eyre since the masters were lost. It's one of his favourite works it seems afterall.
    and wow, that must be one of the most "un-default-answers" interview ever! Nice read indeed
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    russds reacted to JohnnyD in John Williams looks forward to scoring new ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Indiana Jones’ (Inquirer Entertainment interview)   
    That is absolutely phenomenal. God bless him.
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    russds reacted to Dixon Hill in Episode 4 FULL orchestral score   
    Hell of a good birthday wish though.
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    russds reacted to The River (Fal) in The Mystery of the JAWS Re-recording   
    He also said that SW had no love theme prior to 2002.....
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    russds reacted to SnowyVernalSpringEternal in Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity   
    Looks like this is gonna be a big hit. Nice to see a non franchise film doing well.
    Apart from the visuals and acting another important thing that works in the film is the decision to set it completely in outer space. No scenes at Mission Control of worried technicians trying to deal with the situation. So scenes of relatives of either Stone or Kowalski suffering from uncertainty.
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    russds reacted to BloodBoal in Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity   
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    russds reacted to Jay in Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity   
    Start one!

    Anyone is welcome to start any thread about any subject at any time, you know.
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    russds reacted to BloodBoal in Hans Zimmer: Composer of the Year   
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    russds reacted to filmusicfan in The Complete engraved full score to EDWARD SCISSORHANDS officially released!!!   
    Hi All - Editor of Omni Publishing here
    Thanks for all the strong support. And apologies to anyone who missed out on Edward. Fox music publishing granted permission to sell the first 100 (through Hal Leonard who owns print rights), but then denied the second request to sell 100 more, which would have been available worldwide.
    The reason Edward was the first one to be made available is because it already existed. Several years back, I engraved the whole score, bound it, and gave a copy to Danny (I'm on his prep team). After a few months pass by, I asked him if he was cool with me publishing it, just as a courtesy. and he replied yes. Hal Leonard actually denied the initial request, until I pleaded with them. They asked to see a prototype, and after reviewing it they granted me permission, and so did Fox still licensing to use the artwork on the cover. So, that's the reason Edward was the first, and only available in US & Canada because worldwide rights were more expensive, and I honestly didn't know if 100 copies would even sell. Since I'm paying for all this myself, I had to err on the side of caution. But, I've gotten rights to sell Batman, which should be ready in a couple months. Oh, and Conrad had nothing to do with this, not sure how that rumor got started. He did get a preliminary email from me, as did several others, in which I asked if the word could be spread, either by mouth, or social media.
    And, there is no way studios would go for a JW score being published, he's just not interested in having a full score put out there without his creative control over it, and studios won't budge if he's not fully on board.
    So, stay tuned for Batman . . .
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    russds reacted to who cares in New main page!   
    I miss the collage banners. But keeping the site fresh can't be a bad thing.
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    russds reacted to Incanus in New main page!   
    Well no point commenting before the changes are all finished.
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    russds reacted to Jay in Whose Line Is It Anyway? coming back on TV   
    Nah, it's still funny. Improvisational comedy will never die
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    russds reacted to Muad'Dib in John Williams scoring all three new Star Wars films!!   
    Wow, it's been a long time since I've seen Johnny so excited and full of energy for a new project!
    This is going to be great
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    russds reacted to Hlao-roo in Best superhero theme of the 2000s?   
    The Incredibles by Giacchino.
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    russds reacted to Jay in Best superhero theme of the 2000s?   
    Looking at this list of films makes me really sad, as I don't find one of them to have a great memorable main theme like the best late 70s through early 80s scores. Imagine if these films came out when Goldsmith, Poledouris, Kamen, Elfman, Horner, and Williams were composing at the top of their games? Good lord!
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    russds reacted to JoeinAR in Star Wars, Indy and Superman, not enough use of the main "bridge" themes??   
    36, 35, and 32 years a little late to worry about it now, especially since all 3 scores are at the top of his game.
    Each is unique and a bit of perfection in their own right,
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    russds reacted to indy4 in An Insider's View of Hans Zimmer   
    Somebody on FSM just posted this very interesting account of Zimmer from one of his former collaborators.
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    russds reacted to Koray Savas in An Insider's View of Hans Zimmer   
    Interesting read. Thanks for the post.
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    russds reacted to filmmusic in Youtube clips   
    Music of John Williams for piano 4 hands!

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    russds reacted to Quintus in Does anyone else find the end of Theme from Jurassic Park...insufferably irritating?   
    One of the greatest themes ever written for movies, sorry.
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    russds reacted to Matt C in Hans Zimmer's Man Of Steel   
    A detailed interview with Zimmer on the Man of Steel score.
    I like how Zimmer constantly emphasized the fact that he could not live up to John Williams' score and wasn't going to try to out-do Williams' work. He mentioned he was reluctant to take it on for several reasons.
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